Life is Strange: Episode 3 – Chaos Theory – PS4 Review

With the fantastic ending of episode 2, the next instalment of Life is Strange has a lot to live up to.  Based in the immediate aftermath of the earlier episode Chaos Theory takes a much darker turn from the off.  Gone are the summer days showcased in the previous episodes and now you are faced with sneaking around a nightime campus and breaking into your own college.Life Is Strange™_20150626140207

It is difficult to review this game without getting in to spoiler territory.  Being a story based game, and also being one which has consistently surprised with unexpected plot twists, a lot of what makes this game special is how this story is told.  However what I can say is that games subtitle Chaos Theory was chosen for a reason, and that there are some major developments.

Life is Strange has often been a masterclass in mood and emotion and you really feel involved in the characters and decisions you make.  This becomes ever more relevant now as the game is over half way through and you can feel the weight, and repercussions, of the choices you’ve made earlier on. It finds joy in revelling in the complexities of college relationships, and the mundane but engrossing trials and tribulations each person is facing.  With your ability to enter a conversation, rewind and try the conversation again using information gained from earlier, the game gives you an illicit thrill of being an expert manipulator.  This ability really makes the game stand out from other similar titles as you feel in control of the choices you are making.

This episode see Max getting more to grips with her time travel ability and some puzzles use this mechanic to great effect.  There are also some wonderfully humorous incidents where either Max or Chloe talk about things they could do with the power.  A well scripted instance in the middle part of the game has Max use her power just to see what will happen which, if you’ve been investing in the story as I have, will make you smile.

Life Is Strange™_20150626140419

The music choices here are great with some exceptional song used throughout the episode.  DONTNOD have an uncanny ability to pick songs which resonate with the story being told.  The musical score is wonderful and perfectly draws you into the world of Max and Chloe.

Using the same engine as earlier episode means the same problems are present.  Including some dodgy lipsynching and character models which look a little robotic sometimes.  However overall the art style and presentation of the game is of a very high standard.

Life Is Strange™_20150626140823

With our glowing reviews of episode 1 and 2, episode 3 has a lot to live up to.  This episode doesn’t disappoint and moves the story on in a compelling way, with some stunning new twists.  If you’ve not previously bought in to life is Strange then you are missing one of the most unique gaming experiences of this generation.  It is no understatement when I say this is an essential purchase for the PS4.

Life is Strange: Episode 3 - Chaos Theory
9 Overall
- Exceptional storytelling - Good level of interaction - Great choice of music
- If you can’t stand American college stories best to avoid - Lipsynching remains an issue - Some character animation is a bit dodgy
DontNod are showing Telltale how to do story based games and Life is Strange is amongst the best. This episode doesn’t disappoint and moves the story on in a compelling way, with some stunning new twists.

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