Hitman – Episode 2: Sapienza – PS4 Review

HITMAN™_20160426195701Agent 47 gets to visit more places than Alan Whicker, and in Hitman: Episode 2 Sapienza you get to have a tour round an Italian coastal town for some murder and sun.  It is an odd prospect reviewing Hitman as the gameplay is still identical to the first episode we reviewed here. If you’ve not read this then I suggest you do so in order to gain a fuller understanding of the game.  In many regards episode 1 was almost like a proof of concept, or a pilot episode.  It had the obligatory introductory tutorial, and the opening cutscene.  Episode 2 has none of this and drops you straight into the action.

First things first Sapienza looks gorgeous, from the clear blue skies to the winding coble streets it is lovely to look at.  Sapienza is also massive, feeling much larger than Paris, and more varied.  In many ways it feels like a more convincing location than the Paris of episode 1, more organic and layered.  It really feels like the game has found its stride in Episode 2.

In Sapienza you’re tasked with taking out three targets, two scientists and genetically enhanced super bug.  As with Episode 1 the opportunities help system returns.  What this means in reality is that as you wander about the levels you can over hear conversations and gain an understanding of an opportunity to take out one of your marks.  I won’t go in to detail here, but there are lots of opportunities to play around with.  And as in classic Hitman style there are plenty of disguises to wear.HITMAN™_20160426204237

Outside of the main assassination mission you again have the contracts part of the game to play, which are user generated hits.  The contracts mode allows you to wander round the level setting your own targets, and defining your own rules.  You can save and share these levels online, and this is once again a nice addition to the game.  You also get the second part of the exclusive PS4 contract the Sarajevo Six, which is actually ready at launch this time.  I still don’t feel this warrants a specific call out to being additional exclusive content, but it’s a nice touch.  These additional features bulk out the game and make it feel more like a full package, rather than the one off level it is.

HITMAN™_20160426202348It now feels the teething problems from episode 1 have been ironed out.  I haven’t experienced any server issues and all the content promised is actually available from the start this time.  Episode 2 gives you a bigger level, in a more visually stunning location and to paraphrase Johnny Mathis its beginning to feel a lot like Hitman, and that’s the highest praise I can give.

Hitman - Episode 2: Sapienza
7 Overall
+ Overall much better than Episode 1: Paris + larger and more complex environment + Starting to feel like the Hitman game we've always wanted
- Still to be convinced by the episodic nature of it - When all is said and done it is only one level - It is over too quick
Take agent 47 on a peaceful holiday to the coastal town of Sapienza and while you're there you may as well kill your mark. Episode 2 really ups the ante and gives you a taste of how great this game could be when all the episodes are out.

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