Blazblue has a pedigree. Starting life in 2008 as an alternative to Arc System Work’s previous Guilty Gear, it has been a series known for beautifully drawn sprites, frantic action and excellent character design. There is very little to dislike with this series as it has managed to stay at […]

Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle – PS4 Review

Earth Atlantis is a multi-directional scrolling shoot ’em up and comes to us from indie developers/publishers Headup Games and while we’ll get be getting into the pros and cons of the game in due course, one thing should stand out immediately: those visuals. In Earth Atlantis, you play as a […]

Earth Atlantis – PS4 Review

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PlayStation Country Podcast is back in your life!  Episode 62 is here and we’re all about the recent releases and the big E3 news. This week’s games: Vampyr Omega Strike I Hate Running Backwards Hitman Sniper Assassin Earth Atlantis Gekido

PlayStation Country Podcast – Episode #62

From Woblyware comes a new Metroidvania style game in the form of Omega Strike. It’s got retro visuals, it’s got chiptune music, but it does bring some gameplay ideas to the table. Dr Omega is attempting to take over the world with his army of mutants. It’s up to three […]

Omega Strike – PS4 Review

In the age of wanting more, it’s hard to reason how a Bomberman game can exist as a full priced retail release. When Super Bomberman R first launched, it did so as a Nintendo Switch title, with the sticker shock that came with being an early game on the platform. […]

Super Bomberman R – PS4 Review

Kickstarter has a lot to answer for. It presents itself as a hive of creativity, allowing anyone to push their ideas to the forefront and let the discerning public decide on the fate of a project and see whether it gets to release or not, with rewards being the ultimate […]

Agony – PS4 Review

Shape of the World is a difficult game to review given its meditative qualities. On the one hand, it sets out to do exactly what the developer Stu Maxwell (AKA Hollow Tree Games) had in mind. That is to evoke his local park in videogame form and the relaxing qualities […]

Shape of the World – PS4 Review

Hitman 2 was recently announced for release on November 12th and those who preorder get a little bonus – you can download Hitman: Sniper Assassin right now. IO Interactive have made similar games in the past, Agent 47 getting a little less hands on with his work and doing it […]

Hitman: Sniper Assassin – PS4 Impressions

Vampyr, the latest effort by Parisian coders Don’t Nod (or DONTNOD depending on who is writing it) who are most celebrated for Life is Strange but are more fondly known by us at least for Remember Me, is an interesting game.  I know that’s an odd thing to lead with in a review but think […]

Vampyr – PS4 Review

It’s difficult to tell how a team-based car combat will turn out. Onrush comes from the ashes of Evolution Studios who were once at the helm of the Motorstorm franchise. Some members of staff joined Codemasters who themselves have some pedigree with racing games. It seems like a good recipe […]

ONRUSH- PS4 Review

Milanoir from Italian developer Italo Games based in, yup, Milan is a gritty homage to classic 1970s crime films. The press release namechecks the cult crime films Caliber 9 and Almost Human as references. We guess they were bigger in their homeland than outside Italy though as we hadn’t heard […]

Milanoir – PS4 Review

This update of the 2016 PC title Riddled Corpses is a cross-buy title for PS4 and Vita that would give you cirrhosis of the liver if there was a drinking game based on current trends in the indie games market.  Twin-stick shooter?  Drink!  Rogue-lite?  Drink!  Pixel graphics!  Drink!  Zombies!  DRINNNKKKKK!  But despite […]

Riddled Corpses EX – PS4/Vita Review