I quite like the time based platformer genre. Super Meat Boy is the best example, but I’ve enjoyed Shio on the PS4 and 10 Second Ninja X is a good example of a game that isn’t just about platforming but disposing of enemies in a timely fashion too. Damsel has […]

Damsel – PS4 Review

Indie platformers are plentiful and it does seem a fair few chase a responsiveness and challenge that I’m not always up to. Two Parsecs from Earth is a rather more bitesize effort, coming from ABX Game Studios. Whilst it does have some interesting ideas about progression and a fairly focused […]

Two Parsecs from Earth – PS4 Review

Of all of the classic coin-ops, those legendary arcade games from the ’80s, one that doesn’t seem to get as much flattery, by way of imitation, is Scramble.  Konami’s 1981 shoot ’em up was pretty unassuming and is almost forty years old, so that’s to be expected we guess but DM […]

Terra Bomber – PS4 Review

Some remakes make lots of sense.  Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy 7 and current PlayStation Country favourite Kingdoms of Amalur all deserved a new lease of life in this generation but who here remembers Neighbours From Hell?  It was a 2003 puzzler that landed on PC, Gamecube and the original Xbox and came from […]

Neighbours Back From Hell – PS4 Review

Foregone is an action game with RPG elements, as well as Metroidvania leanings and is obviously influenced by the excellent Dead Cells. If you’re going to be influenced by something it might as well be one of the best but with it comes a tough comparison. So how does it […]

Foregone – PS4 Review

Every so often you’ll happen upon a TV series that you find intriguing. Occasionally you’ll plough a few hours into it at the outset, but then for whatever reason you abandon it altogether. For us, the mid-season break in series two of The Walking Dead did for us. We never […]

9 Monkeys of Shaolin – PS4 Review

This week’s Ratalaika joint comes by way of one-man dev Thinice Games and is quite the treat for puzzle game fans.  Cross•Krush (to give it its full, oddly-punctuated name) is a wholly original take on the genre and brings with it some good game mechanics and a heap of charm. […]

CrossKrush – PS4 Review

The Torchlight series has made a reasonable name for itself by offering its own budget take on the Diablo experience, growing while its inspiration does too.   We reviewed Torchlight II back in September of last year and while we appreciated its solid gameplay mechanics, it was just a bit too staid, offering nothing […]

Torchlight III – PS4 Review

Warsaw was released about a year ago on PC and has now arrived on PS4. It has quite a few similarities to the incredibly difficult Darkest Dungeon, but has some ideas of its own to make it more than a clone. Most obviously its setting. Warsaw is set in Poland, […]

Warsaw – PS4 Review

Cake Bash comes to us from Gateshead-based dev High Tea Frog and publisher Coatsink.  High Tea Frog is made up of ex-Ubisoft Reflections alumni who’ve worked on the likes of The Crew and The Division amongst others. So you might expect something of the same sensibility from this, their debut […]

Cake Bash – PS4 Review

Back in the day over on the other side, gamers looking for something cheap and experimental could pick up all manner of curios from Xbox Live Indie Games, a real showcase of homemade gaming.  Most of it was trash but there were gems and one of those was MotorHEAT, a game […]

Street Racer Underground

Monster Trucks look a lot of fun but I rarely see them make appearances in games these days. Teyon have answered the call with the unimaginatively titled Monster Truck Championship. Despite the dull name, what’s on offer is a tight bundle of fun that mixes tricks with raw racing.  Can […]

Monster Truck Championship – PS4 Review