Something strange is going in the world of Neo Geo games.  Having just reviewed Andro Dunos 2, the sequel to a little known Neo Geo shoot ’em up from the ’90s, we now find ourselves reviewing another Neo Geo sequel.  This time we’re returning to Ganryu, a 2D slash ’em up platformer.  […]

Ganryu 2 Hakuma Kojiro – PS4 Review

They might seem like a videogame staple now, but back in early 2005 there was no such thing as a Lego videogame. Lego Star Wars on PS2 was quite the revelation at the time and it seemed staggering that nobody had come up with it before. Of course, there’s since […]

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – PS5 Review

From the makers of the excellent Guacamelee! games, Drinkbox Studios, comes Nobody Saves the World on PS5. It’s quite a departure from those games with their Metroidvania level layouts, technical platforming and combat. Instead you walk around a top down world which looks similar to an older Zelda title but […]

Nobody Saves the World – PS5 Review

Remember Atari? They were famously co-founded by Nolan Bushnell in the early ’70s. After the videogame crash and even more half-arsed 1990s attempts at console hardware than Sega, they ceased to be. Also remember Infogrames? They acquired the rights to the Atari name and subsequently rebranded. Now they’re back with […]

Kombinera – PS5 Review

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has seen countless adaptations since it’s publication over 200 years ago. It’s fairly common fodder to discuss existentialism, what it is to be human and play God. Even when not being directly quoted, it has been the inspiration for many, many stories from many different people. Today, […]

The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature – PS4 Review

Stealth games are tough to get right. There are a few approaches, some more lenient whilst others will be very punishing but will give you the tools to get through undetected. Horror stealth games are probably tougher still, as you want the player to fear what they’re hiding from so […]

In Nightmare – PS5 Review

Agent Intercept is a spy action vehicular combat game from coding Kiwis PikPok who are best known for their many mobile titles.  Indeed, this game first showed up on iOS back in 2019 as an Apple Arcade exclusive but don’t let that fool you as this isn’t just a lazy […]

Agent Intercept – PS5 Review

Gunborg: Dark Matters is a 2D run and gun shooter-platformer from Swedish software specialists Ricpau Studios which is really just Rickard Paulsson, an animator who decided to learn how to make games, and some friends he’s made along the way.  This is his first release and one that has quadrupled its […]

Gunborg: Dark Matters – PS5 Review

The Last Cube is the best kind of game we get in for review here at PSC.  It literally came out of nowhere with no fanfare or hype yet we find it entirely took over our gaming for a good week or so. We meant to write this review sooner, […]

The Last Cube – PS5 Review

Slipstream is a racing game from Brazilian-based coder Sandro Luis de Paula, otherwise known as Ansdor.  Set somewhere in the 1990s, this arcade-style driving game is a love letter to the Out Run games, ’80s neon visuals, ’90s arcades and synth music and it certainly turned heads when it was released on […]

Slipstream – PS5 Review

Z-Warp is the latest shoot ’em up from Panda Indie Studio, the one-man shoot ’em up specialist behind most of Eastasiasoft’s impressive array of shooters.  As ever, this is a vertically-scrolling, arcade style bullet-hell game and it has plenty of Panda Indie’s trademark characteristics.  So, if you want to know […]

Z-Warp – PS5 Review

Flat Kingdom is a 2D-ish puzzle platformer that comes to us by way of Mexican coders Fat Panda.  It first emerged over in PC Country back in 2016 but has now found its way to PSN thanks to prolific porters Ratalaika Games. The game is set in the titular Flat […]

Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition – PS5 Review