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I missed the boat on the Destroy All Humans! series. I always wondered how much vocal support there was when Black Forest Games announced they were remaking the old games. I know the Playstation 2 era has a lot of undiscovered gems but the time has finally come for me […]

Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed – PS5 Review

It’s fair to say that we absolutely loved The Ascent when it dropped earlier this year.  We were so impressed with Swedish software specialists Neon Giant and their debut title.  Part Diablo-with-guns, part Cyberpunk 2077-but-good, The Ascent mixed strong storytelling, unbelievably gorgeous settings and some truly excellent gunplay and we’ve barely shut up about it […]

The Ascent: Cyber Heist DLC – PS5 Review

Cursed to Golf is a pretty good back of a napkin description really. You’re trapped in golf purgatory after having been sent to limbo having been struck down in your prime. From dev Chuhai Labs and publisher Thunderful we have an arcade golf game with a cute exterior that belies […]

Cursed to Golf – PS5 Review

Yars: Recharged is the latest in a series of classic Atari title remasters that has already seen Gravitar, Asteroids and Breakout getting the ‘Recharged’ treatment.  This one is, of course, an update to Atari’s quirky shoot ’em Yar’s Revenge, the famously odd Atari 2600 classic. Here’s the thing, we’re not American and therefore we never much […]

Yars: Recharged – PS5 Review

Management titles feel like a niche that’s been squeezed even tighter over the years. The major developers have either been scattered to the wind and it leads to the older games seeing community-led support. From the remnants of Bullfrog, Two Point Studios have attempted to pick up where they left […]

Two Point Campus – PS5 Review

GigaBash is a multiplayer-focused action brawler from Malaysian studio, Passion Republic.  Mainly melee-focused (albeit not exclusively), this crazy party game feels like a mix of Smash Bros. and Powerstone but with a satisfying cast of Kaiju and Kyodai archetypes stomping around creating chaos in deliciously crumbly environments. With the influence clearly […]

GigaBash – PS5 Review