Serious Sam 4 is a first-person shooter developed by Croatian coders Croteam who are best known for, well, all the other Serious Sam games.  This series started way back in 2001 and has included three other main games and a heap of VR spin-offs. The original Serious Sam was something of a […]

Serious Sam 4 – PS5 Review

If nothing else, visual novels are a way for me to get out of my comfort zone and see into other people’s lives. It’s a genre very much not for me but, over the years, it’s given me plenty to think about. A Year of Springs, developed by npckc is […]

A Year of Springs – PS5 Review

I do love spy fiction. I love the subterfuge and espionage and when a game gives me stealth or a heist to pull off, I’m all ears. Way Down is a hastily put together videogame tie-in for 2021 movie The Vault. Coming from Mediaset Studios, this is the latest effort […]

Way Down – PS4 Review

Chorus is a space combat shooter from Fishlabs, the German developer best known for the popular Galaxy on Fire series (a similar set of space shooters that made their name on Android and iOS) and is their first original console title, following on from a couple of Saints Row remasters.  The game is a […]

Chorus – PS5 Review

Of all the movie licensed games that have been coming out recently, Terminator: Resistance was the one that stood out as having the tallest mountain to climb. When it came out in 2019 there was a general expectation that it would fail due to this, thanks in no small part […]

Terminator: Resistance Annihilation Line DLC – PS4/PS5 Review

From developer Hakama and publisher Marvelous in conjunction with chiefly localisation from the consistently great XSeed, we have Rune Factory 4 Special. It’s a refinement of the a 3DS game from 2012, though it took two whole years extra to localise for European audiences. Unless you’re a massive fan of […]

Rune Factory 4 Special – PS4 Review

The PlayStation Talents initiative is a great idea. Helping Spanish creatives get off the ground is a worthy cause in theory, but in practise the prices given to them do not match the quality or amount of game you’re getting. Wukong, which is influenced by the ever popular Journey to […]

Wukong – PS4 Review

With so many games out there, it can be hard to notice the ones that never make it out of development. There are high profile examples of this, such as the ill-fated Star Wars 1313 or Sonic X-Treme on Sega Saturn that come to mind, but for every failed Sonic […]

Clockwork Aquario – PS4 Review

Preventive Strike is a vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up, from Moldovan one-man developer TocanaDev, which first landed on Steam three years ago but has just been brought to PSN by Polish porters SimFabric. You play as an un-named helicopter pilot who has to get through four levels of surprisingly intense aerial […]

Preventive Strike – PS4 Review

Sometimes, when it comes to reviewing games, you encounter one that has such little going on, that it is just difficult to find the words to write down for it. Often, this boils down to your typical retro arcade titles or throwback platformer, where simply listing the inspiration is enough […]

A Short Hike – PS4 Review

A party game with a good hook can go a long way. We’ve seen plenty emerge that have hit the right note and the latest to step into the fray is Rubber Bandits. Coming from Flashbulb Games, this brawler centred around thievery is a quick, simple effort that seems to […]

Rubber Bandits – PS4 Review

Nuclear Corps is an arcade/puzzler which comes by way of the PlayStation Talents programme.  It’s full title is actually Nuclear Corps: Veterans in Fukushima and it is inspired by the Fukushima disaster in 2011 where an earthquake and tsunami triggered a meltdown of a nuclear energy plant in Japan.  That day a group […]

Nuclear Corps – PS4 Review