Other than being a gag on From Software’s masochist-em-up series, Duck Souls+ is yet another Rata release. This time developed by Green Dinosaur Games AKA Brazilian chap Mateus Sales.  As is by now typical you can go with the Ratalaika checklist: PS4/Vita crossbuy, lo-fi  platformer, trophies thrown at you like […]

Duck Souls+ – PS4 Review

From Finnish developer Snowhound via publisher 1C Entertainment we have Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition. Originally released on PC in September 2018, DSD has made the leap to current gen consoles with this Definitive Edition. This comprises the original game along with both sets of DLC in its entirety. What […]

Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition – PS4 Review

From Rainy Frog aka Martin Magni, comes Mekorama released by Ratalaika. Subsequently you get PS4 and Vita ports into the bargain. If we were in the business of elevator pitches, we’d go with a small but perfectly formed puzzle platformer. Mekorama is very relaxing and would be the perfect game […]

Mekorama – PS4 Review

Jedi Academy is a straight forward port of the 2003 sequel to Jedi Outcast.  We reviewed that game’s port last year and gave it a respectable 7 out of 10 but were always bigger fans of Jedi Academy and so we were looking forward to this release, even if the almost twenty year […]

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy – PS4 Review

Interactive movies are such a tricky genre to review. On the one hand, you’re trying to judge it as interactive media and, on the other, you’re trying to judge it as a film. Often they feel like clumsy compromises where the acting and story don’t hold much weight whilst the […]

The Complex – PS4 Review

This is not the review I was expecting to write when I saw the cover art for Freedom Finger, a side-scrolling shoot ’em up from Wide Right Interactive, and specifically the mind of Jim Dirschberger.  The cover art at first glance was pretty simplistic, something we’re used to seeing from indie […]

Freedom Finger – PS4 Review

Zen Studios, probably most famous for their pinball games, have moved out of their comfort zone with Operencia: The Stolen Sun. It was released on Epic Games Store and Xbox One last year but has now made it to PS4. They’ve dabbled in other genres in the past but how […]

Operencia: The Stolen Sun – PS4 Review

From French Canadian dev Paper Cult comes assuredly not family friendly action brawler Bloodroots. So much so, that this reviewer was unable to play it with his kid present. You see, Bloodroots is gory. You don’t so much as kill your enemies as wholly eviscerate them. Where an enemy once […]

Bloodroots – PS4 Review

Initially we were a little confused when Ubisoft sent us their 2016 release UNO for review. Thankfully it transpired what we actually had was Uno Ultimate Edition featuring all the DLC to date. That being the winter theme, Rayman and Just Dance 2017 rulesets and new in January, the UNO […]

UNO Ultimate Edition – PS4 Review

There’s something going on with the shoot ’em up genre at the moment.  We’ve recently reviewed Project Starship and Red Death.  Two vertically scrolling shoot ’em ups with ‘interesting’ visual styles and the longevity of a mayfly.  Well, now we’ve got Rainbows, Toilets and Unicorns which shares those traits. So, yes, it’s a vertically-scrolling […]

Rainbows, Toilets and Unicorns – PS4 Review

There’s an unknown quality to space that media loves to plunder and explore. H.P. Lovecraft’s work is an obvious example of this and Moons of Madness looks to take heavy inspiration from the Victorian horror writer. Now, forgive me if I’m a little worn out by the relatively recent influx […]

Moons of Madness – PS4 Review

Being a PlayStation site, there is an air of blasphemy that comes from mentioning a rival platform on here. But, while I spent a good portion of my youth nailing manuals in THPS or enjoying the pre rendered locales of Raccoon city on my PS1, first and foremost my main […]

Doom 64 – PS4 Review