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Terra Trilogy is a compilation of three games:  Terra Lander DX, Terra Lander II: Rock Slide Rescue and Terra Bomber.   This is a series of old-school, arcade-inspired shoot ’em ups that share a minimalist design, a penchant for classical music and an uncompromising level of difficulty and all three games […]

Terra Trilogy – PS4 Review

Heal is a 2D puzzle game from Jesse Makkonen, the solo developer behind our two favourite Ratalaika Games titles, Distraint 1&2.  His distinctive characteristics are fully on display here too with Heal being immediately recognisable as his work.  That means you get a slow-paced, thoughtful puzzle game laced with hidden meaning, dark atmospherics and a […]

Heal: Console Edition – PS4 Review

It seems like anything will find its way into the Playstation store. I’m not complaining but I did not expect to review a re-release of a game that first saw daylight in 2012 on mobile platforms. Ravensword: Shadowlands is now on consoles and it seems Crescent Moon Games have opted […]

Ravensword: Shadowlands – PS4 Review