The Council – Episode 2: Hide and Seek – PS4 Review

Coming a couple of months after episode one, the second episode of Big Bad Wolf’s Gallic tinged historical adventure The Council is upon us.

Hide and Seek carries on immediately after the events of The Mad Ones with your first task being to investigate the events that led to episode one’s conclusion. It takes a certain hubris for a developer to jump right to it with barely a recap, but there we are.

The opening stanza of Hide and Seek is very much one of NPCs talking at you, much like if you ask your wife how her day at work went. You’ll drift off halfway through the conversation here too.

Thankfully once you’re through several lengthy monologues, things do pick up in terms of your engagement and the plotline.

Without giving too much away your character continues his search for his missing mother while hoovering up various collectibles. Your progress being carried over from the first episode means your path is restricted somewhat, certain dialogue and investigation options being gated off unless you were fortunate enough to spend your end of chapter talent points in a balanced manner.

The first episode very much focused on your relationship with Emily and her ample bosom, this time it’s the male characters of the piece who have a much larger contributory role to play, your raven haired companion having been reduced to a passing encounter in a corridor this time.

A couple of puzzles might trouble you slightly, especially since they stop you from reaching the next part of the plot and once again the dialogue plays it very straight with not much in the way of humour, almost po-faced for the most part. A wry smile is all you might manage.

In conclusion, this continuation of an already intriguing episodic storyline is well worth continuing with, though it’s a diminutive offering. Add a point if you already have the season pass as its poor value otherwise.

The Council - Episode 2: Hide and Seek
6 Overall
+ Carries on immediately where you left off
+ Plot eventually gallops along
+ Focuses on different characters from first episode to good effect
- Death by lengthy speeches
- Over in a couple of hours
- Oblique puzzles
- Plays it maybe a bit too straight, no levity to speak of
The rollicking romp in a historical setting continues apace. This episode is a tad short though and is probably better value if you have the season pass.

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