Super Cane Magic Zero is an action RPG which has come as the result of a successful crowd funding campaign. The game comes from the mind of Simone ‘Sio’ Albrigi, an Italian comic creator and YouTuber, in collaboration with Studio Evil. If you are not a fluent Italian speaker then […]

Super Cane Magic ZERO – PS4

I almost entirely missed the boat on the Castlevania series. Being stuck with the British microcomputers meant a wealth of console games went completely under my radar. It’s a good job emulation and the internet helped me cover the gaps but Konami have now opted to release the hefty Castlevania […]

Castlevania Anniversary Collection – PS4 Review

Super Tennis Blast is an arcade focused tennis game from Barcelona-based coders Unfinished Pixel and offers up the sort of gameplay this sub-genre of sports games had back in the ’90s.  Now back in the day Super Tennis on the SNES (no relation to this game) was our jam and many […]

Super Tennis Blast – PS4 Review

It’s difficult to know just how well PSVR is doing because while there is a very steady stream of indie titles for Sony’s VR headset coming out every week, the big ‘triple A’ titles are few and far between. Owning a PSVR is a bit like being a Switch owner, […]

Blood & Truth – PSVR Review

Effie sells itself short from the outset. That title for a start. It turns out the titular Effie is a little girl who is having a story told to her as a framing device for your adventure. You play as the storyteller Galand who is recounting his adventure to free […]

Effie – PS4 Review

It’s not often I venture into fantasy ARPGs but there’s usually a relaxing, low-effort feel to a dungeon crawl against scores of disposable enemies. Warhammer Chaosbane comes from EKO Software who are looking to add Game Workshop’s universe to an already tried and true formula. With it’s inspiration very much […]

Warhammer Chaosbane – PS4 Review

I remember describing Layers of Fear as a spring-loaded ghost house. It was an interesting horror effort but the story seemed to play it’s hand too early and some puzzles impeded the game’s flow. Polish developers, Bloober Team are back with a sequel and, second time around, things come together […]

Layers of Fear 2 – PS4 Review

Killing Floor: Incursion is a PSVR title in Tripwire Interactive’s ‘travel to Europe and kill zombies’ series and is available now with 2016’s Killing Floor 2 as part of a bundle called Killing Floor: Double Feature. We previously reviewed Killing Floor 2 here and we enjoyed the game, especially when […]

Killing Floor: Incursion – PSVR Review

Slay the Spire has been around for a long time on PC, working through early access to balance and improve the gameplay, but now the full version has hit PS4 and fans of challenging roguelikes and turn based card battling are in for a treat. There is no story really, […]

Slay the Spire – PS4 Review

From Brazilian duo Midipixel by way of Ratalaika Games, comes Warlock’s Tower. Our men Werther Azevedo and Ygor Speranza are very much fans of the Gameboy-era style of aesthetics and chiptune music as you can no doubt see from the screenshots here. You play as a courier trying to scale […]

Warlock’s Tower – PS4 Review

In some ways, Bethesda’s original 2011 shoot ’em up was everything you’d expect from a crossover project between them and Id Software, the original FPS masters who pretty much defined the genre with Wolfenstein and Doom before their Quake games set the template for pretty much every online shooter ever […]

Rage 2 – PS4 Review

Back in 1995 bucks the trend of indie games by not using 8 or 16 bit 2D graphics to tickle your nostalgia bone but 32 bit 3D graphics. The birth of home 3D graphics ushered in some truly timeless classics and gave us survival horror. It is specifically this genre […]

Back in 1995 – PS4 Review