Road Rage is, like the name suggests, attempting to recapture the magic of Road Rash. There’s been a couple of efforts to recreate it but they haven’t quite succeeded. Dutch indie outfit Team 6 are the latest to try their hand at revitalising a classic formula. Can this really be […]

Road Rage – PS4 Review

  You could pretty much see how this was going to go when both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces were announced under the same breath in 2016. We all know how well Mania did, a game that was made by fans for fans and launched to positive praise across the […]

Sonic Forces – PS4 Review

Originally released on the Xbox One way back in 2013 Max: The Curse of Brotherhood has made its way to PS4. A spiritual sequel to Max & the Magic Marker on the surface it looks like a platformer but really it’s all about the puzzles. For those who might remember […]

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – PS4 Review

In previous console generations publishers would have big releases aimed squarely at the kids market, most of them mainly film tie ins.  Without exception these were all terrible, couple this with the rise of smart phones and the kids market sort self imploded.  In many ways LEGO games are the […]

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 – PS4 Review

While EA have most of their eggs in the FIFA and Star Wars baskets, their Need for Speed series has always been a consistently popular title for them and so with roughly one game per year bearing the title, it was no surprise to see the series return again this […]

Need for Speed: Payback – PS4 Review

We loved Sky Force Anniversary.  It was a tight, addictive vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up that we praised for its well-designed levels and high levels of playability.  The downside was a lack of variation and a reliance on grinding earlier levels but despite that we couldn’t stop playing it until we […]

New Sky Force title incoming

I have to admit to having not played the original Demon Gaze. I have however reviewed multiple Experience Inc. developed RPGs on the Vita (here, here and here if you’re interested) so do have a decent frame of reference. Although in many ways it felt familiar I was surprised by […]

Demon Gaze II – PS4 Review

 I don’t really know where to begin with Ace of Seafood so I’ll just say if you’ve ever wanted to see a salmon shoot lasers this could be right up your street. Ace of Seafood is based in the oceans of the far future where, for some unknown reason, fish are now weaponised and […]

Ace of Seafood – PS4 Review

There’s something oddly appropriate about reviewing this around Armistice weekend. Call of Duty: WWII has decided to revisit its roots with a historical setting. Activision and Sledgehammer are hoping the nostalgia can tempt lapsed fans back to the ailing franchise. As one of those myself, I approached this with caution. […]

Call of Duty: WWII – PS4 Review

RPG’s brings to mind hundred hour epics with men in armour and women in corsets, with sprawling towns, movie quality cutscenes and plots that go on for hours.  Cat Quest has none of these, but it does have cats, lots of cats. It would be easy to write Cat Quest off as a joke, […]

Cat Quest – PS4 Review

Somewhere some time ago the world lost its way.  Not just in gaming but generally.  A quick scroll through Twitter will show you that.  People think things that don’t matter are super important and shit that does matter isn’t.  Things that are obviously terrible are lauded because this horrible hipster […]

My Name is Mayo – PS4 Review

Sometimes it feels like ever week there is another pixel art game released and on the face of it The Count Lucanor looks like just another standard release.  To dismiss it purely on this point would be to miss a very interesting and mostly unique experience which will teach you to never […]

The Count Lucanor – PS4 Review