The Surge 2 came out just over three months ago and I enjoyed it. As with the first title Deck13 are supporting the sequel with DLC and the first has just arrived called The Kraken. Be aware that the DLC requires you to be at the latter stages of the […]

The Surge 2: The Kraken DLC – PS4 Review

Big Ant Studios are slowly making a name for themselves with their sports titles. Branching out from cricket, they found themselves giving tennis a crack with AO Tennis. After numerous updates, that clumsy first attempt was starting to resemble something more palatable. Now they’ve opted to give a sequel a […]

AO Tennis 2 – PS4 Review

There isn’t a lot to be said about Untitled Goose Game that hasn’t been said before.  Developed by Melbourne-based developer House House, it was initially a Switch-only joint with regards consoles. It felt like being a 360 owner during the heyday of PS3 stuff like the first three Uncharted games […]

Untitled Goose Game – PS4 Review

We’ve been fans of 10Tons for a while now thanks to their excellent line of roguelite twin-stick shooters.  Neon Chrome, Tesla vs Lovecraft and the sensational Jydge were all excellent examples of the genre but now they’ve transposed their talent for roguelite mechanics into a hack and slash quest-driven adventure game.  Undead Horde is the […]

Undead Horde – PS4 Review

As much as we have been gifted with a resurgence of sorts for the 3D platformer genre, it does feel that the in the HD era, we are still getting the short end of the stick on anything other than a Nintendo platform. We have been getting some standouts, but […]

Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe+ – PS4 Review

Heroland is a turn based RPG from two big hitters of the genre in Takahiro Yamane and Nobiyuki Inoue (of Fantasy Life and Mother 3 respectively). In addition, the music is by Tsukasa Masuko (of Shin Megami Tensei and many other games besides) so on pedigree alone, it should be […]

Heroland – PS4 Review

We’re not one for end of year lists at PSC. They smack a bit too much of self-indulgence and struggling for copy in print media. In this case though, a long established multi-format UK print magazine tipped us off with a review of this. No doubt we’d likely have missed […]

Kine – PS4 Review

If there’s one thing I’ve got from the PS Talents programme is how experimental the games tend to be. They all carry this very European sensibility whilst all feeling not far off being student projects. The label helps manage expectations but there’s always some curiosity to see what can come […]

Aces of the Multiverse – PS4 Review

Shoot ’em up fans are well-catered for on Sony’s store and Iro Hero, a vertically scrolling shooter from Spanish devs Artax Games, is the latest addition to the genre.  It sets up the story with some screens that explain that humanity is being exploited by aliens who want to us as […]

Iro Hero – PS4 Review

As someone with an art background the assortment of art programs/games in the VR space have always interested me but I’ve never dabbled. ArtPulse dropped into the PlayStation Country inbox and it was my chance to see how these things work in the 3D space. Or so I thought. ArtPulse […]

ArtPulse – PSVR Review

Solo efforts are always fascinating. When predominantly one person is behind the creation of a game, you get a vision. Sometimes it says a lot, a little but it’s wholly theirs Strainium Immortaly is one such instance. Anthony Case has made a few roguelites now with distinctive art styles. It’s […]

Strainium Immortaly – PS4 Review

Cardpocalypse is brought to you by Irish developer Gambrinous and publisher Versus Evil. However, the setting is resolutely elementary school America despite the Gaelic connection. You’ll be reminded initially of Parker and Stone’s marionette farce Team America in the absurdly catchy theme tune. Bombastic and stylistically similar it’s only a […]

Cardpocalypse – PS4 Review