If you’ve followed the illustrious career of Jeff Minter, you’ll know what to expect from any game that the veteran coder releases and Tempest 4000 is exactly that. The original Tempest was a 1981 arcade shoot ’em up which placed you on the rim of a cylinder. You could circle […]

Tempest 4000 – PS4 Review

Danger Zone 2 is the fourth game from Hampshire-based developer Three Fields Entertainment, a boutique startup by Criterion’s founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry who got fed up being a cog in the EA machine. They’ve been around a little while now, giving us the wonderful Dangerous Golf , the […]

Danger Zone 2 – PS4 Review

We confess, we only played the original Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator for an easy completion. It helped it was cheap too. Unexpectedly though, we enjoyed ourselves for the most part. It was while browsing new releases on our generally neglected Xbox One that we spotted a sequel had slipped out […]

Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast – PS4 Review

Race Arcade is something of a throwback. Sure, it’s not unusual for games to hark back to the days of 2D retrogaming, if anything it’s unusual when an indie game doesn’t, but this title really aims to capture that bygone era.  It is the latest release from Iceflake Games (a little […]

Race Arcade – PS4 Review

A first-person puzzler with very clear inspirations, The Spectrum Retreat comes from Dan Smith Games. Founded by a BAFTA Young Game Developer winner, the studio’s first major effort looks to deliver a mysterious tale with mind-bending, colourful puzzles. The Spectrum Retreat takes place within a robot-staffed hotel. You must solve […]

The Spectrum Retreat – PS4 Review

For a PS+ freebie, 2015’s Tower of Guns was a reasonably good game.  It was a rogue-like FPS that had you playing as a lone soldier who had to make his way up the titular tower while facing off against mechanised gun turrets looking to blast you into smithereens.  It […]

Mothergunship – PS4 Review

From Batterystaple Games and Fire Hose Games comes 20XX, a rogue-lite love letter to Mega Man X. If you’ve always wanted Mega Man X‘s difficulty to be turned up a notch but with the ability to make things easier by playing it over and over again then you’ve found your […]

20XX – PS4 Review

Super Destronaut DX is the latest effort from the oddly prolific Finnish dev crew Ratalaika Games who are starting to create a very odd niche in the indie gaming sphere. This particular title is their take on the grandaddy of them all, Space Invaders, and while it’s fundamentally different to their […]

Super Destronaut DX – PS4/Vita Review

Although Kart racers seem to be quite simple on paper in terms of design, I am sure there is a lot more to it than simply plonking a bunch of characters into colourful worlds and recording a few woo-hoo’s for the entirety of the voice track. It’s safe to say […]

All-Star Fruit Racing – PS4 Review

Destruction is still something heavily sought after in gaming. Most environments are indestructible, and understandably so. Even beyond processing power, level design goes out the window if you can literally level the entire map. One series of games that has dabbled with the idea of destructible environments is Red Faction. […]

Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered – PS4 Review

Runbow from 13Games is a port of the 2015 Wii-U party platformer and two big clues to the game’s nature are found in the title.  You run and colour has a big effect on the gameplay. The core gameplay involves you running across a 2D level, jumping on platforms and generally […]

Runbow – PS4 Review

Atomine from Broken Arms Games is a twin stick shooter.  Something that we’re quite used to seeing on PSN these days.  Especially as it also has procedurally generated levels with rogue-lite mechanics.  However, there is also a storyline of sorts,  which is about the real-life Stuxnet internet worm.  This is largely […]

Atomine – PS4 Review