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Religion and videogames has always felt like an odd combination. Other mediums have had their religious epics but gaming just struggles to pull one together. Saga of Sins hasn’t quite got those lofty ambitions but this effort from Bonus Level Entertainment does use a Christian backdrop to deliver a decent […]

Saga of Sins – PS5 Review

Developed by Repixel8 (aka London based collector and coder Andrew Jefferys) and CGA Studio Games with we assume multiplatform ports handled by the latter, we have Formula Retro Racing: World Tour. Very much the throwback to the halcyon days of Sega’s Model 2 arcade heyday and the blue sky gaming […]

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour – PS4 Review

I often wonder with gaming narratives how to truly judge them. There are entirely story-driven games where the focus shifts from gameplay which ultimately diminishes the interactive element of the medium. Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories by Froach Club is another one of these games. With the gameplay reduced, I often […]

Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories – PS5 Review

From first party Sony dev San Diego Studio and published by Sony themselves, we have MLB The Show 23, just in time for the opening day of the Major League Baseball season on 30th March. Somewhat unusually, we notice this is included on Xbox Game Pass on day one, but […]

MLB The Show 23 – PS5 Review