Shenmue 3 gets physical reward tier on PS4

Let’s get physical!



Fans around the world rejoiced as the much requested  sequel to Shenmue 2 was announced at E3 while the Kickstarter servers groaned under the stress of thousands of people waiting to back the next coming in this much loved franchise. With any good Kickstarter there are a bunch of rewards for you to throw your hard earned at. One of the glaringly missed rewards was an actual tangible copy to hold of your own, unless of course you wanted it on PC. That was until today. For $60/£40ish you can have your very own blue box with Ryo’s mug on the front, and the backer exclusive sleeve is bound to ignite the collector in all of us.


Considering how valuable the Dreamcast and Xbox originals have become since the E3 announcement it would definitely seem a fair asking price for something that will likely take pride of place in any PS4/SEGA collection. However if you don’t want the boxy goodness you can still pledge to the Kickstarter to get yourself a digital copy of the game, if you like that kind of thing.


The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter has just 14 days to go and if interested you can back the game here;


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