The Playstation Talents initiative has managed to steer itself away from some dubious quality. Whilst I do appreciate student projects will have limitations, these are commercial products that are sold for money. The latest to cross my path is TAPE: Unveil the Memories. Coming from Madrid’s Black Chili Goat Studio, […]

TAPE: Unveil the Memories – PS4 Review

Full motion video always carries a nostalgic reverence and charm, these days. Wales Interactive are looking to benefit by presenting Late Shift. Focusing a touch more on being a film equivalent of a Choose Your Own Adventure book, this provocative mix of game and movie is trying to deliver something different […]

Late Shift – PS4 Review

Shorter, story-focused experiences have certainly gained traction over the last decade. With a briefer form, writers and developers have managed to produce some excellent results. The latest project to follow suit is PaperSeven’s Blackwood Crossing, a coming of age drama centred around two close, orphaned siblings. As with most in […]

Blackwood Crossing – PS4 Review