For a PlayStation site, I will freely admit that we don’t talk about the PS2 nearly as much as we should. The console was practically brimming with excellent titles and plenty more potential where that came from. I think just about everyone could easily pick a list of top ten […]

Destroy All Humans! (2020) – PS4 Review –

Sony are ending the generation with a flourish. Whatever you think of their style, the major first party games released by Sony this generation have all been of a high quality. Now they’ve seen fit to release two games this summer, mere months before the start of the next generation. […]

Ghost of Tsushima – PS4 Review

Tower Defence is not my thing but Ace Team’s Rock of Ages series does carry a daft Monty Python-esque sense of humour. Couple that with a level editor and you have me intrigued. For the third iteration, Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break, they’ve combined a lengthy campaign with […]

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break – PS4 Review

Neversong first came to our attention by way of a Playstation blog article the day before it was released, so apologies if we appear a little tardy. Regardless, what we have here is a game with feelings. To paraphrase the disclaimer at the beginning, Neversong is a moving story of […]

Neversong – PS4 Review

PSN has been host to a few 2D airplane shoot ’em ups, most notably Luftrausers which was a good retro-flavoured affair and the brilliant Rogue Aces, which we still rate as one of the most exciting shoot ’em ups on the system.  Aircraft Evolution, from Satur Games and ported by Russian coding crew Sometimes […]

Aircraft Evolution – PS4 Review

While there are a lot of games that use twin-stick shooting mechanics on PSN, there aren’t that many pure shoot ’em ups in this sub-genre.  By that I mean ones that don’t have rogue-lite/like mechanics attached or are sprawling dungeon crawlers.  The best two so far have been Geometry Wars 3, which […]

#Funtime – PS4 Review

#killallzombies featured image
  UPDATE:  Check the bottom of the review for a change from the original 7 out of 10 score. If you’ve ever played Crimsonland from 10ton Games, #killallzombies by Beatshapers is basically that to the point where we assumed it was a sequel. That means this game sees you running around a large-ish arena, fending off […]

#killallzombies – PS4 Review

Ultra Hat Dimension is the latest from Ratalaika Games, this time from developer Kitsune Games. To crib from the PSN store description, UHD is a puzzle game about hats and people getting punched for wearing them. Right? No, we couldn’t work it out from that precis either. Practically that means […]

Ultra Hat Dimension – PS4 Review

We reviewed the original Distraint last September, less than a year ago, and remains one of our favourite games from the ever-prolific publishers Ratalaika.  It told the story of Price, a young man working for a law firm who lets his job change him as a person until he eventually […]

Distraint 2 – PS4 Review

I’ve grown to like the NASCAR Heat series. Whilst I tend to spend most of my gaming around circuits, the ovals of North America provide something different and the racing has a compact competitiveness I just don’t tend to find much outside of Touring Cars. 704 Games are back with […]

NASCAR Heat 5 – PS4 Review

Radical Rabbit Stew from Swedish developer Pugstorm AB is the latest release from publisher Sold Out, themselves a subsidiary of Mastertronic. Those long in the tooth gamers, ourselves included, will remember Mastertronic from days of yore when games came on cassette… Radical Rabbit Stew is a puzzle game with a […]

Radical Rabbit Stew – PS4 Review

SUPERHOT was something special when it released on PC back in 2016. The core gameplay of time standing still (or at least moving incredibly slowly) unless you moved made for some great scenarios and action set pieces. Combined with the super stylistic visuals and a vague and trippy story SUPERHOT […]