Knightin’+ is another retro-themed indie effort from the ever-prolific peeps over at Ratalaika Games, the publisher best known for singlehandedly keeping the Vita alive while also throwing around cheap platinum trophies like confetti.  They’ve explored so many genres (mainly because their MO seems to be to publish pretty much anything that […]

Knightin’+ – PS4 Review

After a short stop on the PC Spaceland has arrived on PS4. At first glance it looks like an XCOM clone but in reality it’s more of a puzzle game with familiar strategy mechanics. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but what does it take from the formula, what does […]

Spaceland – PS4 Review

Reed Remastered is, as the name may suggest, a remaster by Oleg Kosovtsov AKA PXLink of a mobile game featuring the titular Reed. Coming to consoles as it does from Ratalaika, you’d be forgiven for writing it off on that basis alone. Instead what you have in the case of […]

Reed Remastered – PS4 Review

Modern takes on retro are nothing new. The sheer amount of nostalgia baiting games these days is almost dizzying with hundreds of indie developers all vying to recreate the long, long ago of the 8 and 16-bit eras. As we know, there are more mediocre games than there are standouts […]

Valfaris – PS4 Review

Darksiders Genesis came out on PC (and Stadia, yeesh) towards the end of last year but we’ve not had too long to wait as now it’s on PS4. It’s had a slight change to the gameplay from the main series and it’s the first time we get to play as […]

Darksiders Genesis – PS4 Review

Project Starship is a cheap and cheerful vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up by Panda Indie Studio and it is available now on PSN.  It’s a game that gets a lot right but also a few things wrong. The premise of the game is pretty simple, you pick from one of two playable […]

Project Starship – PS4 Review

Sometimes, I feel that when reviewing a game that there is not an awful lot to say about it. Very rarely is this actually the case, but when it comes to games from Ratalaika, all bets are off. They are of course, the pioneers of mini, throwaway experiences that demand […]

Zero Zero Zero Zero – PS4/Vita Review

When an unknown game comes into us here at PSC, this reviewer likes to check out a gameplay trailer beforehand to see if it’s our thing. In the case of Pandaball – Welcome to Pamuria our initial impression was FIFA Street with pandas. Our esteemed editor Richie & myself like […]

Pandaball : Welcome to Pamuria – PS4 Review

Sisters Royale is a vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up in the classic arcade style and it comes from Japanese coders Alfa System, their first shoot ’em up since 2005’s Castle of Shikigami 3.  That means you can be sure of two things.  Firstly, it’s going to be a pretty competent shoot ’em up […]

Sisters Royale – PS4 Review

There’s something about classic survival horror that really appeals to me. I think it’s the routines you build around enemy placements, ammo and inventory management and the daft puzzles that culminate to produce something compelling. Brok3nsite clearly have an appreciation for the genre and Dawn of Fear is their attempt […]

Dawn of Fear – PS4 Review

We knew as soon as we saw a gameplay trailer for Milo’s Quest that it was the work of lightUP AKA Juliano Lima. Very graphically similar to his previous games Wiloo and Box Land, Milo drops the Super and Demake prefix and suffix. For illustrative purposes, Super Milo’s Quest Demake […]

Milo’s Quest – PS4 Review

It Came From Space and Ate Our Brains is a top down, twin stick shooter from Polish developers All In! Games.  As you can probably guess, it has you facing off against hordes of aliens during an invasion of Earth. You, and up to three other players if you play in […]

It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains – PS4 ...