Cake Invaders is a shoot ’em up from Japanese devs Zoo Corporation that plays out like a modern version of the old Atari classic Missile Command.  It’s published by Eastasiasoft who are known for their prolific Ratalaika-style, easy double-Platinum ports and is a port of the PC version that came out […]

Cake Invaders – PS5 Review

Demoniaca: Everlasting Night is the latest title from budget kings EastAsiaSoft.  A port of the 2019 PC game, Demoniaca is a gothic metroidvania that combines a dark aesthetic with an unusually complex fighting system.  The overall effect being a mix of Dead Cells and King of Fighters. The story is a tale of vengeance.  […]

Demoniaca: Everlasting Night – PS5 Review

I do sometimes quiver in fear whenever a visual novel comes my way. Thankfully, Eternal Radiance is perhaps more JRPG than visual novel with a focus seemingly split between the two. Visualnoveler successfully kickstarted a PC release in 2020 and they’ve billed it as an action RPG first and foremost. […]

Eternal Radiance – PS4 Review

The strategy RPG is a genre that is pretty much being kept alive by indies these days. Nintendo have their Fire Emblem series but that is very much an outlier, then there is Disgaea which is its own weird thing, the other big hitters of the past have vanished from […]

Reverie Knights Tactics – PS4 Review

Cannibal Cuisine is a co-op party game from Belgian-based developer/publisher Rocket Vulture.  The game allows 1-4 players to work together and it won’t take too much work to figure out that the game is something of an Overcooked clone. For the uninitiated, Overcooked was also a co-op party game where the aim of […]

Cannibal Cuisine – PS5 Review

We’ve been championing 10TonsLtd for a long time now.  The Finnish developer/publisher has put out some of our favourite rogue-lites, namely Jydge, Tesla vs. Lovecraft and Neonchrome.  And now it’s time for Dysmantle, a game that eschews the whole rogue thing and is instead described, somewhat incorrectly, as an open-world RPG.  Quick how […]

Dysmantle – PS5 Review

Pagan: Control is the second DLC for Far Cry 6 and this time another series antagonist is featured, namely Pagan Min, the tyrannical king of Far Cry 4′s fictional Himalayan country Kyrat. As with the previous DLC, Insanity, you find yourself playing as the bad guy as part of their own delusion so here you’ll […]

Far Cry 6 – Pagan: Control – PS5 Review

The mid-90s were a crazy time. This was the time when the Sega Saturn and the PlayStation were cutting their teeth, pioneering the concept of 3D gameplay for the first time. Of all the retro eras, this is the one that tends to get overlooked when it comes to the […]

Breakneck City – PS5/PS4 Review

From Argentinian developer Round 2 Games and publisher Top Hat Studios comes Guardian of Lore. Very much a Latin-American flavoured game in which you’re the titular guardian who is the protector of an ancient library containing all manner of legendary tomes, the names of some of which may be familiar […]

Guardian of Lore – PS5 Review

If there’s one genre I tend to tiptoe around, it’s tactical turn-based RPGs. I’ve never really found one I’ve enjoyed and I do struggle to find a foothold in them. Hopefully that will change with Battle Brothers. Coming from Overhype Studios, this has had a fairly positive reception on PC. […]

Battle Brothers – PS4 Review

Risk System is a 2D horizontally-scrolling shoot ’em up that comes to us from Wisconsin-based coders, Newt Industries and is a port of the original PC release which came out in 2019. You play as Alys, a pilot who has to take on a race of energy parasites that have […]

Risk System – PS4 Review

It’s always odd for me to be introduced to a long-running series I know nothing about. Games come out in all shapes and sizes but finding out FM Studio’s output does make me realise my knowledge of available games is a drop in the ocean. The two-person studio have been […]

Forgotten Hill Disillusion – PS5 Review