One of the benefits of living up north is that you’re never too far away from remnants of our Roman past. As a kid, I’ve been dragged to forts and hopped over Hadrian’s Wall into Scotland. Fully Illustrated are looking to shed more of an educated light on this brutal […]

Wulverblade – PS4 Review

After the quarter that EA have just had, what better way to let off steam than with a game where you punch people in the face? That’s right, EA’s UFC series is back. And if you think EA had a rough 2017, the Ultimate Fighting Championship had a worse one. […]

EA Sports UFC 3 – PS4 Review

The developers Artifex Mundi have been developing and releasing loads of hidden object games and we’ve been reviewing them for a while now.    Their latest entry is Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones and is the final part in the trilogy of the story of Davy Jones which started back with Nightmares […]

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones – PS4 Review

From the small indie studio Catch & Release comes Cold Iron, a ‘puzzle shooter’ for PSVR. “Gareth, what’s a puzzle shooter when it’s at home?” I hear you ask. I’m not sure but I can tell you all about Cold Iron. In the simplest terms Cold Iron is an updated […]

Cold Iron – PSVR Review

Out of ammo is a veteran VR experience at this point. Originally released in September 2016 for the PC VR platforms, it has sat on Steam as one of the premier first experiences for headset owners to get a grip with. The game is a novel mix between RTS and […]

Out of Ammo – PSVR Review

The first thing that’s immediately apparent when you start Crossing Souls, the upcoming action adventure title from Devolver Digital, is the retro ‘80s feel, complete with dodgy VHS tracking.  It’s clear from the off that the game is going for the same feel as the Duffer Brothers’ hit Netflix show, Stranger […]

Preview: Crossing Souls

As a slightly forgetful lover of arcade games and the PS Vita, StarDrone is a game that I often notice sat deep in my Vita library and think ‘ooh, is that a shoot ’em up’ before realising it’s not and forgetting all about it again. It was released in 2012 […]

StarDrone – PSVR Review

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PlayStation Country Podcast is back in your life!  Episode 52 is here and we continue our massive roundup of games we played in 2017.  Normal service should resume next week and we’ll get back into the reviews.    

PlayStation Country Podcast – Episode #52

I always wondered why more developers haven’t attempted the high-speed formula of Sonic games before. Judging by Sega’s documented difficulty with translating speed and momentum to modern mechanics, some would possibly correctly assume that it cannot be done convincingly enough. But there is always hope that someone could take up […]

Defunct – PS4 Review

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PlayStation Country Podcast is back in your life!  We’re back with MORE of the RAW. Our last podcast was back in August 2017 and so on this one we’re not only talking about the games we’ve reviewed recently but also our GOTY picks, nearly everything we played since the last […]

PlayStation Country Podcast – Series 2, Episode 1 (#51)

About a month ago we reviewed the Vita port of Papers, Please, a game where you work a seemingly simple job but are put in the uncomfortable position of carrying out the government’s orders even at the cost of what appear to be ordinary, innocent people. Beholder: Complete Edition feels […]

Beholder: Complete Edition – PS4 Review

Arc Systems and French Bread have been producing anime fighters for years and it was only a matter of time before Under Night In-Birth:Exe Late[st] was given a complete package for the Playstation 4. Whilst not boasting a new coat of paint, there’s hope this ambitious fighter can find new […]

Under Night In-Birth:Exe Late[st] – PS4 Review