Just under eight months after the main game came out the second paid DLC has released for Darksiders III (read our original review here). Keepers of the Void introduces a puzzle heavy area of the game, providing new enemies, bosses, four new sub-weapons and the reward of a unique looking […]

Darksiders III – Keepers of the Void DLC – PS4 ...

Given that Sony’s track record of backing their own hardware side projects is sketchy at best (PSTV, anyone), we’re pleased to see that they’ve continued to support PSVR and we’re even more pleased that the games coming out for it are branching out of the usual turret shooters and horror […]

Sairento VR – PSVR Review

After Attack of the Toy Tanks by Petite Games by way of Ratalaika just over a week ago, comes Bouncy Bullets from the same developer, also published by Ratalaika Games. Perhaps next week we’ll get a game beginning with C? At any rate, what we have here is a 3D […]

Bouncy Bullets – PS4 Review

It only feels like five minutes since we were reviewing Snooker Nation Championship which was one of two snooker titles to come out in close succession earlier this year. While it lacked the licensed players and venues, we found it to be more fun than Snooker 19 but we did […]

Pool Nation – PS4 Review

PSN isn’t exactly short of 16-bit style shooters and so it can be hard to get too hyped about one but Blazing Chrome by Brazilian coding shop JoyMasher is one such game that has gained some attention recently thanks to a decent trailer and what appears to be a fairly authentic […]

Blazing Chrome – PS4 Review

New Star Games’ New Star Soccer was maybe the last iOS game that really hooked me in.  I spent the sort of time on it that when I uninstalled it, it was mainly to get my life back.  The follow up, New Star Manager, took some of the concepts of the original and […]

New Star Manager – PS4 Review

The 2019 Tour De France pushes off this coming Saturday July 6th in Brussels. Yes, we know that’s in Belgium. But anyway. As if on cue, we have a review for the tie-in videogame from Cyanide Studio by way of their parent publisher Big Ben Interactive. Our man Mike reviewed […]

Tour De France 2019 – PS4 Review

Sometimes a game comes along that is so simple in terms of execution of concept, it hardly needs any further explanation. From small developer Petite Games by way of publisher Ratalaika Games comes Attack of the Toy Tanks. The title alone says it all. You play a solo toy tank […]

Attack of the Toy Tanks – PS4 Review

Ratalaika Games are back again this week with Paradox Soul on PS4 and Vita. As usual that means a quick and easy platinum trophy for each system, but this time the genre is Metroidvania. A quick google search will find a browser version of this game to play for free, […]

Paradox Soul – PS4/Vita Review

Frogware’s output marks them as something of an adventure game specialist. Working almost exclusively with Sherlock Holmes titles, they’ve now swapped the deer stalker for some Eldritch tentacles. The Sinking City substitutes Victorian England for Massachusetts with some Lovecraftian horror thrown in. It’s well-trodden lore but what’s delivered is a […]

The Sinking City – PS4 Review

In a rare departure from their main publishing focus, doyennes of the hidden object game Artifex Mundi, bring us an inhouse production in Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka With Love. That being a point and click adventure in the grand tradition of classic genre staples such as Monkey Island, Grim Fandango […]

Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love – PS4 Review

In the realm of Kickstarter, it can often be hard to ascertain as to whether anything good has come from the service. It seems that every month there is talk of a game that originated on the crowd funding platform that is either being delayed into oblivion, being canned outright […]

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – PS4 Review