From Tessera Studios comes a new VR compatible, but not VR exclusive, sneak-em-up. Intruders: Hide and Seek offers a great premise, managing to make you feel rather helpless and vulnerable, but how does the whole package come together? You play as Ben, a thirteen year old boy, who has travelled […]

Intruders: Hide and Seek – PS4 Review

While it’s a very basic style of game to make, there are a couple of half-decent anagram-based puzzle games out there.   Letter Quest and Spellspire were very similar games that saw you doing battle in an RPG-style world using jumbled up letters to create longer words than your opponents in […]

Mixups by POWGI – PS4/Vita Review

Anyone’s Diary is a PSVR title that comes to us from the interestingly named Spanish developers ‘World Domination Project’ and was first seen in unfinished form as part of the PlayStation Talents development programme.  That initiative was started to help indie developers get a finished game to the market and […]

Anyone’s Diary – PSVR Review

From Serenity Forge comes The King’s Bird, one of those tricky platformers that times how long you take to complete levels like Super Meat Boy or Shio. It’s maybe not quite as difficult as those games but it does ask you to learn a new skill: flight. There is some […]

The King’s Bird – PS4 Review

Hong Kong Massacre is a top-down twin-stick shooter from Swedish codesters, Vreski Games, and while we’re no strangers to that genre, it is apparent right away that the developers have done something a little different with this game. If you’re a fan of the 1990’s John Woo bullet ballet style […]

Hong Kong Massacre – PS4 Review

Pipe Push Paradise, to quote its own blurb, is a difficult open world puzzle game about plumbing. Right, review done. See y’all. Only kidding. It’s a puzzle game where you have a variety of puzzles of varying difficulty interspersed around a central hub area. It’s clearly a labour of love […]

Pipe Push Paradise – PS4 Review

There must be a difficult balance to strike when deciding to build gaming experiences out of real-life events. It can be considered a relatively common practise for the likes of war scenarios; however, the balance comes in when you must consider the amount of relevance and respect that needs to […]

Riot: Civil Unrest – PS4 Review

Ace Combat 7 is the latest title in Namco Bandai’s long running aerial combat series, one that debuted back in 1995 and, despite what your basic understanding of maths tells you, is the seventeenth title bearing the Ace (or Air) Combat name. The game takes place in a fictional, but […]

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – PS4 Review

I’d class myself as quite a Resident Evil fan. I’ve played all the mainline entries and got the platinum on the majority that offer it as well. To this day I’d rank the 1998 release of Resident Evil 2 up there with the best of them. The setting, music, multiple […]

Resident Evil 2 – PS4 Review

Sticking to their usual modus operandi, Finnish publishers Ratalaika Games are back with another cross-buy, two-platinum trophy rinse with Heroes Trials, which is best described as an adventure game although it does dip its toe into RPG, arcade combat/shooter and exploration genres. It tells the tale of siblings Elia and […]

Heroes Trials – PS4/Vita Review

From two-man Ontario based developer Milkbag Games comes FutureGrind and we’re immediately reminded of the SNES game Unirally (AKA Uniracers) in terms of the side-on view. Similarly, comparisons can be had to any number of autorunners where the screen inexorably scrolls from left to right. It’s also done in Unity, the game […]

FutureGrind – PS4 Review

Genre mashups and Rogue-likes are nothing uncommon currently. In fact, it’s almost become a challenge to find a genre that doesn’t mix with the harsh die/ restart with previous unlocks loop in some way. This has been explored in several ways; Hybrid platformer/ RPGs like Rogue Legacy come to mind, […]

Genesis Alpha One – PS4 Review