Codemasters upcoming arcade, team-based racer has had an open beta this weekend. I took the opportunity to check out what gets Onrush‘s motor running. Two modes were on offer for the Beta period. Overdrive acts like the main course with teams focusing on destruction to gather points. First to 10,000 […]

Onrush – PS4 Preview

Coming a couple of months after episode one, the second episode of Big Bad Wolf’s Gallic tinged historical adventure The Council is upon us. Hide and Seek carries on immediately after the events of The Mad Ones with your first task being to investigate the events that led to episode […]

The Council – Episode 2: Hide and Seek – PS4 ...

You have got to hand it to Sony. They seem to have happened on a formula for curating excellent exclusive games recently. Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn and Bloodborne could all be considered examples of once in a generation titles, games that elevate above others in terms of quality […]

God of War – PS4 Review

Racing games have been a dime a dozen for years and it must be hard for smaller efforts to stand out. We’ve seen indie efforts in the recent past go for something a little more leftfield and now Supergonk have taken to the tarmac with a fantastical racer with a […]

Trailblazers – PS4 Review

Making games is hard, there’s no doubt. What makes a game mediocre or an all time classic? What makes a game boring or impossible to put down? It’s that little bit of magic that must be so hard to program. Making a game run well must surely be the easy […]

Subaeria – PS4 Review

Following on from March’s Midnight Deluxe, Spanish coders Ratalaika Games are back with InkSplosion, a colourful twin-stick shooter that is available now as a cross-buy title for PS4 and the Vita. With no plot to worry about and not even a tutorial (a splash screen showing you the controls is available though), […]

InkSplosion – PS4/Vita Review

The scrolling beat ’em-up genre isn’t dead, but it’s far from the fan favourite that it was back in the 16-bit era. I reviewed Mother Russia Bleeds a while back, but between then and now we’ve reviewed plenty of similar titles, even another with Raging in the title very recently. […]

Raging Justice – PS4 Review

While I generally prefer games where I’m shooting things, there’s something nice about a chilled out game where you get to build things.  From Minecraft to Stardew Valley, those kind of games can be insanely popular and so Spanish dev team Chibig have decided to resurrect Deiland, a farming/survival game that first came […]

Deiland – PS4 Review

Forgotton Anne is an anime inspired puzzle platformer from Danish developer ThroughLine Games published under Square Enix’s Collective banner, development being significantly helped by the state-funded Danish Film Institute. You’ll be immediately struck by its beautiful graphical style as it brings to mind the artistic style of Studio Ghibli’s output, […]

Forgotton Anne – PS4 Review

Floor Plan from Turbo Button is a VR game that isn’t a shooting gallery. That’s probably enough to get you interested but also know that it’s only £5 and you never leave the elevator you start in. You can use two Move controllers or just the DualShock to play what […]

Floor Plan – PSVR Review

Death Road To Canada had us interested from the outset. Retro-styled, zombies and rogue-like mechanics? Sold!  The game is presented in a cute pixel art style which initially seems rather at odds with the subject matter at hand. After a while though it makes no odds and you’ll be cleaving undead […]

Death Road To Canada – PS4 Review

Spacejacked is an usual cross between a side-viewed run and gun shoot ’em up and a tower defence game that is out now as a cross-buy title for PS4 and the Vita and comes to us by way of Singapore-based indie coders Rotten Mage.  The game follows the exploits of […]

Spacejacked – PS4 Review