Inversus gets colourful!

Last month we reviewed addictive arcade-shooter Inversus and, since then it’s had a couple of major updates.  Version 1.2 has now landed with some key additions:

  • Matchmaking’s improved and now you can search across all game modes to get your fix.
  • With that comes some additional leaderboards for versus and arcade levels, as well as games won in online matchmaking.
  • Playing now comes with its own level of persistent rewards as you earn experience and levels for everything you do.
  • There’s over 50 unlockable colour palettes to work towards so you’re now longer just playing in black and white.  Pick your favourites and the game will shuffle through them.
  • There’s also 250 unlockable emotes which give multiplayer a touch more character.  Just equip them to the shoulder buttons and you’re ready to go.

We’ve got a soft spot for this fun little fella and the improvements are certainly welcome.  If you fancy returning or checking out Inversus for the first time, it’s currently £11.59 on Playstation Network.

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