Pinkman++ is the latest offering from Finnish Platinum purveyors, Ratalaika Games and is a 2D platformer which comes from one-man dev team, Green Dinosaur Games.  The obvious inspiration, both in terms of gameplay and visuals, is Super Meat Boy and N+ but with the twist that the titular Pinkman has a jetpack which adds […]

Pinkman++ – PS5/PS4 Review

We reviewed Hunting Simulator 2 on PS4 a little while back and came away generally unimpressed. As a result, it was with no small level of trepidation that this reviewer revisited it on PS5. Does it warrant a re-release on the console of choice of the discerning scalper? Well, yes […]

Hunting Simulator 2 – PS5 Review

I really, really liked Slay the Spire. I’m not one for card games and I’ve only semi-recently come around to Rogue-likes but the challenge offered combined with the learning curve and depth really struck a chord. Neoverse is very similar in concept but has some nifty ideas of its own […]

Neoverse – PS4 Review

Collapsed is a post-apocalyptic 2D rogue-lite from Glaive Games.  It has you playing as a nameless protagonist (from a choice of four classes) and sees you running and gunning your way through randomly generated levels, facing off against various enemies and bosses and generally dying a lot. The thing with rogue-lites/likes […]

Collapsed – PS4 Review

Can’t Drive This is driving game but with a heavy emphasis on track construction and it comes by way of German coders, Pixel Maniacs.  It’s a co-op focused affair and entirely chaotic too. The idea is pretty simple.  As one of you drives, the other creates the track.  Both parts […]

Can’t Drive This – PS5 Review

As my last review involved dreaming, I might as well keep this existential train rolling. Coming from FFT Games, Into A Dream is a narratively-driven puzzle-platformer about a man’s depression. With some obvious cues from games like Limbo, this game manages to keep the gameplay fairly light whilst delivering some […]

Into a Dream – PS4 Review

The indies appear to have gone into overdrive this year and I certainly feel relieved when a smaller game comes to my attention. Dreaming Sarah is one such game that feels almost like a short experience rather than a traditional game. A puzzle-platformer from Asteristic Game Studios, this fairly slim […]

Dreaming Sarah – PS4 Review

While Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic can’t really be accused of being original, this single screen arcade dodge ’em up was a game that we were keen to review.  Sure, it’s another cheap and cheerful title from Eastasiasoft and is heavily anime flavoured (sorry, I just don’t get it) but it […]

Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic – PS4 Review

We took a look at the PS4 version of Monster Truck Championship back in October 2020 and Mike gave the game a solid 7 out of 10, praising its handling and variation while raising questions about how much actual content it delivered.  Well, now there’s a PS5 update from Polish coders […]

Monster Truck Championship – PS5 Review

From developer and publisher rBorn Games comes The Five Covens. Created by final year university students and promoted under the Spanish PlayStation Talents banner, this is from the 2020 Games Camp haul. First off, things don’t start too well as the default language is Spanish when you first load up […]

The Five Covens – PS4 Review

Blizzard (now Activision Blizzard) these days are best known for their time-stealing MMO World of Warcraft and the Diablo games but back in the 16-bit era their output was a little different.  The Blizzard Arcade Collection is a compilation of three of their earliest games which players may remember from their SNES or […]

Blizzard Arcade Collection – PS4 Review

Every now and then you come across a game where mechanically, there’s something on offer that feels different and fresh. Spooky Chase by QUByte Interactive and Burning Goat Studio, is one of those instances. From a combination of small Brazilian studios, this platformer looks to a neat idea and hangs […]

Spooky Chase – PS4 Review