Until 2017’s F2P mobile abomination, Animal Crossing had always been a strictly Nintendo console joint. Debuting on the N64 as Dobutsu no Mori, it made the leap to western shores with a fantastic port for the Gamecube. Various versions have come and gone, piling on the gimmicks as they go, […]

Castaway Paradise – PS4 Review

Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings from Blindflug Studios has proven to be a difficult game to review. We were flying blind if you like. On the one hand, it’s a tranquil place to fly around and catch fish (yes, we know) and on the other it’s a twin-stick shooter with […]

Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings – PS4 Review

As party games go, Overcooked ranks among the best. The original came out as an unknown quantity from fledgling developer Ghost Town Games. The title placed up to four players into a bustling kitchen environment and tasked them with chopping, cooking and serving delicious dishes within a short time frame […]

Overcooked 2 – PS4 Review

You may or may not have heard of Dead Cells. Yes, it’s only just been released but it’s been in Early Access on PC for quite some time and even in its pre-release state it was making a name for itself. Yes, it’s a rogue-lite. Yes it has a pixelated […]

Dead Cells – PS4 Review

Survios have shown a lot of support to PSVR with Raw Data and Sprint Vector, games that have shown a willingness from the California devs to play with different genres. Electronauts  keeps the tradition going and is entirely different to what they’ve produced before and, one example aside, is pretty different to everything else that’s out […]

Electronauts – PSVR Review

You have got to hand it to Team 17. They have been doing some great work of championing smaller projects from fledgling development teams, introducing the world to compact and excellent experiences such as Overcooked, Yoku’s Island Express and The Escapists. It seems only wise to continue this hot streak […]

Mugsters – PS4 Review

The third and final chapter of The Banner Saga has been released, allowing those who have taken up the journey in the first two games to finish the story. If you haven’t then, although you can start with this third release and there is a recap on the menu, I […]

The Banner Saga 3 – PS4 Review

I spent a lot of time on trains as a kid and, for that reason, I’ve got a fondness for that mode of travel. Tearing through the countryside or hurtling underground is quite a nice way to roll. Whilst I never really pondered getting behind the controls, games like Railfan […]

Train Sim World – PS4 Review

Every so often, we get sent a game that we’ve never heard of. In the case of games like Guts and Glory this particular reviewer does a quick web search. On the strength of the few images, we’ll sometimes take a punt on an outlier like Guts and Glory. Sometimes […]

Guts and Glory – PS4 Review

Of the myriad of shoot ’em ups to grace PSN over the last few years, the original Aces of the Luftwaffe was in our bottom three. That was due to it being very obviously a mobile phone game with autofiring and a hell of a lot of grinding. It was […]

Aces of the Luftwaffe: Squadron – PS4 Review

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It’s  a bumper podcast because we’ve been away and there’s a load of games to talk about. This week’s games: No Man’s Sky NEXT Tempest 4000 Kona VR Lumines Remastered Red Faction: Guerilla Re-Mars-tered Runbow 20XX Super Destronaut DX Dead Cells Mothergunship Race Arcade

PlayStation Country Podcast – Episode #63

If you’ve followed the illustrious career of Jeff Minter, you’ll know what to expect from any game that the veteran coder releases and Tempest 4000 is exactly that. The original Tempest was a 1981 arcade shoot ’em up which placed you on the rim of a cylinder. You could circle […]

Tempest 4000 – PS4 Review