Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror is another outing for the hidden object game developers Artifex Mundi.  We’ve reviewed a few of these now and I generally enjoy them.  They offer a relaxing way to spend a few hours on light puzzles and a dramatic story.  I understand these wont be for everyone […]

Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror – PS4 Review

The humble top-down racer is a genre that gets revisited quite often these days and even the much-loved Micro Machines received a recent remastering this year (albeit not a very good one). For us though, Mantis Burn Racing represents the best modern example of this type of game and it […]

Mantis Burn Racing – Heavy Weapons DLC

Before I get into talking about 36 Fragments of Midnight go and make yourself a brew have a sit down, get comfy.  Chances are that if you had to walk to your kettle get the milk leave the tea bag to brew for a minute or two it has taken you around six […]

36 Fragments of Midnight – Vita Review

Whilst a vast swathe of modern indie games enjoy using the retro aesthetic of 8-bit pixel art, there are many other periods of retro gaming available.  Pankapu has action which harks back to the 90s platform games of old but manages to catapult the graphics into the present day. Pankapu is a story […]

Pankapu – PS4 Review

Rallying might be the most intense test of any driver outside of Le Mans and, with Kylotonn continuing to bring the World Rally Championship to our consoles, we can experience a small piece of that life from the comfort of our living room. Is the long-running series starting to show […]

WRC 7 – PS4 Review

Reviewing sports games can be a tricky business. Year on year, they arrive with you needing something a subtle focus, rather than looking for the big changes. Pro Evolution Soccer has felt like that for the last couple of years. Konami’s flagship football franchise has enjoyed critical, if not quite […]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 – PS4 Review

Indie games and roguelikes go hand in hand and you’re never too far away from another release.  NeverEnd is, as you may have guessed, an indie roguelike and what makes this stand out from the crowd is the fact the map is limitless, or if you prefer it is a […]

NeverEnd – Vita Review

Developed by Aist, DreamBreak seems to offer players a Flashback style adventure, with retro graphics, a dystopian future and conspiracy. What you actually get is an interesting but very flawed mishmash. You play as Eugene, a janitor who is dragged into a revolution against his will. This leads him through […]

DreamBreak – PS4 Review

Time Recoil is the latest joint for 10TonsLtd, a developer that we’ve been following for a while here and it follows the template set by one of their earlier games, Neon Chrome, which you might know as a recent PS+ freebie.  After cutting their teeth on basic physics puzzle/arcade games […]

Time Recoil – PS4 Review

A PC release in 2015, Planet of  the Eyes has seen a re-release on the Playstation 4. Wearing it’s inspiration like a second layer of skin, can this interesting, flawed platformer find enough of it’s own identity to distinguish itself? The comparisons with Playdead’s Limbo are more than skin deep. […]

Planet of the Eyes – PS4 Review

From developers Ovosonico comes a visually striking game which will take you on an emotional journey, asking the question what would you do to save the one you love? Last Day of June is a narrative puzzle game focusing on telling a story over any kind of fancy interaction or traditional gameplay. […]

Last Day of June – PS4 Review

Bleed was released over four years ago on the PC and now it has made its way to the PS4. It checks all the boxes for an indie game, but does its simplicity work in its favour? The world has shown its gratitude to its heroes with a Hall of […]

Bleed – PS4 Review