Monthly Archives: October 2021

It’s the season for spooky tales and what better way to close out October than with a visual novel with some heavy supernatural leanings? Hermitage: Strange Case Files is a detective story that puts a heavy emphasis on the bizarre goings on. I feel the genre needs no excuses to […]

Hermitage: Strange Case Files – PS4 Review

There’s plenty about games development that fascinates me. Even working in small teams, there’s an air of luck and circumstance that comes together that bring a game to fruition. I’ll never be technically gifted enough to make something myself but there’s tools available to give me just a taste of […]

Probe: A Game Dev Experience – PS4 Review

I think there’s been plenty of good party games that have hit over the last decade. Whilst I’d never call it saturated, the genre’s filled with some quality for local and online combatants alike. The latest one to come my way is A Gummy’s Life. A multiplayer brawler coming from […]

A Gummy’s Life – PS4 Review