Outer Terror is an auto-shooter from Virginia-based studio Salt & Pixel LLC (actually solo developer Brandon Rodriguez) that follows the current trend of filling PSN with Vampire Survivors clones, something we don’t mind as we’re constantly banging on about the greatness of that game and Brotato.  This one is quite different though. […]

Outer Terror – PS5 Review

Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris is a vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up from Japanese devs Illogic Games and is the latest release from the ever-prolific eastasiasoft. While the shooting is front and centre, as you’d expect, Illogic have also elevated the importance of the story which is something you generally don’t see […]

Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris – PS5 Review

Mighty Mage is the latest top-down, (sort of) auto-shooting Survivors-like to hit PSN and it comes from Brazilian-based coders Afil Games (essentially the home of solo dev Antonio Filipe).  It hit Steam a year ago but has now been ported to PSN and the Switch. There are quite a few of these […]

Mighty Mage – PS4 Review

Otxo, stylised as the rather shouty OTXO, comes from Idaho-based solo dev Lateralis Heavy Industries aka Nathan Haddock and publisher Super Rare Originals. Cited as inspired by the likes of 2012’s Hotline Miami and the likes of the interminable John Wick film series, ‘Otxo’ is the Basque word for wolf, […]

OTXO – PS4 Review

Manic Mechanics is a co-op action party game from Scottish devs 4J Studios and it follows the tradition of other ‘work’ based games doing for car maintenance what Overcooked did for catering and what Moving Out did for furniture removals. This game sees you working in a series of garages where cars come in […]

Manic Mechanics – PS4 Review

It’s been a long whilst since a South Park game really missed the mark. It’s been ages since I gave the TV series a glance but the last two RPGs have produced something more fitting of the show’s humour. There is a care and attention with those that South Park: […]

South Park: Snow Day – PS5 Review

I hope you’re keeping count because Alone in the Dark is the second time the seminal survival horror has hit the reset button. 2008’s first attempt didn’t seem to leave any long-lasting impression. In the shadow of more high-profile remakes, 2024’s edition appears to walk back to the series’ roots. […]

Alone in the Dark – PS5 Review

Match Village is a minimalist puzzle game that combines a sort of chilled-out city building set up but with a match three element and it comes to us from Brazil-based solo dev Moraes Game Studio.  It’s currently on PSN for a penny under four quid and it has been published […]

Match Village – PS4 Review

For once we’re relieved that our review code for Balatro by solo dev LocalThunk was PS5 only. We started playing this time last week and have put in multiple sessions into the early hours since. Our PS5 reckons we’ve played twenty-one hours already. That’s with a break from Friday to […]

Balatro – PS5 Review

Abriss, or to give it’s full title ABRISS – build to destroy, is a physics-based puzzle game from Berlin-based studio Randwerk and it’s really quite something.  As it’s annoyingly uncapitalised subtitle suggests, this game is about building and destruction but it’s done in a way that’s wholly original and just technically so […]

Abriss – PS5 Review

Digital Eclipse are showing themselves to be masterful at collating and preserving the games and stories from our industry. The second in the Gold Master Series, Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story focuses on the hairy visionary and mostly focuses on his prolific output during the 1980s. As a lad that […]

Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story – PS5 Review

Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator from Krakow-based developer Simteract and publisher Nacon is pretty much exactly what you might expect from the title. You’re a taxi driver in a city, in this case an approximation of downtown Barcelona. In a revelation that won’t shock you, you have to pick […]

Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator – PS5 Review