TruckerVR’s Verti-go Home (styled as VERTI-GO HOME! but we’re not doing that today) is a PSVR-only endless runner. Well, it might not be endless. The trophy set needs you to get to level 50 and this reviewer’s skillset has gotten us halfway to there before leaving us whimpering on the floor […]

Verti-Go Home – PSVR Review

It’s an odd thing to say, that in 2019 giving the fans what they want appears to be a taboo amongst publishers. We often encounter long running franchises that suffer from a need to reinvent, much to the chagrin of the people that hold the IP in high regard. Capcom […]

Devil May Cry 5 – PS4 Review

I sometimes find it difficult to know what tact to take when reviewing games that, thanks to releases on other systems, are poorly received. A first-person, rogue-like dungeon crawler, Crimson Keep is one of those games. With an open mind, I played, succeeded and failed and found out just why […]

Crimson Keep – PS4 Review

This is an odd review because we already reviewed MX vs ATV All Out last April and this new release from THQ Nordic is simply the base game but now including the three DLC packs – Slash’s Snake Pit, Ricky Carmichael Farm and Hometown MX Nationals – which all come out […]

MX vs ATV All Out: Anniversary Edition – PS4 Review

The Wizards came out on PC last year and has now arrived on PSVR in the form of an Enhanced Edition. Two Move controllers are needed as the mechanics required for casting spells are unique and the strongest part of the game. You play as a nameless wizard apprentice who […]

The Wizards – PSVR Review

From Fordesoft, which from the credits seems effectively like a one man team but with a bit of help here and there, comes Emerald Shores on PS4 (and cross buy with Vita and PS3). A platformer influenced by 8/16-bit classics but with added RPG elements sounds interesting but unfortunately it […]

Emerald Shores – PS4 Review

From the publisher beloved of trophy whores everywhere, Ratalaika Games, comes I and Me from small dev Wish Fang. Previously released on PC, this cute puzzle platformer has now made its way to PS4 and Vita. You control a pair of black cats who have synchronised movements, not unlike synchronised […]

I and Me – PS4 Review

For those of you who aren’t too keen on eating your greens, The Walking Vegetables might just be for you. It’s a twin-stick shooter that tasks you with juicing far more than your five a day using various guns and melee weapons. However, as the title suggests, these veggies aren’t […]

The Walking Vegetables – PS4 Review

Zen Software continue to support their excellent pinball hub, Pinball FX3, with yet more tables and this time they’ve made a quick dip back into the library of real world tables from Williams.  We rather liked their previous collection of Williams tables, praising the variation between them but lamenting the […]

Pinball FX3: Williams Pinball (Volume 2) – PS4 Review

From Serbian developer Brave Giant Studio comes Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past, the latest hidden object title from Polish publisher Artifex Mundi. We didn’t play the first Queen’s Quest though we do have previous with Artifex title My Brother Rabbit. Queen’s Quest 2 is a sumptuously illustrated animated […]

Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past – PS4 Review

Over the Moon brought us part one of The Fall in 2015 and, after a long, long wait, the second instalment has finally arrived. I’ve been anticipating this after part one delivered a tight, darkly comic exploration of Asimov’s three laws. The Fall Part 2: Unbound certainly looks to build upon […]

The Fall Part 2: Unbound

By all rights, Massira would be a game we’d rather not be reviewing given the subject matter, being as it is based on the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. Not exactly the most comfortable scenario for a game, though it could be worse. A game version of Trump’s Mexican Wall perhaps. Thankfully […]

Massira – PS4 Review