I reviewed Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception about three months ago and now the second part has been released. If you’ve played the previous entry then you’ll know if you want Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth or not as it is basically the same thing, just a continuation of the story. I […]

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth – PS4 Review

We love indie games here at PlayStation Country and proudly give exposure to a range of small indie titles. We also aim to be fair and honest in our reviews taking into account the limitations inherent in creating an indie title, working with no budget and often working alone or […]

Still Time – PS4 Review

Sneaky Bears represents Irish VR coders Warducks’ first foray into the world of PSVR and while it’s not the first game to ever use the ‘teddy bears gone bad’ plot device and it’s far from being the first static shooting gallery type game on this platform, there is definitely something […]

Sneaky Bears – PSVR Review

With its tagline of “Race Faster Than Ever”, 34BigThings’ Redout promises some super-speedy racing action for those players who have exhausted Wipeout Omega Collection, a game that is clearly an inspiration for this futuristic racer. As with the Wipeout titles, this game involves anti-gravity ships racing along weaving, looping tracks […]

Redout – PS4 Review

While it’s the endless fighting games and the slightly overappreciated Metal Slugs that people remember so fondly when they think back to the Neo Geo, some of the best games were the curios that everyone seems to forget about.  Until now Windjammers, Data East’s frisbee-flinging sports title, was one of […]

Windjammers – PS4 Review

From Sloclap and Devolver Digital comes Absolver, a combat focused action game which has similar mechanics and features to other games but as a whole is pretty unique. You play as a Prospect, a mask wearing individual who is tasked with defeating enemies on the way to the Tower of […]

Absolver – PS4 Review

I freely admit to knowing nothing about surfing other than the really high level stuff such as it taking place on water and involving a surf board.  My lack of knowledge of the activity probably goes hand in hand with the fact it is vastly underrepresented in videogames.  Doing a […]

Surf World Series – PS4 Review

I have to admit to my only experience with the Ys series to this point has been Ys Origin which was an excellent arcade-y RPG with brilliant combat. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA is new on the PS4 and Vita and is a very different game, though with some obvious […]

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA – PS4 Review

  One of the most annoying things for me in the previous generation of consoles was the advent of ‘realistic’ first person shooters. I mean fine, they have a place and a lot of people prefer boots on the ground warfare, but for me, first person shooters shine when they […]

Lawbreakers – PS4 Review

Already out in the open on the PC since 2016, Rabi-Rabi makes the transition to the Playstation 4. Indie platformers with Metroidvania elements are now ten a penny. Can CreSpirit and GemaYue’s effort stand out from the crowd? Rabi Rabi is a tale of two companions. You control Erina who […]

Rabi-Ribi – PS4 Review

Next Tuesday a new batch of games will join the PS+ instant game collection and it’s an interesting selection.  Mainly because it features seven games rather than the usual six and one of these is a PSVR-only title.  Whether or not this trend will continue is unclear at this time […]

PS+ games announced for September

Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan is a game by Artifex Mundi, the purveyors of hidden object and light puzzle games. We reviewed the first Grim Legends game a while back and while this game shares the same name there is no carry over in the story between the two. If […]

Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan -PS4 Review