Deadcore is a game about getting to the top of a tower in the quickest time possible, and is a speed runners dream.  Full of gravity defying leaps, split second choices and with a need for lightening reflexes this isn’t a game for the faint of heart.  Originally released on the […]

Deadcore – PS4 Review

It’s so difficult to be enthusiastic about another twin-stick shooter, especially one that marries the two indie gaming cliches of ‘roguelike mechanics’ and ’16-bit graphics’ together but Iron Crypticle is here and offers up yet another helping of this now overpopulated sub-genre. You know the score by now. You (and […]

Iron Crypticle – PS4 Review

I’ve never really bought into the whole Pixar thing. Computer animation always feels too cold and clinical to me and anyway all these films have the same plot and I’m not ten years old. The games are usually good for an easy trophy/achievement set and not much more. So when […]

Cars 3: Driven to Win – PS4 Review

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PlayStation Country Podcast is back in your life!  Episode 47 is here and we talk about this week’s releases. This week’s games: Speedrunners Island Flight Simulator Serial Cleaner Iron Crypticle Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age  

PlayStation Country Podcast – Episode #47

While the likes of Mario and Zelda get all the plaudits, the best game on the SNES was Pilotwings. Flying around that beautiful green island was a joy and so we were pretty keen to try out Island Flight Simulator, which definitely has some parallels to the 16-bit classic flight […]

Island Flight Simulator – PS4 Review

From iFun4all, Serial Cleaner has just released for the PS4 and casts you as the guy that cleans up after a murder scene. Not legally, we’re talking the “Yo I just killed, come clean it up and get rid of the evidence and I’ll pay you” kind of cleaning. The […]

Serial Cleaner – PS4 Review

There was a time when the phrase indie game would immediately bring to mind Limbo  and as a result there was a rash of similar 2D puzzle platformers. Nowadays though what is more immediately brought to mind are pixel art looking rogue likes. It therefore  feels oddly refreshing, in a throwback […]

Toby: The Secret Mine – PS4 Review

Speedrunners is a new release on PS4 from DoubleDutch Games and allows you to put your platforming skills to the test against other players. If you’ve enjoyed Super Meat Boy or N+ at any point then you’ll feel right at home here. This is strictly a competitive game. You do […]

Speedrunners – PS4 Review

It seems that not a week goes by that we do not end up talking about a new independently developed Rogue-like action game. Once an underutilised genre, The Rogue-like has gone from strength to strength, cosying with many different genres in the process. For today’s indie Rogue botherer we have […]

Cryptark – PS4 Review

I had to try one of these sooner or later. Neopica are bringing the niche hunting genre to current consoles with Hunting Simulator. Can a newcomer like me enjoy what is, on the face of it, a representation of a slow, methodical practice? The tutorial spills the beans on the […]

Hunting Simulator – PS4 Review

Valkyria Revolution is a follow up to Valkyria Chronicles, the warmly received turn based strategy game based around a pseudo World War 2. Despite carrying the same name however, Valkyria Revolution is no direct sequel and changes pretty much everything which made the first game great. This is a bold decision and one which isn’t […]

Valkyria Revolution – PS4 Review

Most commonly known for their Hyperdimension Neptunia games, Idea Factory and Compile Heart have released Dark Rose Valkyrie which is still a JRPG but is a slight deviation from the norm. With the aid of some Tales of key staff they’ve tried to create a more mature game although there […]

Dark Rose Valkyrie – PS4 Review