PlayStation Plus games announced for October

Well, it’s that time of the month again when Sony tell us all what the freebies are going to be on PlayStation Plus.  September was a pretty decent month with lots of good games, and cross-buy titles for us Vita afficiandos.  Make sure to grab them before they are gone.  If you want to know what’s good, check out our round-up of them.


DriveClub: PlayStation Plus Edition

First up is this long-awaited (it was meant to be a launch title) racing game from Sony.  It’s not the full game but it’s not just a ten minute demo either so you should be getting a good chunk of game here. The game is very much an online-focused affair with drivers joining up to form racing clubs and as a PS4 exclusive, we’re hoping the visuals live up to hype.

DriveClub. Let's hope you're a little speedier than this game's release.

DriveClub. Let’s hope you’re a little speedier than this game’s release.


Dust: An Elysian Tale

This one’s a little underwhelming for sure.  It’s a 2D Metroidvania platformer that we particularly enjoyed a couple of years ago when it surfaced on the Xbox 360.  The hand-drawn art style will look pretty fancy on the PS4 but we’re pretty sure that no-one had their fingers crossed that this would be one of the freebies this month.



Another indie platformer, Spelunky comes with a bit more support behind it.  It’s a famously difficult, procedurely-generated 2D platformer that is held in high regard among indie connoisseurs.   It’s listed as a PS4 game but is supposedly cross-buy with the Vita version where it has quite the fanbase.

Death awaits. Spelunky is not to be trifled with.

Death awaits. Spelunky is not to be trifled with.


PS Vita

Pix the Cat

Looking like a mash-up of Chu Chu Rocket and Pac-Man: Championship Edition, this top down puzzler looks interesting and at least it’s brand new.  Pix has been a bit of a mobile gaming mascot for a while and comes with some pedigree.  The game’s ‘Nostalgia Mode’ promises to ease some of the pain of us not getting Cuphead on the PS4 too.


Pix the Cat's nostalgia mode has us interested.

Pix the Cat’s nostalgia mode has us interested.

Rainbow Moon

This standard-looking isometric J-RPG is a Vita/PS3 cross-buy with cross-save functionality.  It won’t appeal to the mainstream though, adding weight to the sense that this is a bit of a weak month for PlayStation Plus.



Batman: Arkham Asylum

The first in the latest line of Batman titles, Arkham Asylum was very popular a few years ago and offers up some polished brawling for fans of the Dark Knight.


Batman kicking silly looking men.

Batman kicking silly looking men.

Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara

This is a dual pack of two late ’80s arcade brawlers from Capcom that have a little bit of an RPG flavour.  Both games are fairly ordinary though and won’t be turning any heads all these years later but there is some fun to be had with them, especially if you’re a retro-gamer, and if you’re also into gambling games you can visit the joker388 site to find the best games for this.


Overall, this one of the weakest months we can remember.  Still, we’ve been meaning to try Spelunky for a while and are optimistic that DriveClub will be worth a look.  Lets hope Sony up their game next month though, eh?

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