Zen Software continue to support their excellent pinball hub, Pinball FX3, with yet more tables and this time they’ve made a quick dip back into the library of real world tables from Williams.  We rather liked their previous collection of Williams tables, praising the variation between them but lamenting the […]

Pinball FX3: Williams Pinball (Volume 2) – PS4 Review

From Serbian developer Brave Giant Studio comes Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past, the latest hidden object title from Polish publisher Artifex Mundi. We didn’t play the first Queen’s Quest though we do have previous with Artifex title My Brother Rabbit. Queen’s Quest 2 is a sumptuously illustrated animated […]

Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past – PS4 Review

Over the Moon brought us part one of The Fall in 2015 and, after a long, long wait, the second instalment has finally arrived. I’ve been anticipating this after part one delivered a tight, darkly comic exploration of Asimov’s three laws. The Fall Part 2: Unbound certainly looks to build upon […]

The Fall Part 2: Unbound

By all rights, Massira would be a game we’d rather not be reviewing given the subject matter, being as it is based on the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. Not exactly the most comfortable scenario for a game, though it could be worse. A game version of Trump’s Mexican Wall perhaps. Thankfully […]

Massira – PS4 Review

It feels rather odd to make a review for a free to play game, after all, it’s free, you can always download it and try it for yourself should you want to gather a verdict. There is also the issue of the live service model that EA is touting with […]

Apex Legends – PS4 Review

Our Finish friends, Ratalaika Games, are back with any cross-buy, easy platinum offering title.  While that part of a Ratalaika joint is very predictable, you can never predict what type of game they publish next and Access Denied is yet another departure.  Developed by Russian coders Stately Snail, this is a […]

Access Denied – PS4 Review

Dick Wilde 2 is an on-rails lightgun-style shooter for PSVR. When London-based coders Playstack released the original Dick Wilde onto PSN back in 2017 the general concensus was that it had the makings of being a fun shooter but was derailed somewhat by its punishing level of difficulty and so […]

Dick Wilde 2 – PSVR Review

Codemasters have been producing racing games for decades now and it’s fair to say they’ve managed to carve out a reputation as a safe pair of hands. 2015’s DiRT Rally was a foray back into the rugged wilds of rallying without flashbacks and delivering a stern driving challenge. Now a […]

DiRT Rally 2.0 – PS4 Review

ChromaGun VR is, as the name suggests, a PSVR update of Pixel Maniacs’ original ChromaGun game, a colour-based puzzler that has been around on iOS and computers for a few years but made its way to the PS4 in 2017. The game is a straight port of the original with […]

ChromaGun VR – PS4 Review

From indie developer Moondrop comes puzzle platformer Degrees of Separation. Nothing to do with Kevin Bacon though. Nor is it based on a dismal tug of love custody battle TV movie with Stockard Channing. Instead the separation is between Ember (summer/fire girl) and Rime (winter/ice boy), each of which affect […]

Degrees of Separation – PS4 Review

As I get older in life, I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever crack a really tough platformer. That doesn’t stop me trying but I often question my reflexes and patience. Along comes Almost There: The Platformer, a game by Bony Yousuf with an aesthetic reminiscent of the earlier years […]

Almost There: The Platformer – PS4 Review

Rym 9000 is a vertically scrolling shooter that comes from enigmatic Moroccan solo dev Sonoshee and taps into a retro aesthetic that is both recognisable but also one that never really existed. Confused? Well stick with us. The game’s intro that explains that Rym 9000 is a highly-treasured commodity that […]

Rym 9000 – PS4 Review