PS+ Instant Game Collection: November 2016

It’s that time of the month again.  Sony have released the names of the next PS+ Instant Game Collection freebies and, after a few months with some legit full retail titles, normal service is resumed.


psplus-raptureEverybody’s Gone to the Rapture – One of the leading lights of the walking simulator genre.  This pleasant, but slow, game is really just a nice walk around an English village, punctuated by little bits of plot.

It won’t be much use to you if you like action or even just stuff to do in a game but the trophy whores amongst you will be happy to know that it gives up an ‘uncommon’ platinum without too much resistance.

Metascore – 78



psplus-towerThe Deadly Tower of Monsters

This 1950s B-movie-inspired twin stick shooter wouldn’t have even turned heads back in the last gen but if you can past the unpolished visuals and the fact that it is just another twin-sticker, there’s actually some half-decent humour to be had and enough good film references in there to make you realise some love went into making the game.

Metascore – 72



psplus-dirtDiRT 3 – It’s a rally driving game by Codemasters on a console I only ever fire up to play Chime on.  I, therefore, couldn’t care less about it.

If you’re a fan of this sort of thing then have at it. The critics certainly seem to rate it.

Metascore – 87


psplus-costumeCostume Quest 2 – I never played this sequel to Tim Schafer’s original, brilliant little Halloween-themed adventure game and so it is a win of sorts but this is the PS3 version not the PS4 one and it isn’t cross buy.  So that’s just kind of irritating.

Metascore – 74



psplus-letterLetter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered – a sort of Scrabble/RPG hybrid.  This wordy adventure game is pretty well thought of and supports cross buy.  We missed this one when it came out in May though but it does look like it might actually be larks.  And dammit we really need to fire up our Vitas again.

Metascore – 73




psplus-pumpedPumped BMX+ – this budget version of Trials never quite hit the mark but free is a pretty good price for this Vita/PS4 cross buy title.  Also, trophy whores can play it for ages without popping any trophies, so there’s that I guess.  It didn’t get enough reviews for a Metascore though.

Our video review is below.

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