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FATAL FRAME : Mask of the Lunar Eclipse had us genuinely excited that we were being blessed by Koei Tecmo with a brand-new instalment, the first since 2014’s Maiden Of Black Water in fact. No, in fact Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is a remake of the previously Japan-only 2008 […]

FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse – PS5 ...

I do enjoy some side-scrolling platforming and a dystopian future of science gone amok is fantastic trope to mine. Combining the two is Titanium Hound from Red Spot Sylphina. With a visual style very much within the 16-bit era, this indie effort starts to stumble with controls and pacing. There […]

Titanium Hound – PS4 Review

When you really stop and think about it, translating wrestling into a fighting game framework can be an impossible task. The sport itself is a collaborative effort whereas most gaming is a solo experience with explicit win conditions. Wrestling games have been many things over the years but I struggle […]

WWE 2K23 – PS5 Review

Imitation breeds innovation, right? There’s been a lot of attempts to twist and add some spice to From Software’s recent efforts. Team Ninja’s no stranger to it with Nioh, a series I genuinely enjoy. Their next move is to take the parry-heavy combat of Sekiro and marry it with the […]

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – PS5 Review