Volition have returned after many wondered where the company go post-Saints Row. The answer is Agents of Mayhem which delivers a single-player, third person jaunt in the same universe. Expectations and curiosity is high. Can the quality of their previous titles can be maintained, whilst delving into a new game […]

Agents of Mayhem – PS4 Review

  It may never be known, but I will always wonder if Christian Whitehead and his legion of fan game designers knew what they were getting into when pitching Sonic Mania to Sega. Not only were they presenting a love letter project, they were also carrying the burden of two […]

Sonic Mania – PS4 Review

RobotRiot is a 2D arcade shoot ’em up/platformer hybrid that has you playing a small debt collecting robot called SLUG who is tasked with raiding space ships.  Each ship has multiple levels that require you to fight your way through the ships’ defences in order to blow up reactors.  I […]

RobotRiot: Hyper Edition – PS4 Review

Messhof’s original Nidhogg game was a simple fence ’em up that pitted players against each other in one on one sword combat.  With it’s ’80s graphics and bombastic soundtrack, it assaulted the senses while providing some of the most intense and well-balanced gameplay ever.  Whenever I end up in a […]

Nidhogg 2 – PS4 Review

As a self-styled hardcore platformer BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition is a repackaging, for the PlayStation 4, of the original 2015 PC release with all the subsequent DLC included.  Although warmly received on the PC, the PlayStation 4 is a different market and things have moved on since 2015, does a two year old […]

BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition – PS4 Review

You generally know what you’re going to get with a Housemarque game.  Slick twin stick action and plenty of visual flair are the cornerstones of what the Finnish coders do but there’s a couple of things that are surprising about their latest joint.  Firstly, Matterfall comes hot on the heels […]

Matterfall – PS4 Review

Real-time strategy (RTS) games can work on consoles. Some may argue otherwise and there’s no denying that a mouse and keyboard is the ideal way to play them but with enough effort and clever use of a controller RTS games are definitely playable. Then the question comes down to whether […]

Sudden Strike 4 – PS4 Review

After a long period of development and a prolonged spell in early access, The Long Dark finally sees the light of day. Boasting a realistic and tough survival experience, Canadian developers Hinterland have brought their bitter winter wilderness to current consoles. Has the wait been worth it or has time […]

The Long Dark – PS4 Review

  On paper, a deep-sea adventure title set in a bathysphere sounds like a pretty good fit for VR. That pitch alone suggests you will be encountering shipwrecks, relics of the past and aquatic life as you plunge through the deep blue depths. Or in this case, the dingy green […]

Neptune Flux – PSVR Review

CastleStorm is nothing new at this point. Originally releasing in 2013 for the previous generation and later mobile, it blended real time strategy action with a ballista mechanic that aped Angry Birds with pleasing results. The definitive edition of CastleStorm arrived on PS4 originally in 2014, which featured all the available […]

CastleStorm VR Edition – PSVR Review

It’s a genre we don’t tend to come across too often but shoot-em-ups are as established and as old as the industry itself. From humble arcade roots, they can branch off into intriguing areas with twists on old mechanics and new ideas. Chasing Carrots are looking to provide their own […]

Pressure Overdrive – PS4 Review

Uber Entertainment have already brought Wayward Sky to PSVR and now they’re continuing to support the format with the release of Dino Frontier. Have you ever dreamed of being the mayor of a town manned by cowboys and dinosaurs? Then do I have good news for you my friend. You […]

Dino Frontier – PSVR Review