From London based indie duo, Ritual Games, comes Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior. Published by Rinsemeisters to HM The Queen, Ratalaika, it plays it fast with the trophies as per. The unlocking template is alarmingly close to another recent Ratalaika game we reviewed recently in fact. We’ll go into that […]

Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior – PS4 Review

As if the title didn’t give it away, Lapis X Labyrinth is a Japanese title and comes to us from Nippon Ichi Software who are regular purveyors of JRPGs and adventure games.  This one is a little different to the usual though as while it does the usual looting thing that […]

Lapis X Labyrinth – PS4 Review

Aping on the 8-bit aesthetic can feel old hat now but, expanded out to the third dimension, voxels still hold a cheeky appeal. Cococucumber are hoping Riverbond can hit similar nerves with a dungeon-crawling hack and slash looking to charm its way into Playstation 4 owners’ libraries. The voxel art […]

Riverbond – PS4 Review

If you’re a PS4 owner then you’ll be hard pushed to have not noticed the Yakuza games over the past couple of years. From remasters to new releases the entries have come thick and fast with multiple titles a year and they’ve been trickling onto the PC as well. Luckily […]

Judgment – PS4 Review

Not that you need to care about it but I’ve said before that Space Invaders is a game that I never liked but have liked many games inspired by it and that trend is continuing with Horizon Shift ’81, a clever take on the original that brings in elements of games such […]

Horizon Shift ’81 – PS4 Review

From Finland; land of bonkers racing drivers (Heikki), excellent goalkeepers (Antti), rugged central defenders (Sami) & salt liquorice (Salmiakki); comes Super Blood Hockey (Kiekko), clearly a labour of love from Oulu based solo developer Loren Lemcke. This port of a game originally released on has been carried out by […]

Super Blood Hockey – PS4 Review

Konami has been celebrating their 50th year recently with the release of Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, Castlevania Anniversary Collection and now we have Contra Anniversary Collection on PS4. I have some experience with the Contra series, primarily through the arcade releases on the Xbox 360, but I have a lot […]

Contra Anniversary Collection – PS4 Review

Another week, another Ratalaika release. For the most part, Neon Junctions by developer Nine Tentacles is a great experience.  Embracing the synthwave retro aesthetic so beloved of Far Cry: Blood Dragon et al, Neon Junctions is a great puzzle game with a simple concept well executed. My father-in-law nailed it […]

Neon Junctions – PS4 Review

There’s a wonderful sense of timing with Big Ant Studios’ latest cricket release. Cricket 19 arrives whilst the Cricket World Cup is well underway and ahead of this summer’s Ashes series. With potentially more eyes on the sport, this cricket sim might find more favour amongst fair-weather and die hard […]

Cricket 19 – PS4 Review

Super Cane Magic Zero is an action RPG which has come as the result of a successful crowd funding campaign. The game comes from the mind of Simone ‘Sio’ Albrigi, an Italian comic creator and YouTuber, in collaboration with Studio Evil. If you are not a fluent Italian speaker then […]

Super Cane Magic ZERO – PS4

I almost entirely missed the boat on the Castlevania series. Being stuck with the British microcomputers meant a wealth of console games went completely under my radar. It’s a good job emulation and the internet helped me cover the gaps but Konami have now opted to release the hefty Castlevania […]

Castlevania Anniversary Collection – PS4 Review

Super Tennis Blast is an arcade focused tennis game from Barcelona-based coders Unfinished Pixel and offers up the sort of gameplay this sub-genre of sports games had back in the ’90s.  Now back in the day Super Tennis on the SNES (no relation to this game) was our jam and many […]

Super Tennis Blast – PS4 Review