And so continues Eastasiasoft’s prolific run of shoot ’em ups!  Zero Strain is their latest offering and while it has similarities with their recent releases, it also feels like something of a step up.  In recent months they’ve put out a series of vertically-scrolling shooters but this one is different.  It […]

Zero Strain – PS4 Review

UFC 4 is the latest MMA fighting game from EA and it comes at maybe the perfect time.  Right now the UFC is in a weird place with them putting on lots of events but with no crowds because of the current Covid epidemic.  Now, that might not be great […]

EA Sports UFC 4 – PS4 Review

This week’s Ratalaika release is Prehistoric Dude, a 2D Metroidvania-style platformer. Yes the platinum is easily obtainable and done so before you finish the game as usual from this publisher, but is it worthwhile otherwise? You play as Dude and his lunch has just been stolen by a large dinosaur […]

Prehistoric Dude – PS4 Review

PlayStation Plus as a service can be a real mixed bag. While the online gameplay has improved significantly beyond the laughably latent PS3 era, there are some that still question why we need it at all. Certainly, I was in that camp not so long ago, letting my subscription lapse […]

Fall Guys – PS4 Review

Oh Skully, dear Skully. When we watched a trailer for your eponymous game from Finish Line Games, it all seem so polished and high quality. But what we’d actually seen was like a comedy film trailer where all the best gags are given away beforehand. The final product being so […]

Skully – PS4 Review

Games focusing on famous worldwide conflicts are nothing new at this stage. It seems that not a month goes by that another war game is announced or discussed in some manner. You can thank the late 90’s and early 00’s for this, this was when the likes of Medal of […]

Tannenberg – PS4 Review

It’s a stone could fact that there are more visual novels born than people these days. Sure enough, another one has crossed my path asking me to look at some anime artwork whilst trying to pay attention to some dialogue. It’s Nicole‘s turn. Coming from Winter Wolves, this dating simulator […]

Nicole – PS4 Review

From Valencia-based developer Mighty Polygon and publisher Ravenscourt comes Relicta. That title being spectacularly non-descriptive, Relicta is in fact an Unreal Engine-powered physics based puzzler. It’ll take you a while to get to the actual puzzles though as there’s all sorts of plot nonsense that gets in the way. And […]

Relicta – PS4 Review

West of Dead is a Wild West meets purgatory twin-stick shooter roguelike.  Now while the last part of that sentence isn’t anything new on PSN (there are a lot of twin-stick roguelikes on the system), the setting is the first of a series of unique qualities that the game has […]

West of Dead – PS4 Review

Cuphead has been out on various formats for many, many years now but it’s finally arrived on PS4. Everyone who is interested will know about the visuals and difficulty, but was it worth the wait? You play as Cuphead or his brother Mugman, or both in local two player, after […]

Cuphead – PS4 Review

Spitlings comes to us from Cologne-based dev Massive Miniteam via publisher HandyGames. Originally a timed exclusive on Stadia, it’s now out on PS4 and we get to enjoy it too. As the title might suggest, you control a Spitling. They have the ability to spit up and down. Spitting down […]

Spitlings – PS4 Review

Jisei the First Case HD is a visual novel focused entirely around a murder mystery. Centred around a killing at a diner, Sakevisual’s focused narrative provides some simple investigative thrills whilst lacking in some longevity and nuance. The story concerns a murder mystery held entirely within a diner’s premises. A […]

Jisei: The First Case HD – PS4 Review