It’s not very often I review something that’s already had a consensus form. Iron Galaxy’s latest venture is one of those cases. A game whose quality is at odds with its price tag, just what does Extinction have to offer? First things first, Extinction‘s inspirations are worn proudly with Attack […]

Extinction – PS4 Review

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs is an unashamed love letter to the golden age of JRPGs, bringing to mind the Final Fantasy Tactics and Suikoden games to name a few, especially in terms of character and world design. After a successful crowdfunding campaign and an encouraging debut on Steam, Regalia […]

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs (Royal Edition) – PS4 Review

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PlayStation Country Podcast is back in your life!  Episode 59 is here.  You ready to hear about some games? This week’s games: Far Cry 5 Crisis on the Planet of the Apes Rogue Aces Operation Warcade Time Carnage Sir Eatsalot …and more!

PlayStation Country Podcast – Episode #59

It’s a turbulent time for gun politics. On the one hand you have those that would bemoan the idea of owning a firearm for obvious and valid reasons, down to the very nature of what weapons are designed to do. On the other, you have those that are devout and […]

The American Dream – PSVR Review

Trying to bring the nostalgia of the arcade onto PSVR, Ivanovich Games has released Operation Warcade. Upon starting the game you’re in a reasonably busy arcade. People are playing the surrounding games but you can only interact with what’s in front of you, a cabinet with an Uzi attached to […]

Operation Warcade – PSVR Review

Rogue Aces is a cheery little arcade shooter that comes to us from Infinite State Games who previously brought us the addictive as crack-flavoured Kit Kats dodge ’em up Don’t Die, Mr Robot and is, as the name suggests, an aeroplane-based affair. You play as a pilot in a time […]

Rogue Aces – PS4 Review

You don’t tend to see a lot of console real-time strategy, do you? Even when you do, controllers don’t seem to map nicely to keyboard and mouse so you wind up with something simplified and compromised. There have been rare success stories and Passtech Games are hoping Masters of Anima […]

Masters of Anima – PS4 Review

PSVR is still finding its feet a little and as it does a lot of the games on offer for the platform tend to fall into the wave shooter genre and Time Carnage by Welsh dev crew Wales Interactive is the latest.  This game is VR only and requires dual Move controllers […]

Time Carnage – PSVR Review

If there is anything that Epic Dumpster Bear: Dumpster Fire Redux proves, is that comedy is hard. You can already probably tell by the screenshots, but EDB is an incredibly rudimentary game that is designed around what appears to be store bought Unity assets, assembled into a Super Mario Bros […]

Epic Dumpster Bear: Dumpster Fire Redux

Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR is a new title for PSVR that lets you play the part of 139, an ape who’s been captured to be experimented on by those evil, evil humans. After a brief tutorial on how to use your two Move controllers you’re led […]

Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR – PSVR ...

Sir Eatsalot is a 2D platformer/adventure game that is out now exclusively on PS Vita and it features the titular knight as he battles the evil witch Hysterica who has poisoned the kingdom of Gluttington with sour lemonade.  As the name, and screenshots below, suggest, Eatsalot is on the chubby […]

Sir Eatsalot – Vita Review

There’s a moment early on in Far Cry 5 where you are tasked with climbing a tower before being told not worry, you won’t be climbing towers all over the place.  This is a cheeky acceptance that Ubisoft have been putting out very samey games for a while now.  Both within the Far […]

Far Cry 5 – PS4 Review