Heal is a 2D puzzle game from Jesse Makkonen, the solo developer behind our two favourite Ratalaika Games titles, Distraint 1&2.  His distinctive characteristics are fully on display here too with Heal being immediately recognisable as his work.  That means you get a slow-paced, thoughtful puzzle game laced with hidden meaning, dark atmospherics and a […]

Heal: Console Edition – PS4 Review

Outbuddies DX is an old-school Metroidvania-esque explorer/platformer/shooter from one-man developer Julian Laufer that tells the story of Nikolay Bernstein, a maritime archaeologist who unwittingly becomes trapped in Bahlam, an underwater fortress (not the South London town on the Northern Line) that was home to the Old Gods, but now harbours […]

Outbuddies DX – PS4 Review