Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story is a new RPG/management game for PS4. You’re the new principal at a school for wannabe heroes and you’re in charge of everything from building upgrades, equipment crafting, which missions to attend to, what classes the students become and who graduates. You get to name […]

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story – PS4 Review

The long and storied Fire Pro Wrestling series has had a slow time making it to the west. There’s been recent attempts to bring it across but Fire Pro Wrestling World looks to finally bring this esteemed grappler to the masses. Timing seems right with WWE games waning in popularity […]

Fire Pro Wrestling World – PS4 Review

Still reeling from Episode 3’s revelations, we found ourselves knocked on our backs by the twists and tribulations The Council Episode 4 threw at us. Burning Bridges takes what we thought were the paranoid rantings of a madman and runs with them emphatically. We’d tell you what they amounted to […]

The Council Episode 4: Burning Bridges – PS4 Review

The Council’s third episode, Ripples, was released in July and so we’re a tad late but with the fourth episode just landing, we’re doubling up.  After episode two (Hide and Seek) we’re happy to report Ripples is definitely a return to form after the previous instalment. As opposed to episode 2’s […]

The Council Episode 3: Ripples – PS4 Review

Letting you guys behind the curtain, if you ever end up running a review site like this the trick is to find a few writers with different tastes. We’ve got Mike who mainly covers driving games and survival horror. Gareth does ultra hard platforming games, J-RPGs and visual novels (thank […]

Dark Eclipse – PSVR Review

Real time strategy games on console don’t tend to come around too often and, when they do, they have to battle against a control scheme so different to a mouse and keyboard. Petroglyth Games are the latest to try and bring a PC title across to the big black boxes […]

8-Bit Armies – PS4 Review

Three years ago, on this very website, I reviewed a game called Bombing Busters. This was a game that wore its heart on its sleeve and was almost identical in premise to its inspiration in Bomberman. The key factor at the time however, that despite the many flaws that Bombing […]

Splody – PS4 Review

It’s been over eight years since the last Mega Man game. The Blue Bomber saw a slight resurgence during the PS3/360 era and the NES styled Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 launched under three years apart. I loved Mega Man 9 but 10 came a bit too soon […]

Mega Man 11 – PS4 Review

The Dakar Rally is, along with the Isle of Man TT, one of the last motorsport challenges I see coming from a by-gone era. It’s probably the greatest test of endurance within rallying and Bigmoon Entertainment have decided to represent the challenge. Not many companies take up the opportunity with […]

Dakar 18 – PS4 Review

Originally a Kickstarted project for PC, Hover has arrived on PS4 and promises an open world, free running game inspired by the likes of Jet Set Radio and Mirror’s Edge. Looking at the screenshots you can probably tell which influence is stronger, but can the developers at Fusty Game turn […]

Hover – PS4 Review

So Rich hands me this game thinking it’s a horror game and I gladly take it on board. Candleman is not a horror game. It’s a wonderful tale from Spotlightor about a walking, living candle and his quest for a new purpose in life. Run for your lives. A platforming […]

Candleman – PS4 Review

Jack N’ Jill DX is a 2D platformer from solo developer Rohan Narang and is a console port of his 2013 mobile game. It comes to us from Ratalaika Games and as ever the Finnish publishers have stuck to their usual formula of making this a cross-buy title with two […]

Jack N’ Jill DX – PS4/Vita Review