Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is an XCOM style, turn based strategy game on PS4. It’s based on the Netflix series Narcos and lets you play as either the DEA trying to stop the drug lords or the Narcos trying to run your business. I’ve only watched one episode of […]

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels – PS4 Review

Roguelites are a tough genre for me to get into. The random nature of them can sometimes make me struggle to find a foothold whilst the permanence they do offer sometimes tends to fall short. Sparklite, from Red Blue Games offers a cutesy, retro aesthetic with a more accessible blend […]

Sparklite – PS4 Review

In the early days of PSVR we reviewed VR Ping Pong. Although I didn’t personally review it I did play it and it was an enjoyable enough approximation of table tennis which lacked content, variety in visuals and the AI was too hard for its own good. Here we have […]

VR Ping Pong Pro – PSVR Review

We rather enjoyed Need For Speed Payback, which apparently is a controversial opinion because everyone else didn’t enjoy Ghost Games’ last outing, but hardcore fans of the series can rejoice because Need For Speed Heat is a throwback to the series high points of Underground and Underground 2 which means that the […]

Need For Speed Heat – PS4 Review

From Polish dev Varsav Games comes Bee Simulator,  published by BigBen. However the title  is something of a misnomer. Sure, you go around collecting pollen and exploring a simulacrum of Central Park. But for most part Bee Simulator is broken down into a series of disparate minigames. There’s a story […]

Bee Simulator – PS4 Review

Football Game, despite what its name might suggest, doesn’t have much to do with either round or oval shaped variants. The titular football game is your ultimate goal anyway. Football Game is a one-shot story released by Ratalaika, so barring a couple of missable trophies you’ll be done within an […]

Football Game – PS4 Review

We’re a little late to the Ghost Recon Breakpoint party but we’re here with our review of Ubisoft’s latest open-world ’em up and we do have a long history with this series that we owe, in some part, to this website even existing (thanks to the peerless Xbox 360 titles […]

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – PS4 Review

From Valencia-based two man indie Eskema Games by way of Ratalaika comes Delta Squad. They have previous form in terms of FullBlast, also released  by Ratalaika.  Unlike that game from last year, Delta Squad is a PS4 only joint. It’s a top-down twin stick shooter with four player local multiplayer […]

Delta Squad – PS4 Review

We’re big fans of ’80s action movies here at PlayStation Country and clearly so are Romanian coders Killhouse Games because Door Kickers: Action Squad is very much a love letter to the classic Arnie/Willis/Stallone films of that era as this game mixes tried and tested retro presentation with scenarios that feel […]

Door Kickers: Action Squad – PS4 Review

There’s been plenty of stories involving science going too far and Storm in a Tea Cup’s Close to the Sun attempts to add their own spin on a common narrative. I do love a walking simulator and the initial trailers showcasing an art deco style had me intrigued from the […]

Close to the Sun – PS4 Review

Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Editions have been released as a pack on the PS4. If you’ve never heard of Baldur’s Gate then you’re probably just about young enough to still have hope in your life. They were a big deal in the world of CRPGs when they […]

Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Editions – PS4 ...

Street Outlaws: The List is a show on the Discovery Channel apparently. Not that we’d ever heard of it prior to this game. From what we can gather, never having watched it, it’s a hotrod car modding kinda thing. Sorta like Wheeler Dealers crossed with Duck Dynasty if we had […]

Street Outlaws: The List – PS4 Review