Ape Out – Preview 3

Fans of the following – apes, violence, Steam, Nidhogg – should fire up Steam and check out the playable reveal trailer of Ape Out, a new primate ’em up from one man developer Gabe Cuzzillo and publishers Devolver Digital.  Why are we mentioning PC games?  Well, because of two main reasons.

One:  Ape Out is looking great.  The preview sees you breaking out of your cage and going full King Kong Berzerkotron 3000 on your captors.  You run around smashing and grabbing them before you get shot and killed.  Games are fast, furious and fun and the presentation, which apes (sigh) the look and sound of Nidhogg sort of adds to the madness of it all.

Two:  It is coming to the consoles in the Summer.

We want this more than we want any other game.Ape_Out_3_1489058369

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