Check out our review for Iron Snout, a cheeky little beat ’em up by prolific platinum pushers Ratalaika Games.  And if you’re feeling like a super chap or lady, please consider clicking that Subscribe button on the channel to help motivate us to do more of these. Written review HERE. […]

Iron Snout – Video Review

Iron Snout is a beat ’em up from Lithuanian coders SnoutUp and they describe the game’s genre as “arcade wolf fighting” which is a fair assessment of what the game asks you to do.  It is published by Ratalaika Games and so comes in PS4 and Vita versions as you […]

Iron Snout – PS4/Vita Review

It’s not very often I get to review a sports game where the sport is completely new to me. Crossminton is perhaps better described by it’s alternative name: Speed Badminton. The racquet sport eliminates the net and uses a quicker shuttlecock called a speeder. The playing field is smaller with […]

eCrossminton – PS4 Review

Sword and Fairy 6 is a PS4 port of a nearly four year old PC game and I believe it is the first title in the series to make it to the West. It’s effectively a JRPG but it originates from China. The game plays how you expect but with […]

Sword and Fairy 6 – PS4 Review

We’re probably not required to tell you that Snooker 19 is a snooker simulation but it is and it comes to us from Leamington Spa-based indie studio Lab42 who have a mobile and porting based softography behind them but are now trying their hand and simulation of the relaxing sport […]

Snooker 19 – PS4 Review

“There are never enough hours in the day.” A phrase I seem to live by these days, as would most I would imagine. I’m sure that if you are reading this then you have likely uttered the phrase yourself. We have all had one of those jobs or tasks that […]

My Time At Portia – PS4 Review

Super Weekend Mode by London based solo developer Pixel Teriyaki is the latest from Ratalaika Games. It’s a retro styled pixel art shoot-em-up and fun with it, although in typical Ratalaika fashion the trophies are straightforward to unlock. A complete rinse with a mere thirty one minutes elapsing from our […]

Super Weekend Mode – PS4 Review

We said it last time but you don’t just review an EDF game lightly.  Sure there will always be some rushed ones that you can but these games reveal their true natures over time.  You need to live with these for a while and thankfully Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain‘s embargo […]

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain – PS4 Review

From Hampshire based developer Three Fields Entertainment, a mere seven-person core team, comes Dangerous Driving. TFE take great pride in having been the original developers who brought us the Burnout series as Criterion, their four releases to date (Dangerous Golf, Danger Zone and Danger Zone 2 plus Lethal VR) all […]

Dangerous Driving – PS4 Review

Were it not for the fact we had a word association with a well-known decongestant body rub going on, we’d probably have forgotten Vaporum’s name by the time we’d done typing this sentence. It gives no clue whatsoever to the game in hand, it being a steampunk dungeon crawler that […]

Vaporum – PS4 Review

From Software are back with another game in the Souls mould. Much like Bloodborne before it Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice makes some major changes to how the game plays whilst keeping the the atmosphere and exploration that makes the likes of Dark Souls 3 so popular. What are those changes […]

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – PS4 Review

Another week, another easy platinum from Ratalaika Games. Two in fact as they continue to support the Vita with new cross-buy title Daggerhood. The genre this time is tough platformer, though it does have an interesting gimmick at the centre of it all. You play as Vincent D. Daggerhood, a […]

Daggerhood – PS4 Review