Twin-stick undead-botherer #killallzombies gets an update 1

killallzombies 3Beatshapers’ little known but reasonably fab twin-stick shooter #killallzombies has just had an update.  The update doesn’t add the two extra gameplay modes that are still locked out on the main menu but it does add a host of new perks, some very useful new weapons and it also seems to have really improved the game’s most original feature.

In case you missed it, #killallzombies makes great use of the PS4’s in-built Twitch streaming integration. When you are playing and streaming the game, viewers can input commands into the chat that can help or hinder you. Now prior to the patch this seemed to work some of the time but wasn’t fantastically reliable. Now everything works a treat, improving an already fun game a little more. So much so, that I played it literally all evening yesterday.

If you’re more of a visual person, check out our previous video review to see the game in action.

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