Wildcat Gun Machine is a twin-stick shooter and is the debut title from Australian coders Chunkybox Games.  The game uses an isometric viewpoint and cartoony art style (similar to Hades or Bastion) but has a direct, action-packed gameplay focus that honestly isn’t a million miles away from something like Doom.  Well, with a little imagination. […]

Wildcat Gun Machine – PS4 Review

This War of Mine has been around for a while but This War of Mine: Final Cut now arrives on PS5. Obviously it is mostly the same game as before but there’s been new content added and with current world events the scenarios hit different. For those who don’t know […]

This War of Mine: Final Cut – PS5 Review

Ever since self-publishing became a thing for the PS4, the floodgates have opened to all types of indie games. It has been a great source of content for sure, but of course because of this we are also seeing a ton of games which would have been hard stopped by […]

Retro Highway – PS5/PS4 Review

Sometimes, it’s worth not judging a game by screenshots. My first glimpse of The Serpent Rogue had me making assumptions about what kind of game it was going to be. As it turns out, this effort about crafting and discovery turned out a lot more mellow than I was expecting. […]

The Serpent Rogue – PS5 Review

Metal Tales: Overkill is a heavy metal themed twin-stick shooter with roguelite elements and it comes to us from Madrid-based coders/publishers Zerouno Games.  As the name suggests, this game puts the music front and centre, placing you (and some offline co-op buddies) as a guitarist looking to reclaim the world […]

Metal Tales: Overkill – PS4 Review

We’re rather fond of a Lego game here at PSC. Admittedly, that may have been due to our predilection for the completionist gotta do it all aspect and the associated trophy haul. We’ve reviewed a couple of them on PS4 and PS5, the most recent being Lego Star Wars: The […]

LEGO Builder’s Journey – PS5 Review

I don’t think I’ve seen a motorsport as unpredictable as MotoGP in the last couple of years. Even without the pandemic, Marc Márquez’s self-inflicted arm injury has led to a genuine power vacuum at the top of motorcycle racing. Combine this with Valentino Rossi’s retirement and you have a grid […]

MotoGP 22 – PS5 Review

It’s only natural for Rogue-likes to be difficult. The whole point of them is the repetition, with you understanding and getting better at the game. Or in the case of Rogue-lites unlocking more and more abilities as you try and fail, eventually tipping the odds in your favour, when combined […]

ScourgeBringer – PS5 Review

The House of the Dead is a series that has had more chances then most Sega franchises. There were ports on the Wii and PS3, but the original title has always been missing from these modern (from two generations ago!) releases, with them instead concentrating on 2 onwards. Forever Entertainment, […]

The House of the Dead: Remake – PS4 Review

Ayo The Clown comes from apparently NY-based developer Cloud M1 and publisher EastAsiaSoft. Our hope of Ayo talking to his pals like he’s from the hood in hip-hop and gang patois wasn’t to be. Instead Ayo The Clown is a cutesy 2.5D platformer with the titular clown being the hero […]

Ayo The Clown – PS5 Review

If you look at the screenshots, you may already have an idea of how you feel about this one.  The unfortunate side effect of reviewing games over an amount of time, is that you will inevitably encounter trends or tropes that just keep coming back and it becomes very difficult […]

Glam’s Incredible Run: Escape from Dukha – PS4 Review

The Playstation Talents initiative has managed to steer itself away from some dubious quality. Whilst I do appreciate student projects will have limitations, these are commercial products that are sold for money. The latest to cross my path is TAPE: Unveil the Memories. Coming from Madrid’s Black Chili Goat Studio, […]

TAPE: Unveil the Memories – PS4 Review