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Ian likes his games weird. He loves his Vita even if Sony don't anymore. He joined the PS4 party relatively late, but has been in since day one on PS5. He still owns an Xbox One for some reason, but it sees less action than the Bengals win playoff games.

From Green Dinosaur Games by way of Ratalaika Games comes Rabisco+. We’re a little confused as to what particularly differentiates this from Rabisco on Steam, let alone what the + denotes. At any rate, what we have here is a cute puzzler where you have to guide a cute cloud […]

Rabisco+ – PS4 Review

From developer Experiment 101; founded by ex-Avalanche alumnus Stefan Ljungvist; and published by owner THQ Nordic, we have action RPG Biomutant. Ljungvist’s experience on the Just Cause series isn’t immediately evident, nor is Mad Max  either, but after a while it becomes clear. After an intriguing cutscene showing a rodent-like […]

Biomutant – PS4 Review