Batman: Arkham Knight – A Matter of Family DLC – PS4 Review

SBATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150721213907elling itself on the ability to play as Batgirl, this story driven DLC has been heavily trailed.  It’s also been used as a selling point for the season pass, with the ability to access this a week early if you commit £30 for the pass.  It’s up to you to decide if the season pass if worth it, but with the thoughts being that most of the DLC will be shitty alternative skins, I’ll pass.

Set in a long abandoned theme park you team up with Robin in order to take down Joker and Harley Quinn.    There is a lot to like here, from the well scripted conversations between Bargirl and Robin, to the unique location set pieces you’ll discover.  You’ll also spend a lot of time fighting with Robin at your side, able to switch between either super hero as you please, this is especially well realised within the final battle.   If you enjoyed the combat in the main game this serves up some really interesting new scenarios to play with.

It’s not an expansion which will take you ages to complete, being able to breeze through it within a couple of hours play.  However there are some collectables, and secrets, hidden throughout the map which act to extend the playing time a little.  As with the main game, Batgirl is more than capable of traversing the map quickly in order to root out the secrets.  Whilst you don’t have all the resources that Batman has, you still get to glide and zipline your way through the sky.

Batgirl herself looks ace, and there is a certain joy to playing as her, even though she fundamentally is no different to control than Batman.  Although the decision to change her HUD to a feminine pink seems an odd one, was this a special requirement of Batgirl before she chose to don the cowl?

Overall this is a decent addition to the main game, at a decent price.  It looks like this will be the main meat of the DLC on offer for Arkham Knight and as a way to extend your Batman experience this does a great job. 

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150722200912

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