Skatemasta Tcheco is a follow-up to Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio which was a simple 2D platformer that never made it quite as far as the PS4.  Where that game was a screen by screen platformer, Skatemasta Tcheco is an auto-scroller that sees you playing as the titular Tcheco,  […]

Skatemasta Tcheco – PS4 Review

The source code for all three Panzer Dragoon titles is lost to time supposedly, but that hasn’t stopped the original Panzer Dragoon getting the remake treatment and now it’s landed on the PS4. There aren’t many Saturn games that get the credit they deserve nor do we generally see them […]

Panzer Dragoon: Remake – PS4 Review

Little Big Workshop has nothing to do with Little Big Planet or the excellent Little Big Adventure, unfortunately. Not because of its quality, I just miss that series. It’s a business sim, similar to the recent Two Point Hospital or even city builders if you’re into those. You’re put in […]

Little Big Workshop – PS4 Review

It doesn’t feel that long ago I was reviewing Ride. In the five years since, Milestone’s iterated, added, chopped and changed a formula that is finally starting to feel complete. With more tracks, races and bikes, Ride 4 is close to overtaking Tourist Trophy as my go-to bike racer. Whilst […]

Ride 4 – PS4 Review

From Seattle based dev Aggro Crab by way of publisher Team 17, comes Going Under. Simply put, it’s an office based roguelike dungeon crawler. Your character Jackie is the newest intern to a hip startup subsidiary of the monolithic Cubicle company. Parallels to that Seattle based global retail behemoth aren’t […]

Going Under – PS4 Review

I can’t say it’s often we get a game to review that’s been out since May. Monstrum has been out even longer on the PC but a sequel is on the way. Ahead of that impending release, the original has been sent our way from Junkfish. A very small package, […]

Monstrum – PS4 Review

Costume Kingdom from Irish developer Stratton Studio is at once familiar but also not. Hoping to perhaps capitalise on the similarly titled Costume Quest series from Double Fine. The similarities don’t end there, the setting is also a small town where your character trick or treats the inhabitants. Once again, […]

Costume Kingdom – PS4 Review

Birthday of Midnight is a follow up to Petite Games’ previous title Midnight Deluxe and like that game this is a mix of Limbo-esque presentation and golf.  You play as a square little fairy called Midnight and the aim of the game is to get them from each level’s start point to […]

Birthday of Midnight – PS4 Review

Dog Duty is an indie real time tactics game. That means it’s a shorter experience with purposefully low tech visuals and a slightly shallower experience. That’s not a knock but read on to see the details. Your helicopter is shot down at the beginning by the evil Octopus Commander and […]

Dog Duty – PS4 Review

From developer Bombservice and publisher Dangen Entertainment comes Minoria. It came out a couple of weeks back, but this reviewer struggled mightily with a couple of early bosses for reasons we’ll go into. It is a successor of sorts to the Momodora series, one of which was reviewed by our […]

Minoria – PS4 Review

Crysis Remastered is a cross-platform remaster of the notoriously demanding 2007 PC original from Crytek. So demanding in fact, that until fairly recently the benchmark for PC perfomance was “will it run Crysis?” As a result, the game is very much a console experience with the main concession to the […]

Crysis Remastered – PS4 Review

If you’re going to put ‘Jet Set’ at the start of your game’s title, you’d better come correct given the proud history of that prefix (we’re thinking Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Willy) but here we are with Jet Set Knights, the latest Ratalaika release.  The game is a curious mix of hack and […]

Jet Set Knights – PS4 Review