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Robin Hood’s had plenty of adaptations over the years but I’ve never found the fiction to be especially broad or interesting. It’s prime for a game plot with such simple things as a tyrant needing to be overthrown. Gangs of Sherwood is the latest take on Howard Pyle’s prince of […]

Gangs of Sherwood – PS5 Review

Stickman’s Arena is a top-down auto-shooter from eastasiasoft.  It’s the latest entry into a genre popularised by Vampire Survivors that has, so far, had a series of fairly mediocre games show up on PSN.  So, can Stickman’s Arena improve on such recent games as Remedium Sentinels and Hero Survival? The game itself gives you a […]

Stickman’s Arena – PS5 Review

It’s not very often I take on a review without knowing what I’m in for. Train Valley 2: Community Edition is a repackaged PC release for the Playstation 4. Coming from Lithuanian studio Flazm, it includes all DLC expansions plus a large selection of workshopped community levels. Building on the […]

Train Valley 2: Community Edition – PS4 Review

Truckzilla – Monster Truck Mega Ramp Mania from Moldovan dev Midnight.Works arrived with nary any fanfare and this reviewer decided to take a punt on what looked like a lightweight racing game. Unusually for current releases, it’s a PS4 only joint with no PS5 version in the equation at all. […]

Truckzilla: Monster Truck Mega Ramp Mania – PS4 Review

Forgive me if I start to plagiarise myself on this one. Pesterquest is the sequel to Hiveswap Friendsim. As such, it’s a visual novel set in the Homestuck universe which, I’ll be honest, I’ve not dug much into. The same themes apply with an alien on a quest for friendship […]

Pesterquest – PS5 Review

Hey, kids. Do you like friends? Do want real and viable approaches to get friends? Maybe don’t use Hiveswap Freindsim as a guide. It is, however, a fairly relaxed, cheeky visual novel that explores friendship in a swift but entertaining manner. What Pumpkin Games have penned this little tale that, […]

Hiveswap Friendsim – PS5 Review

Battle Stations Blockade is a 3D rail shooter developed by New Jersey-based studio Mission Critical that sees you controlling a pair of gun turrets on a battleship in voxel-style hostile waters.  Set across eleven stages, the game sees you taking out aircraft, paratroopers, boats, gun emplacements and even giant enemy crabs […]

Battle Stations Blockade – PS5 Review

The Perplexing Orb: Bounce N’ Roll is a platforming game indie stuff TreeFall games.  It shares a sub-genre with other rolling ball platformers like Trailblazer, Bouncer, Spindizzy and, if you want an example that isn’t from the ’80s, Super Monkey Ball.  It’s the third entry in a series of Perplexing Orb games with […]

The Perplexing Orb: Bounce N’ Roll – PS5 Review