Inversus 1.5 is coming!

Ryan Juckett’s negative space shooter is getting a huge patch in the near future and we’re excited to tell you about it.  Last year we were quite fond of it and it’s being continually supported by additional free content.

Inversus 1.5 introduces:

  • 12 new versus mode maps.
  • 3 new maps to conquer in arcade.
  • A new split-shot ammo type that can fork off into multiple bullets!
  • AI controlled bots for Versus mode.


It’s a substantial update to an already neat little number.  I think the bots will help anyone who’s struggling to land a game online or just wants to tune up their skills and adding new maps will really help bolster the package.  Inversus is also coming to Xbox One which is fantastic.  More people should get a chance to play this.  A release date will be forthcoming but, if you can’t wait, Inversus is presently £11.59 on Playstation Network.

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