We reviewed Stellatum back in October 2019.  This mix of the vertical-scrolling and twin-stick shooting sub-genres was a stylish and addictive shoot ’em up which felt different to the usual arcade-inspired titles on PSN.  The developer, Sometimes You, went on to make I, AI a year later but now Stellatum is back sporting a […]

Stellatum – PS5 Review

Poison Control had us a bit baffled at the outset. At first, the sheer audiovisual bombardment and hyperactive radio hosts had us thinking we’d made an error of judgement in saying we’d review this, the latest from Nippon Ichi. Poison Control originally came out in Japan in June last year, […]

Poison Control – PS4 Review

From Honig Studios and published by HandyGames, we have El Hijo. In the dev’s own words, a stealth game. In this case in a spaghetti western setting in which the titular El Hijo finds himself in an orphanage. Only he’s not an orphan as his mother is still alive, so […]

El Hijo – PS4 Review

I’m back once again playing visual novel roulette and the latest bullet for me is C14 Dating by Winter Wolves. My previous knowledge of the dating simulator genre is fleeting but the slimmed down stat tracking and emphasis on friendship does make this more palatable to me. Set amid the […]

C-14 Dating – PS4 Review

Released on PC a couple of years ago to critical acclaim, Disco Elysium has now hit the PS5 (the focus of this review) and PS4 in a Final Cut version. This has added new voice lines, more dialogue choices and more items to collect but that won’t mean too much […]

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut – PS5/PS4 Review

We’ve probably all, at one point in our lives, dragged matchbox cars across the bedroom floor or the kitchen worktops. Letting our imagination place impossible jumps, hazards and courses that weave around tables and chairs. Games are no stranger to the concept but it’s been a while since a toy […]

Tinker Racers – PS4 Review

Outbuddies DX is an old-school Metroidvania-esque explorer/platformer/shooter from one-man developer Julian Laufer that tells the story of Nikolay Bernstein, a maritime archaeologist who unwittingly becomes trapped in Bahlam, an underwater fortress (not the South London town on the Northern Line) that was home to the Old Gods, but now harbours […]

Outbuddies DX – PS4 Review

From developer Sketchbook Games and publisher Modus, we have Lost Words: Beyond The Page. Notably, the narrative is penned by Rhianna Pratchett and sets the tone very well. As does great music by David Housden (previously of Thomas Was Alone). The key component here is an emotive voice performance from […]

Lost Words: Beyond The Page – PS4 Review

SturmFront is a top down, twin-stick shooter from German developers Andrade Games and while this genre is heavily represented on PSN, this game more so than many others feels like a direct homage to some of the ’80s arcade titles that popularised this style of game. You play as Siegfried […]

SturmFront: The Mutant War – PS4 Review

One Escape is the latest from Ratalaika Games by way of dev Bug Studio in which you have to, yes, escape. Playing as one of three accomplices who’ve robbed a bank, they find themselves in the slammer. This sets up twenty discrete levels for each of the three characters, Dook […]

One Escape – PS5 Review

There was a time at PlayStation Country where if a visual novel came in it meant that I, as the resident fan of niche Japanese games, had to do it. Basically I like JRPGs therefore I was the best set for visual novels. Thankfully that’s not necessarily the case any […]

Root Film – PS4 Review

Traditional adventure games have never quite settled for me. There’s quite a few that pay homage to the Lucas Arts template in terms of puzzles and humour which I find slightly off-putting. Cloak and Dagger Games’ Sumatra: Fate of Yandi firmly sits in an old school camp with some low-resolution […]

Sumatra: Fate of Yandi – PS4 Review