It’s the season for spooky tales and what better way to close out October than with a visual novel with some heavy supernatural leanings? Hermitage: Strange Case Files is a detective story that puts a heavy emphasis on the bizarre goings on. I feel the genre needs no excuses to […]

Hermitage: Strange Case Files – PS4 Review

I’ve been aware of Corpse Party for many years now. It’s a pretty famous series in Japanese horror visual novels but I’ve never played it. I’m not a fan of visual novels in general but I have played games like Danganronpa and Virtue’s Last Reward in my own time. Is […]

Corpse Party (2021) – PS4 Review

It’s fair to say quite a lot has gone down since the precursor to Bouncy Bullets 2 came out on PS4/Vita two years ago. 2020 happened for a start. Covid happened and remains very much in the foreground. The government voted in favour of not penalising water companies for draining […]

Bouncy Bullets 2 – PS5 Review

BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad, aside from being a credible name for an ’80s thrash metal band, is a 2D run and gun/hack/slash action title from Californian coding crew The MIX (Media India eXchange).  Set over five short-ish levels, the game sees you playing as a squad of vampires as they […]

BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad – PS4 Review

2001 was one hell of a year for Sega as many will know. After fighting the good fight with the Dreamcast, the company finally called time on their eighteen-year long console crusade and had instead, moved to becoming the software company it is now. This was both a troubling time […]

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania – PS5 Review

From fantastically named developer Kyle Thompson and publisher Top Hat Studios we have, in their own words, a quirky metroidvania platformer about a shape-shifting sheep-thing. Right, we needn’t bother extrapolating any further. OK, we kid. Along with Kyle, there’s Eric Thompson who composed the music, though unlikely anything to do […]

Sheepo – PS5 Review

I’ve got a taste for roguelite games right now and I also enjoy turn based games. So when Evertried dropped into the PlayStation Country inbox I gladly accepted reviewing duties. Although it has similarities to something like Into the Breach it’s very different to anything I’ve played before. You play […]

Evertried – PS4 Review

There’s plenty about games development that fascinates me. Even working in small teams, there’s an air of luck and circumstance that comes together that bring a game to fruition. I’ll never be technically gifted enough to make something myself but there’s tools available to give me just a taste of […]

Probe: A Game Dev Experience – PS4 Review

It’s October. That means Halloween. That means you’d expect some spooky games to be hitting the digital and physical stores for your platform of choice. The larger publishers don’t seem too bothered but, as usual, that’s where the indies step up. Out now on PS5 is In Sound Mind, a […]

In Sound Mind – PS5 Review

I think there’s been plenty of good party games that have hit over the last decade. Whilst I’d never call it saturated, the genre’s filled with some quality for local and online combatants alike. The latest one to come my way is A Gummy’s Life. A multiplayer brawler coming from […]

A Gummy’s Life – PS4 Review

There’s something odd about turning to games to effectively get a slice of working life. It’s a cheap way to get an idea of jobs you’d never really turn to but I do wonder what the appeal of the mundane is. Train Station Renovation has just pulled in from Live […]

Train Station Renovation – PS4 Review

When Vaas Montenegro, the charismatic psychopathic bad guy from Far Cry 3, talked about the definition of insanity, there was a certain irony that he was a creation of Ubisoft, the publishing behemoth behind such series as Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six.  We’re all well-used to their tried and tested formula built […]

Far Cry 6 – PS5 Review