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PlayStation Country Podcast is back in your life!  We’re back with MORE of the RAW. Our last podcast was back in August 2017 and so on this one we’re not only talking about the games we’ve reviewed recently but also our GOTY picks, nearly everything we played since the last […]

PlayStation Country Podcast – Series 2, Episode 1 (#51)

About a month ago we reviewed the Vita port of Papers, Please, a game where you work a seemingly simple job but are put in the uncomfortable position of carrying out the government’s orders even at the cost of what appear to be ordinary, innocent people. Beholder: Complete Edition feels […]

Beholder: Complete Edition – PS4 Review

Arc Systems and French Bread have been producing anime fighters for years and it was only a matter of time before Under Night In-Birth:Exe Late[st] was given a complete package for the Playstation 4. Whilst not boasting a new coat of paint, there’s hope this ambitious fighter can find new […]

Under Night In-Birth:Exe Late[st] – PS4 Review

Plox Neon is the second game on PSN, as far as we know, that takes the classic Qix gameplay and injects it with some neo-retro presentation and comes to us by way of Desert Owl Games.  If that doesn’t mean anything to you, Qix was an old arcade game that saw you cutting out […]

Plox Neon – PS4 Review

Will O’Neill’s uncompromising tale of depression, Actual Sunlight found critical success with a narrative that did not waver over some of the darkest of subject matter. Now he returns with a rather introspective and, dare I say, grim tale of the squeezed middle class. Originally released on Steam in July, […]

Little Red Lie – PS4 Review

Graceful Explosion Machine is a bi-directional 2D shooter that actually got released a few months ago and comes to us from Vertex Pop who previously dabbled with this genre with their game We Are Doomed and it offers 36 stages of score-chasing, multiplier-nursing shoot ‘em up action. There’s no real […]

Graceful Explosion Machine – PS4 Review

Shooty Fruity is yet another shooting gallery affair for the PSVR headset and usually that might be enough to send you to sleep immediately but this game is worth another look.  While, yes, it’s another PSVR game that has you pointing your two Move controllers at things and pulling the […]

Shooty Fruity – PSVR Review

Energy Invasion is a curious combination of two distinct arcade genres that previously haven’t shared gameplay space before and it comes to us by way of Evgeniy ‘Pinkerator’ Kolpakov, the Moscow-based developer who also brought us Energy Cycle and Energy Balance. On the face of it, the game looks like a Breakout clone (I prefer […]

Energy Invasion – PS4 Review

Aaero is a rhythm action game from two-man English dev crew Mad Fellows.  It was released elsewhere back in April but European gamers finally got the chance to pick it up earlier this month which led to it showing up on our radar and we’re glad it did. Like many […]

Aaero – PS4 Review

It’s not really fair to treat this one as a review as Rollercoaster Legends isn’t actually a game but rather a VR experience that offers you no actual control over what is happening.  It comes to us from VR specialists Warducks, whose last PSVR project was the thin but very enjoyable Sneaky Bears […]

Rollercoaster Legends – PSVR

A new VR experience has arrived on PSVR thanks to Bit Planet Games in the form of a flight sim. Ultrawings is a little more user friendly than that may sound but if you have Move controllers then you get to flick switches, press buttons and fondle your joystick. You […]

Ultrawings – PSVR Review

I’ve never been a Battlestar Galactica fan but games like Homeworld and the absolutely insane subterfuge of Eve Online make me green with envy over tactical space sims. Always nice to look at, I’ve rarely turned my hand at playing them. Slitherine’s Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock provides me with an introduction […]

Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock – PS4 Review