Expand is an odd game to describe.  The blurb in the PlayStation store explains how Expand offers an atmospheric experience of exploration, discovery and introspection and I suppose that is one way of describing it. Another way would be to say its an indie game where you navigate black and white circular […]

Expand – PS4 Review

Megaton Rainfall is a game that completely speaks to everything I want from a PS4 game and a PSVR one.   I played the arse off of quite a few of the Earth Defense Force games and I loved films like Shin Godzilla and Pacific Rim.  Big, stupid, ridiculous destruction is […]

Megaton Rainfall – PSVR/PS4 Review

As the fifth iteration of an arcade shoot ’em up series that dates back to 1990, Raiden V comes with something of a solid reputation to live up to.  The first four proper Raiden games (there are spin-offs) all started life in as coin-ops but the fifth was an Xbox […]

Raiden V: Director’s Cut – PS4 Review

ECHO is an enticing prospect, a sci-fi stealth game where you are pitted against an adaptive AI which learns from your actions.  Coming from developers Ultra Ultra who are made up from ex IO Interactive staff there are clear influences from the stealth action of the Hitman games.  I like a bit of […]

ECHO – PS4 Review

Chaos;Child is a new entry in the Science Adventure series of visual novels that fans of the genre may have experienced through the Steins;Gate games. It is actually a direct sequel to Chaos;Head but that has never been released outside of Japan. The events of that game are referenced but […]

Chaos;Child – PS4 Review

In my view low price indie games need to have a very clear idea behind them, something that can be easily summed up and executed.  Squareboy Vs Bullies: Arena Edition is a cheap and cheerful scrolling beat ‘em up in the same style as a Double Dragon or Streets of Rage and manages to do a […]

Squareboy Vs Bullies: Arena Edition – Vita Review

  I have said a lot about indie games that use retro aesthetics in the past. To save you going through the rest of my reviews on this site, the consensus from me is that there is little point to imposing limitations on yourself when the gaming world has moved […]

A Hole New World – PS4 Review

If you’ve ever wanted to be inside a Saturday morning cartoon, DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles has you covered.  This VR title puts you in the cockpit of Blue Lion, playing as Lance, its pilot.  Blue Lion is a fairly capable war machine in its own right but it also serves […]

DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles – PSVR Review

The PSC crew will be heading to sunny Manchester to check out the Play Expo this Sunday.  We’ve been going to these since before PlayStation Country was even a thing, mainly due to the massive selection of retro consoles and old school coin op arcade titles.  The Expo gave us […]

Play Expo Manchester 2017

Pinball FX 3 is Zen Studios latest foray into the world of pinball simulation, something they’ve been expertly doing for ten years now.  The first Pinball FX was a revelation, the best pinball game since the 16-bit era and it led to some furious leaderboard competition for me back on […]

Pinball FX 3 – PS4 Review

Save the Ninja Clan is a low priced release on the Vita and PS4 (but not cross buy). It promises a less sadistic Super Meat Boy style platformer and a couple of ways to approach the game. That’s a high bar to aim for but how close does it get? […]

Save the Ninja Clan – PS4 Review

Platformers with a cooperative slant aren’t new but can still provide ingenuity and compelling gameplay. The latest to try their hand at this is Thin Ice’s Twin Robots. Guiding two mechanical compatriots through a deathtrap laboratory, can this experiment prove a success? Your objective in Twin Robots is to escort […]

Twin Robots – PS4 Review