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PlayStation Country Podcast is back in your life!  Episode 46 is here and we talk about the new games and all the PS+ stuff incoming. This week’s games: Arizona Sunshine Ancient Amuletor Micro Machines Dark Rose Valkyrie Nex Machina PS+ Instant Game Collection and more.

PlayStation Country Podcast – Episode #46

Funny how time flies, isn’t it? My first review for the site was The Golf Club and, three years later a sequel arrives from HB Studios. With the sport’s representation still on the lean side, can their second stroke pick up some carry? I’ll be honest, I didn’t play as […]

The Golf Club 2 – PS4 Review

When it comes to top-down racing games, the original Micro Machines was, for the longest time, the standard to beat.  It took the slightly awkward format we knew from the likes of Super Sprint but made it special thanks to its clever track designs and brilliant multiplayer mode.  It still […]

Micro Machines World Series – PS4 Review

It’s that time of the month for a new hidden object game to be released by Artifex Mundi.  As with all the rest of their output Dark Arcana: The Carnival  is a story driven light puzzle game, the tale this time is that of a missing woman, a scary carnival and […]

Dark Arcana: The Carnival – PS4 Review

PlayStation VR owners will have been happy to see Arizona Sunshine hitting the store as it offers a full campaign and somewhat unrestricted movement rather than just being another turret/on-rail shooter.  Personally, we’re just as happy to see blue skies and linear level design because we’re old school like that.  […]

Arizona Sunshine – PSVR Review

Ancient Amuletor is a new release for PlayStation VR and combines a couple of genres in the hope of shaking things up a little. Does it do enough to stand out from the VR crowd? Also, I’ll get this out there straight away – this is a Move controller only […]

Ancient Amuletor – PSVR Review

Judging this game solely on it’s cover, I was expecting Get Even to be a ballsy revenge shooter. Luckily, there’s more substance to it from a studio that does tend to stray into shooting territory with supernatural elements. Coming from Polish developers The Farm 51, Get Even looks to tell […]

Get Even – PS4 Review

You wait for an indie 2D platform shooter to come along and before you know it you’re inundated with the blighters.  I Want To Be Human is a resolutely indie tile and sees you control a girl and her boyfriend as they slaughter everything in their way.  Oh did I mention […]

I Want To Be Human – PS4 Review

Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition has previously been available on PC and Nintendo 3DS, having now made it’s way over to the VITA and PS4 it is time to see if its worth a purchase.  This is as indie as it comes being created by one man, Tim Hely of Axol Studio, […]

Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition – Vita Review

Nex Machina is the latest shoot ’em up from twin-stick powerhouses Housemarque, best known for the masterful Resogun and the not-quite-as-special Alienation and Dead Nation games.  As expected, it is another twin-stick shooter and it comes with a degree of anticipation even if this is one of the most crowded […]

Nex Machina – PS4 Review

Given that I imagine the number of blind people who play videogames is rather small, it is a subject which keeps popping up.  We’ve previously reviewed Beyond Eyes, which told a story of a blind girl’s search for her pet cat and was whimsical in nature with bright pastel colours […]

Perception – PS4 Review

Given that VR games translate better to seated situations (hence the silly number of turret/rail shooters on PSVR), driving games are a relatively easy way to show off the tech while giving you a better, more natural, view of the action.  DriveClub VR and DiRT Rally VR cater for fans […]

VR Karts – PSVR Review