Digital Eclipse have always had interesting approaches to collections. Certainly keen on preserving the past, they’ve been good at providing documentary footage to give players a peek behind the curtain. Last year’s Atari 50 : The Anniversary Collection seems to have provided a good blueprint and now, The Making of […]

The Making of Karateka – PS5 Review

Missile Command: Recharged is an updated remake of Atari’s classic 1980 arcade game.  Essentially a shoot ’em up of sorts, Missile Command was a single screen blaster where you defended your city from incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles using missiles of your own. It was a brilliant game, probably Atari’s best in […]

Missile Command: Recharged (2022) – PS5 Review

Yars: Recharged is the latest in a series of classic Atari title remasters that has already seen Gravitar, Asteroids and Breakout getting the ‘Recharged’ treatment.  This one is, of course, an update to Atari’s quirky shoot ’em Yar’s Revenge, the famously odd Atari 2600 classic. Here’s the thing, we’re not American and therefore we never much […]

Yars: Recharged – PS5 Review

We shouldn’t need to tell you what Breakout: Recharged is.  Aside from the screenshots which give it all away immediately, the original Breakout is really one of the cornerstones of classic gaming.  Space Invaders had the shooting covered, Pac-Man was the mazey collect ’em up and Breakout was the classic bat and ball versus wall game.  The natural […]

Breakout: Recharged – PS5 Review