News articles on PlayStation games.

Howdy!  Or ‘hi’ whatever works for you.  We’ve got a lot of games news to get through and are battling consumption so let’s get on with it.  This one’s for my pa! Terror of Hemasaurus Super Buff HD Gori: Cuddly Carnage Trinity Fusion Die by the Blade Yum Yum Cookstar […]

PlayStation Country News: (06/10/2022)

Well folks, Summer is well and truly over.  As we sit here in blankets like pensioners, it’s not just the dropping temperatures that tell us summer has passed.  It’s also the end of the Summer drought.  That period every year where the amount of games released reduces a little.  There […]

PlayStation Country News: (29/09/2022)

This week Sony and Nintendo have been dropping all manner of previewness via the State of Play and Nintendo Direct events but beyond that all our friends in games PR have been busier than a cat, so let’s see what’s incoming in the world of PSN. Today we’ll be looking […]

PlayStation Country News: (15/09/2022)

They say that money never sleeps, and neither does our writer Grizzly who is currently doing the new dad thing.  It seems like games PR companies don’t either because, BLOODY HELL, there’s a lot of stuff incoming.   And most of it is from EastAsiaSoft.  Anyway, let’s take a look.   […]

PlayStation Country News: (07/09/2022)

Another week, another load of press releases to sort through.  We’ve got plenty of interesting stuff incoming though!  The First Decendant looks particularly swish! Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game Fear Effect Reinvented The Gap Dakar Desert Rally Aquadine Wayward Strand The First Descendant Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord   Killer […]

PlayStation Country News: (01/09/2022)