Well folks, Summer is well and truly over.  As we sit here in blankets like pensioners, it’s not just the dropping temperatures that tell us summer has passed.  It’s also the end of the Summer drought.  That period every year where the amount of games released reduces a little.  There […]

PlayStation Country News: (29/09/2022)

Midnight Fight Express is a 3D beat ’em up single-handedly programmed by one-man Polish powerhouse Jacob Dzwinel (albeit with a little help in the writing and music department).  It takes the classic brawler type of game and gives it a fairly unique perspective as it tells the story of a man, […]

Midnight Fight Express – PS4 Review

Little Orpheus  from semi-indie dev The Chinese Room and publisher Secret Mode, tells the story of the hapless Ivan Ivanovich as he’s interrogated by an incredulous general after the event. You see, Ivan is somehow being held responsible for the loss of the titular nuclear device in the centre of […]

Little Orpheus – PS4 Review

It seems like forever since I’ve played a roguelike platformer. A few years back, they arrived more frequently but that drought has now been broken. Chenso Club is a fast-paced, 2D platformer that combines forgivable platform challengers with some simple but swift combat. Swedish developer Pixadome are at the helm. […]

Chenso Club – PS4 Review

It’s all right there in the title but Session: Skate Sim is, unsurprisingly, a skateboarding simulation.  However, that doesn’t mean that Montreal-based Crea-ture Studios haven’t surprised the hell out of us with this game. Like every other right-minded gamer, we grew up on the Tony Hawk games and while they taught us a lot […]

Session: Skate Sim – PS5 Review

Falcom’s JRPGs have become firm favourites of mine. I’ve reviewed a few Trails games over the years and they’ve all hit the spot for old school JRPG enjoyment. They’re not trying to modernise the genre, they’re taking its strengths and applying them as best as they can. The Legend of […]

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero – PS4 Review

Attempts to make World War I’s trench warfare compelling have been made before but I’ve never really seen them as great successes. At best, they recreated the meat grinder nature of an attritional conflict and, at worst, they become a lesson in frustration. Taking a more vertical approach with less […]

Isonzo – PS5 Review

Akane is a top-down assassinate ’em up from Brazil coders Ludic Studio.  It actually came out for Windows back in 2018 and had a Switch release a year later but now it’s here on PSN and ready to break some skulls. You play as the titular heroine who begins the game […]

Akane – PS4 Review

The title Soulstice probably has you thinking this is a Souls-like game but this is not the case. It is a third person hack and slash game but in the character action genre, more specifically influenced by Devil May Cry. How that information colours your interest in the game is […]

Soulstice – PS5 Review

XIII is a first-person spy shooter which has had something of an interesting history that we really have to talk about before we get into the merits of the game itself.  Based on the Belgian comic of the same name, XIII was originally released in 2003.  We played, finished and liked […]

XIII (Remake) – PS5 Review

Wayward Strand, from developer Ghost Pattern, takes part during a very specific window of three days in early 1978. Friday 27th January to Sunday 29th January in fact. It’s also very very Australian. It’s not quite the stereotypical Joe Mangel “you little ripper, let me get the ute!” levels of […]

Wayward Strand – PS5 Review

We originally reviewed Biomutant from developer Experiment 101 in May last year, now we’ve a PS5 version to cast our eye over. Though we wish we’d just waited and got the free PS5 upgrade that all other owners have now got too. Due to our having played the EU version […]

Biomutant – PS5 Review