It’s good to see Avalanche trying something new. With Just Cause‘s popularity waning over the last two outings, Generation Zero is looking to reignite a spark. A passion project with a very home grown feel and setting, this open-world shooter is hoping to find a crowd willing to invest in […]

Generation Zero – PS4 Review

Finland’s most prolific publishers of attainable platinums, Ratalaika Games, are back with another cross-buy title.  This time they are tackling the jump and shoot genre (their description and way better than “run and gun”) with Metagal which riffs pretty hard on the classic Mega Man style of gameplay and graphics offering some cheap […]

Metagal – PS4 Review

I can never tell what kind of quality I’m going to get from a horror game. It still feels like a saturated market to me and, with Submersed now entering the fray, Main Loop are inviting some interesting comparisons. The plot begins with a tale of bad science. Some parasites […]

Submersed – PS4 Review

Out of all of the companies you can build a retro collection out of, Pre-Neo Geo SNK is an odd one. While it is entirely undoubtable that SNK have earned their wings over forty years of creating games, their earlier output isn’t exactly all that well known in the west. […]

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection – PS4 Review

Block-a-Pix Deluxe is another puzzle game from husband and wife dev team Lightwood Games and follows in the same vein as their recent release Mixups, by offering a large number of simply presented puzzles. Now, we didn’t much like Mixups very much because it offered a style of gameplay that […]

Block-a-Pix Deluxe – PS4/Vita Review

From Russian developer Groovy Milk comes Creepy Road, a run and gun shooter in the grand tradition of SNK’s venerable Metal Slug and Konami’s Contra series. It all starts off promisingly enough, your trucker ‘Flint’ doing his best Jack Burton in terms of wisecracks and canned dialogue. But you’ll soon […]

Creepy Road – PS4 Review

A VR game that doesn’t involve shooting or surviving waves has arrived on PSVR. Hurrah! Skyworld is a strategy game, letting you develop a simple kingdom whilst competing with a rival. You’ll need either one or two Move controllers which will allow you to manipulate the world and place buildings […]

Skyworld – PSVR Review

From Ratalaika Games comes a new title and yes it is a quick platinum and yes it’s cross buy with PS4 and Vita. Peasant Knight takes on the platforming genre but takes auto-scrolling literally as your character will constantly run forward unless you intervene. You play as the Peasant Knight, […]

Peasant Knight – PS4 Review

TruckerVR’s Verti-go Home (styled as VERTI-GO HOME! but we’re not doing that today) is a PSVR-only endless runner. Well, it might not be endless. The trophy set needs you to get to level 50 and this reviewer’s skillset has gotten us halfway to there before leaving us whimpering on the floor […]

Verti-Go Home – PSVR Review

It’s an odd thing to say, that in 2019 giving the fans what they want appears to be a taboo amongst publishers. We often encounter long running franchises that suffer from a need to reinvent, much to the chagrin of the people that hold the IP in high regard. Capcom […]

Devil May Cry 5 – PS4 Review

I sometimes find it difficult to know what tact to take when reviewing games that, thanks to releases on other systems, are poorly received. A first-person, rogue-like dungeon crawler, Crimson Keep is one of those games. With an open mind, I played, succeeded and failed and found out just why […]

Crimson Keep – PS4 Review

This is an odd review because we already reviewed MX vs ATV All Out last April and this new release from THQ Nordic is simply the base game but now including the three DLC packs – Slash’s Snake Pit, Ricky Carmichael Farm and Hometown MX Nationals – which all come out […]

MX vs ATV All Out: Anniversary Edition – PS4 Review