If you’re going to put ‘Jet Set’ at the start of your game’s title, you’d better come correct given the proud history of that prefix (we’re thinking Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Willy) but here we are with Jet Set Knights, the latest Ratalaika release.  The game is a curious mix of hack and […]

Jet Set Knights – PS4 Review

Exp Parasite is not an RPG like the name might suggest. Although I couldn’t see it anywhere in the game apparently the ‘Exp’ is short for ‘Experimental’ rather than ‘Experience’ as you play as a parasite who can control mechanical objects and must do so to progress through ten challenging, […]

Exp Parasite – PS4 Review

From Chameleon Games comes Tamarin. First announced at Gamescom 2017 and created in part by Rare & Frontier alumni. Tamarin is a 3D platformer with third person shooter elements you see. The titular simian is a cute monkey. A bit like those plastic Monchichi dolls that were popular in the […]

Tamarin – PS4 Review

Spellbreak is the latest online-only battle royale contender to take on Fortnite and is out now on PSN as a free-to-play title.  It comes from Boston-based devs Proletariat Inc and is a cross-play title which allows you to continue your progress across the various formats (including the Nintendo Switch). The obvious comparison […]

Spellbreak – PS4 Gameplay

What an odd thing this is. With 2020 being what it is, you’d be forgiven for seeing a sports title skip a year. Sadly, contractual agreements being what they are, sometimes that’s not an option. With not a whole lot of fanfare, the imaginatively titled eFootball 2021 Season Update, arrives […]

eFootball PES 2021 Season Update – PS4 Review

You’d think by now that the template for console tennis games would’ve been fairly well defined. For every semi-realistic Virtua Tennis there’s been a Sega Superstars Tennis or Mario Tennis Aces to offset it. Unfortunately, in the case of Tennis World Tour 2 from dev Big Ant Studios by way […]

Tennis World Tour 2 – PS4 Review

I’m not a Warhammer 40,000 guy so I’ve always been stunned by how much that property entails. It’s been a very prolific license for developers and this time Rogue Factor are applying their tactical RPG experience to Necromunda: Underhive Wars. Boasting a lengthy, varied campaign with an emphasis on verticality, […]

Necromunda: Underhive Wars – PS4 Review

Tamiku is the latest Ratalaika title and is a familiar mix of retro visuals and gameplay and easy to achieve trophies.  It comes by way of Josyan Games, the solo developer who also brought us Zeroptian Invasion which was a very basic Space Invaders clone that did its best to feel like an […]

Tamiku – PS4 Review

Update: Since this review was first published, a patch dropped on 14th September which does improve the shooting.  It’s more reliable but I still feel it’s a bit finicky.  I’ve been having more success from outside the paint and the timing feels better.  I still don’t feel it’s where it needs […]

NBA 2K21 – PS4 Review

I’ve reviewed a few strategy games recently. Banner of the Maid was a more traditional strategy RPG whereas Spaceland had the strategy gameplay but although it had upgrades it was less reliant on RPG mechanics. Wintermoor Tactics Club falls into the same category as the latter. You control Alicia, a […]

Wintermoor Tactics Club – PS4 Review

From Belfast-based dev Level 91 and publisher PQube, comes Inertial Drift. A twin-stick driving game “set in a 90’s retro future.” So the future? Or the past? We’re confused. The influence of a particular manga / anime series with Japanese cars and drifting couldn’t be any clearer if we scrambled […]

Inertial Drift – PS4 Review

The visual novel deluge shows no signs of stopping although at least A Hero and a Garden is more of a clicker than a choose your own adventure. Coming from npckc, this knight’s story features some green thumb gardening and some charming life lessons. Simple in its approach, there’s a […]

A Hero and A Garden – PS4 Review