From developer Entertainment Forge by way of publisher Ratalaika comes dialogue-rich point and click adventure Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning. Opening with friends Hank and Larry settling down for a relaxing evening as civilisation burns outside, the Zombie Apocalypse informs their movie choice in terms of Shaun of […]

Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning – PS4 Review

Inferno 2 is a twin-stick shooter from Radiangames, a one man developer from Illinois, which has been around on mobile formats for five years now and is the first game in the series to land on consoles.  Now that might be a cause for concern for you, because who wants […]

Inferno 2 – PS4 Review

Despite sounding like the latest product from a pharmacy company, Habroxia is in fact a shoot ’em up in the classic coin-op style and is out now for PS4 and Vita as a cross-buy.  Developed by Canadian coders Lillymo Games, this game is very much a love letter to an era of […]

Habroxia – PS4/Vita Review

The Surge was alright. The limb severing combat was an enjoyable take on the Souls formula and the sci-fi setting made it stand out. It was not without its problems however, with too many similar environments that became a chore to navigate. Deck13 have taken the criticism on board and […]

The Surge 2 – PS4 Review

In any other review, this is the part where I would list off a few examples of similar games within the genre of the titled game. I would also normally discuss why this new game would be different, similar, comparable or not to the previous examples given. In the case […]

Sayonara Wild Hearts – PS4 Review

Pro Evolution Soccer was beginning to lose its charm with me. Last season, the game provided a challenge beyond my reach whilst there wasn’t much new to shout about. With a new name and touting an improved Master League, eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is looking to jump start some […]

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 – PS4 Review

As a public transport pleb, I’ve become accustomed to buses and rely upon them to get from A to B. Bus Simulator from Still Alive Studios gives me the opportunity to flex my logistic muscles and run a company from scratch. Originally a PC release last year, this niche title […]

Bus Simulator – PS4 Review

Mutazione is described by Danish developers Die Gute Fabrik as a “mutant soap opera” and that’s a pretty good description but before we get into all of that, there’s something you need to know.  This is one of those games, an indie game about feelings where not very much happens […]

Mutazione – PS4 Review

From publisher Aquaplus and developer Tamsoft comes a game we’d usually have left for our resident visual novel expert, Gareth. We liked the look of it though, so took a punt. In this case the ZAN subtitle is Japanese for ‘slash’, denoting that this is a departure of sorts from […]

Utawarerumono: ZAN – PS4 Review

GreedFall is an action role-playing game from Spiders. They’ve released a few over the years though I have to admit I’ve not played any of them, though some did interest me. Their most recent attempt combines influences from the 17th century as well as fantastical elements and has you colonising […]

GreedFall – PS4 Review

Despite being a sport in decline, the NASCAR Heat series appears to be picking up pace as a competent simulation series dedicated to America’s favourite oval racing championship. Building on last year’s effort, Monster Games are hoping NASCAR Heat 4 can keep the momentum going. NASCAR Heat 4‘s handling doesn’t […]

NASCAR Heat 4 – PS4 Review

I was once told I looked like a young Bill Murray, so when a VR sequel to the 1993 film Groundhog Day is released who better to review it? Someone who has seen the film more than once a while ago? No, shut up, I’ll do it. Groundhog Day: Like […]

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son – PSVR Review