We reviewed Ratalaika’s Super Destronaut DX back in 2018.  It was a Space Invaders clone with nice neo-retro visuals but was a bit lacking in terms of power-ups and any kind of meaningful challenge.  This sequel however switches up the genre moving it from the standard one-screen 2D shoot ’em up to a standard […]

Super Destronaut: Land Wars – PS4 Review

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet is the latest Ratalaika joint, playable once again on both PS4 and Vita. It’s a visual novel of sorts, but one with a childlike innocence thankfully. No sketchy anime characters with heaving bosoms here. Originally created for a game jam in the visual novel scripting […]

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet – PS4 Review

I feel like I miss the boat on team-based, online-only shooters. Part of me maybe sees them as a commitment and I always tend to get left behind by an improving community. I suck, basically. Spanish developers Fluxart Studios are now throwing their hat into the ring with a much […]

Holfraine – PS4 Review

There is an undeniable feeling of helplessness that can be experienced with playing Hunt Showdown. The latest effort from the team at Crytek is designed at its very core to be one of the most unforgiving experiences ever made. With every small action having the potential to warrant an equal […]

Hunt Showdown – PS4 Review

More and more strategy games are finding a home on consoles with the slower paced, mouse based gameplay often translating well to the control pad. Two Point Hospital has now made the jump to PS4 and continues to prove that this style of game works very well outside of the […]

Two Point Hospital – PS4 Review

Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt will be immediately familiar to those slightly longer in the tooth players who remember Blue Byte’s pre-millenium Settlers games. Heck, we’d not be surprised if some of the devs were Blue Byte veterans, so similar is the game in feel to the hoary old series that […]

Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt – PS4 Review

Capcom continue to release the older Mega Man games in collection form on the PS4. We’ve had the Mega Man games split into two collections, the Mega Man X games split into two collections and now we have the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. Judging by the previous two being […]

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection – PS4 Review

As a man that plays a lot of racers, it’s nice to see something different. Whether it’s a novelty effort or a twist on something familiar, it’s great to see new interpretations of wheeled transport. Overpass comes from Swedish developer Zordix. Scandinavians seem to know off-roading so you hope this […]

Overpass – PS4 Review

The Way of the Samarai series is not one I’ve ventured into. The Acquire developed action titles just haven’t crossed my path but Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story is a diversion from the usual path. An isometric dungeon crawler, this effort looks to satisfy some loot lust […]

Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story – PS4 ...

While Double Dragon and Kunio-kun (or even Renegade, Kunio‘s Western name) might not mean much to younger gamers, anyone who walked into an arcade in the ’80s or had one of the home computers of the era will be very familiar with them.  They were beat ’em ups, fighting games where it wasn’t just a 1 […]

Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle – PS4 Review

From Melbourne-based solo dev Rese aka Rubén Garcia, comes Ganbare! Super Strikers. To crib from his own press release, GSS is borne of his love of tactical RPGs and Japanese sports-based manga like Captain Tsubasa. No, we’ve not heard of it either. Oddly, this is the second turn-based football game […]

Ganbare! Super Strikers – PS4 Review

Knightin’+ is another retro-themed indie effort from the ever-prolific peeps over at Ratalaika Games, the publisher best known for singlehandedly keeping the Vita alive while also throwing around cheap platinum trophies like confetti.  They’ve explored so many genres (mainly because their MO seems to be to publish pretty much anything that […]

Knightin’+ – PS4 Review