Invader Studios have certainly tattooed an influence firmly on Daymare 1998. The title screen, gameplay and tone take huge nods towards Capcom’s Resident Evil series. Indeed, this project originally began as a fan-made remake of Resident Evil 2. It just about gets away with it being a loving homage but […]

Daymare 1998 – PS4 Review

We’re not sure where Eastasiasoft are finding all these games but they’ve managed to continue their recent run of quirky shoot ’em ups.  Task Force Kampas is a vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up which has plenty in common with those recent Eastasiasoft releases (Null Drifter, Red Death and Rainbows, Toilets and […]

Task Force Kampas – PS4 Review

I’ve come around to the idea of rogue-likes, though I prefer a rogue-lite if I’m honest, I like to see some sort of progression. It’s taken some classics to convince me that losing your progress every time you fail isn’t always a bad thing but that means newcomers have a […]

Fury Unleashed – PS4 Review

I don’t know many people who don’t enjoy the John Wick series of films. If you like action then that’s basically all you get with just enough plot to have a reason to keep more movies coming. John Wick Hex is a rare thing these days in that it’s a […]

John Wick Hex – PS4 Review

As Ripley once said to the crew of the Sulaco, I’ll tell you what I know.  Spuds Unearthed is a PSVR, Move-mandatory title that is best described as a mix of turret shooter, tower defence and MOBA.  Each stage is a battleground with your base at one end and the enemy’s base […]

Spuds Unearthed – PSVR Review

This co-op focused arcade action game with a degree of physics and a lot of chaos.  You play as a Furniture Arrangement and Relocation Technician, or a removal man/woman if you will.  Throughout the game’s thirty levels you are tasked with moving furniture from various houses and businesses and onto […]

Moving Out – PS4 Review

Her Story‘s a game I completely missed the boat on. Sam Barlow’s attempt at a narrative experience focusing entirely on a police interview raised many eyebrows and critical acclaim. Sam now returns with another desktop detective thriller in Telling Lies. Following up in spirit and structure of its predecessor, this […]

Telling Lies – PS4 Review

We have to confess being a little thrown by the 1.5Gb & 1.2Gb respective downloads for Guard Duty on Vita and PS4 respectively. A little more expensive than the typical Ratalaika fare at £7.99 too. You see, Guard Duty is a fully voiced point & click adventure where you have […]

Guard Duty – PS4 Review

Dread Nautical comes to us from Zen Studios of Pinball FX fame. It’s a turn based strategy game on a cruise liner. Only as well as people on the ship, there are various monsters out to kill you. The ship is made up of twenty decks and your ultimate goal […]

Dread Nautical – PS4 Review

When we cast our minds back to nineties gaming, it’s hard not to think of the early battlegrounds of the console wars and the many versus scenarios that faced us back then. You couldn’t simply sit on the fence; you either had a Mega Drive or Super Nintendo, you either […]

Streets of Rage 4 – PS4 Review

We really liked Typhoon Studios’ Journey to the Savage Planet when we reviewed it back in January. So we were pleased to see the announcement for the first paid for DLC pack, Hot Garbage. Using the already well implemented teleport system, you can get right into the action with no […]

Journey to the Savage Planet: Hot Garbage – PS4 Review

Gun Crazy is a run and gun, side scrolling shooter that comes our way from Ratalaika Games, cheap and easy platinum trophy specialists. Gun Crazy ticks all those boxes but there is no Vita version, at least for now although there seems to be one in the works, so you […]

Gun Crazy – PS4 Review