Hindsight 20/20: The Wrath of the Raakshasa is a hack and slasher from Triple-I games, a studio founded by ex-Bioware and Sucker Punch devs.  With that kind of pedigree, you’ll be expecting something a little better than the usual indie tat that we’ve been subjected to recently on PSN and in […]

Hindsight 20/20: Wrath of the Raakshasa – PS5 Review

Project Zero (aka Fatal Frame) is one of the forgotten survival horror games. Coming a little after Resident Evil and Silent Hill there were three titles on the PS2 and then it kind of just disappeared. It didn’t actually cease to exist, with a Japan only title on Wii and […]

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water – PS5 Review

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 then. Coming to us from Dovetail Games, dev and publisher of the Train Simulator games, this is a competitive fishing game writ large as only America knows how. The back of a fag packet scribble for this is NASCAR and Sega Bass Fishing made a baby. Even […]

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 – PS5 Review

The first DLC for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 has arrived hot on the heels of the main game.  Vaas: Insanity follows everyone’s favourite Far Cry villain, Vaas Montenegro, as he takes a trip into his own psyche just after the game’s main protagonist, Jason Brody stabs him to death.  At that point, […]

Far Cry 6 – Vaas: Insanity

I can’t quite imagine living in a small rural setting. They always look kind of devoid of life and I tend to miss my home comforts. The Prince of Landis, developed by one-man team Lorestrome, is an adventure game with a small slice of that life. Landis feels like one […]

The Prince of Landis – PS5 Review

We reviewed Crysis Remastered  just over a year ago giving it a fair 8, so we were intrigued to receive Crysis Remastered Trilogy. We thought that it might be some kind of unified affair like the Master Chief Collection from those noisy neighbours in Redmond. But no, it turned out […]

Crysis Trilogy Remastered – PS4 Review

Gynoug continues Ratalaika Games recent trend of porting obscure old shoot ’em ups to modern systems.  As with their previous port, Gleylancer, this game is a horizontally-scrolling shoot ’em up that was first released in 1991 on the Sega Megadrive (American readers will know it better as Wings of Wor).  The game […]

Gynoug – PS5 Review

Sherlock Holmes has a long legacy of video games, some of which are fondly thought of. It’s a very suitable license for a video game, with a strong, already established character who is highly skilled at what he does. Putting him into the correct genre, like a point and click […]

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – PS5 Review

Backbone from Vancouver-based developer Egg Nut and publisher Raw Fury is, to use their own words, a  a pixel art cinematic adventure with stealth and action elements. That’s labouring the point a little bit perhaps as it’s more a walking and talking gumshoe-em-up. Think film noir scenes based on a […]

Backbone – PS5 Review

As I play for visual novels, I’m becoming well-versed in the genre tropes and what authors tend to favour. I think I’m through the fish out of water stage and well into these being about mystery and murder. Gosatsu Visual Novels have arrived with a Playstation 5 version of their […]

Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair – PS5 Review

Insomnis is a first-person horror-themed walking simulator and puzzle game that comes to us by way of Barcelona-based coders Path Games and is the latest product of Spain’s ‘PlayStation Talents’ indie games programme.  Despite its name sounding like a typo (try Googling it and see how much Google protests), we […]

Insomnis – PS4 Review

I think losing my memory might be the one part of getting older that would terrify me. Reminiscence in the Night comes from Team Soletude and plays on those fears. What follows is a very brief narrative that maybe doesn’t quite hit the right notes about losing grip of the […]

Reminiscence in the Night – PS5 Review