This week’s Ratalaika effort is Bone Marrow, a puzzle game from Russian coders Huge Pixel.  This one is a mixture of RPG stylings and modified 2048 gameplay.  That’s the puzzle game that dominated everyone’s attention on mobile a few years back, with every uninstall being an effort to try to claim your life […]

Bone Marrow – PS5 Review

From three-man Kiwi developer Rainbite (of Vita/PS4 adventure Reverie)  and prolific shoot-em-up publisher Eastasiasoft comes Trigger Witch. This reviewer was a little twitchy to start with as the title had us recalling the frankly risible 360-era third person action game Bullet Witch. Thankfully for our sanity and those with good […]

Trigger Witch – PS4 Review

I know the market’s full of them but I haven’t played a Metroidvania in a while. When they’re good, the deliver a flowing experience that I’ll always enjoy. Exploration always appeals to me and uncovering new secrets across an expansive map. Unspeakable Pixels released Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials last […]

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials – PS4 Review