Now, this is a tricky one.  Thunderbolt Collection is another retro-collection from QuByte.  They previously brought us the Humans Collection and have now dug even further into the archives to pull out this collection of two little-known shoot ’em ups. What you get with this collection are Thunderbolt Fighting Plane and Thunderbolt II.  Now you’d […]

Thunderbolt Collection – PS4 Review

South of the Circle is, as its name might suggest, a narrative-led adventure set on Antarctica for the most part. Originally developed for Apple’s heavily moderated Arcade service by State of Play and published by 11 Bit Studios on consoles, South of the Circle is very much the well-crafted thing […]

South of the Circle – PS5 Review

Aniquilation is a twin-stick shooter from Colombian coders R-Next that offers over thirty levels of 3D shooting action with a similar viewpoint to Nano Assault and Super Stardust Ultra in that each level is a small sphere, essentially a mini-planet.   As you traverse the level, your ship appears to stay in place as […]

Aniquilation – PS5 Review

A few years ago I reviewed Sword and Fairy 6 for PlayStation Country. I still hold it up to this day as the most technically broken game I’ve reviewed, even though the game itself was fairly competent. You can read the review to get the details (though testing it on […]

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever – PS5 Review

Avenging Spirit was a 1991 action/platformer arcade title that was originally known as Phantasm to Japanese coin-op players.  Little known in the West at the time, we became aware of it thanks to MAME, the famous arcade emulator.  It was one of those hidden gems that looked great, had really interesting gameplay […]

Avenging Spirit – PS5 Review

There must be something in the water lately. Another lone developer effort has landed on my lap. This time around, Broken Mind is the game in question. Coming from 2Bad Games, this 5-year passion project has finally hit the Playstation 4. It’s a dark budget horror that, whilst it doesn’t […]

Broken Mind – PS4 Review

Train Valley is a puzzle game from Lithuanian developers Flazm Interactive and it takes all of the content from the original 2015 PC game and incorporates DLC content too.  It looks a little like a city-building strategy game with railway management elements but this has more in common with those […]

Train Valley: Console Edition – PS5 Review

Two Hundred Ways from Sunlight Games is the imaginatively named sequel to the XBox and PC only One Hundred Ways. That game had a hundred levels, so have a guess how many levels are in the sequel! This is something of a belated release on PS4, coming some months after […]

Two Hundred Ways – PS4 Review

With the democratising of games development, it’s nice to see more solo developers get off the ground. Wreck Tangle Games is a one-person studio that’s looking to mix bedtime stories with horror. The result is Quintus and the Absent Truth, a visually appealing title that does somewhat suffer from a […]

Quintus and the Absent Truth – PS5 Review

The developers of Hell Pie describe it as an obscene 3D platformer, so you can imagine the vibe they’re going for. It is a platformer with a heavy focus on collectibles, like the N64 games of the past rather than difficult platforming, combat or speed. It certainly has a unique […]

Hell Pie – PS5 Review

Ultra Mission is a top-down shoot ’em up from State-side indie studio, Gumbo Machine (which is mainly just Benjamin Hapferer who handles programming and graphics duties on this game).  On the face of it, this is a fairly unremarkable game.  We’ve seen plenty of top-down shooters on PSN (we seem to […]

Ultra Mission – PS5 Review

Formerly known, on Steam, as Chernobyl: Road of Death, the recently renamed Road of Death, is a twin-stick shoot ’em up game with survival elements.  It’s a Ratalaika joint, so enjoy your quick Platinum, and developed by Diedemor Studio. The post-nuclear setting means that you’ll be facing off against irradiated foes using […]

Road of Death – PS5 Review