We’re not one for end of year lists at PSC. They smack a bit too much of self-indulgence and struggling for copy in print media. In this case though, a long established multi-format UK print magazine tipped us off with a review of this. No doubt we’d likely have missed […]

Kine – PS4 Review

If there’s one thing I’ve got from the PS Talents programme is how experimental the games tend to be. They all carry this very European sensibility whilst all feeling not far off being student projects. The label helps manage expectations but there’s always some curiosity to see what can come […]

Aces of the Multiverse – PS4 Review

Shoot ’em up fans are well-catered for on Sony’s store and Iro Hero, a vertically scrolling shooter from Spanish devs Artax Games, is the latest addition to the genre.  It sets up the story with some screens that explain that humanity is being exploited by aliens who want to us as […]

Iro Hero – PS4 Review

As someone with an art background the assortment of art programs/games in the VR space have always interested me but I’ve never dabbled. ArtPulse dropped into the PlayStation Country inbox and it was my chance to see how these things work in the 3D space. Or so I thought. ArtPulse […]

ArtPulse – PSVR Review

Solo efforts are always fascinating. When predominantly one person is behind the creation of a game, you get a vision. Sometimes it says a lot, a little but it’s wholly theirs Strainium Immortaly is one such instance. Anthony Case has made a few roguelites now with distinctive art styles. It’s […]

Strainium Immortaly – PS4 Review

Cardpocalypse is brought to you by Irish developer Gambrinous and publisher Versus Evil. However, the setting is resolutely elementary school America despite the Gaelic connection. You’ll be reminded initially of Parker and Stone’s marionette farce Team America in the absurdly catchy theme tune. Bombastic and stylistically similar it’s only a […]

Cardpocalypse – PS4 Review

Neverwinter Nights is rightly lauded as a classic role-playing game and, until now, it’s never graced home consoles. Sometimes these PC efforts can find it hard to transition to a controller and the added obstacle of time itself can make these port sink, rather than swim. With Beamdog at the […]

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition – PS4 Review

After eighteen years the saga can continue – Shenmue III is here. I played both Shenmue and Shenmue II all those years ago and, having waited over half my life for a sequel, I backed the Kickstarter. Now you might think that this review is a little late to the […]

Shenmue III – PS4 Review

Before we get started, I feel that it is best to preface this review with a confession of sorts. While I am a lover of music, this being a passion that is second only to gaming, I must admit that my tastes have often leaned towards the nostalgic, with very […]

Avicii Invector – PS4 Review

Foxyland is the latest and greatest from Ratalaika Games. OK, that’s maybe pushing it a little bit  but it’s a return to what certain sections of their audience expect. The developer is Bug-Studio, who have previous form in recent run and gunner Deep Space Rush. Foxyland is a fun enough […]

Foxyland – PS4 Review

While Beat Saber continues to enjoy its considerable  success Harmonix, the granddaddies of the modern rhythm action genre, have put out Audica which shares a fair bit of a DNA with its lightsaber inspired peer but comes at it from a more hardcore aspect.  What does that all mean?  Well, […]

Audica – PSVR Review

From Kaigan Games by way of Wales Interactive comes Simulacra. Originally released a couple of years ago as an iOS game, Simulacra is a faithful port even down to how it is presented on PS4, though it’s not exactly pushing the envelope presentation-wise. Your view into the game world is […]

Simulacra – PS4 Review