Upon starting up Gravity Duck from developer  woblyware by way of publisher Ratalaika (hey!), we were immediately struck by how familiar the menus looked. Essentially identical to another game we previously reviewed from the same developer in League of Evil. Thankfully the similarities end there as this is much more […]

Gravity Duck – PS4 Review

Most of the classic arcade shoot ’em ups have been ported time and time again to home systems over the last few decades. Certainly all of the classics such as Gradius, R-Type, 1942 and so on but also the elite examples of the genre (usually anything by Cave), they’ve been […]

VASARA Collection – PS4 Review

As point and click adventures go, there are very few that can live up to the heyday of the Lucasarts adventure legacy. Titles like Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis are all shining examples of how to do the genre right, while also being the benchmark […]

Bear With Me: The Complete Collection – PS4 review

A feature of VR that is a little underutilised is the ability for other people to join you in playing your game through the television, whilst you’re locked away in the headset. The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure is a movie tie in that allows you to do […]

The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure – PSVR ...

In typical Ratalaika fashion, Sagebrush took less time to download than it did for us to complete the purchase process. From Michigan-based Redact Games (aka Nate Berens), what we have here is a first person exploration into the macabre world of messianic suicide cults, like Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple or […]

Sagebrush – PS4 Review

The long summer games drought is nearly over but it’s still quite quiet and the weather has taken a turn so you may be looking for a game to soak up your weekends. Something like a Civilization game maybe, something like Age of Wonders: Planetfall which has just released on […]

Age of Wonders: Planetfall – PS4 Review

Another week, another Ratalaika release. This time from Brazilian boutique developer lightUP comes Super Wiloo Demake. At least we assume they’re Brazilian due to the Portuguese language choice having the Brazilian flag anyway. Super Wiloo Demake is a charming retro styled platformer with a baffling plot we’d struggle to get […]

Super Wiloo Demake – PS4 Review

I swear there was a point in the 90’s where Japanese game shows like Endurance got a lot of curious late night coverage. The last one to truly transition over here was probable Hole in the Wall. The premise was easy enough to grasp with contestants trying to fit themselves […]

Tetsumo Party – PS4 Review

They may not quite be billions but the undead threat that They Are Billions presents might be the best we’ve ever seen in any form of media.  Some might cite The Walking Dead (either as a comic or TV show), the Romero films (or the epic Dawn of the Dead remake from […]

They Are Billions – PS4 Review

Solo: Islands of the Heart is described by the developer as a puzzle game that explores the theme of love. This intrigued me, but what does it actually mean? The visuals are cutesy and yet it it rated 12 due to sexual content. Having now played through it twice let […]

Solo: Islands of the Heart – PS4 Review

From solo developer Matt Dombrowski by way of publisher tinyBuild comes retro-tinged roguelite Streets of Rogue. It wears its influences in open view by its title alone. It apes Sega’s classic Streets of Rage in terms of silly plot and setting, and it has more obviously, Rogue-like persistent settings. Oddly, less […]

Streets of Rogue – PS4 Review

This reviewer has their comfort zone, typically we go for quirky indie platformers or puzzle games that are best suited to short gameplay bursts. But occasionally it’s nice to push your boundaries and play something a bit different. To wit, FIA European Truck Racing Championship from developer N-1 Racing by […]

FIA European Truck Racing Championship – PS4 Review