Killing Floor: Incursion is a PSVR title in Tripwire Interactive’s ‘travel to Europe and kill zombies’ series and is available now with 2016’s Killing Floor 2 as part of a bundle called Killing Floor: Double Feature. We previously reviewed Killing Floor 2 here and we enjoyed the game, especially when […]

Killing Floor: Incursion – PSVR Review

Slay the Spire has been around for a long time on PC, working through early access to balance and improve the gameplay, but now the full version has hit PS4 and fans of challenging roguelikes and turn based card battling are in for a treat. There is no story really, […]

Slay the Spire – PS4 Review

From Brazilian duo Midipixel by way of Ratalaika Games, comes Warlock’s Tower. Our men Werther Azevedo and Ygor Speranza are very much fans of the Gameboy-era style of aesthetics and chiptune music as you can no doubt see from the screenshots here. You play as a courier trying to scale […]

Warlock’s Tower – PS4 Review

In some ways, Bethesda’s original 2011 shoot ’em up was everything you’d expect from a crossover project between them and Id Software, the original FPS masters who pretty much defined the genre with Wolfenstein and Doom before their Quake games set the template for pretty much every online shooter ever […]

Rage 2 – PS4 Review

Back in 1995 bucks the trend of indie games by not using 8 or 16 bit 2D graphics to tickle your nostalgia bone but 32 bit 3D graphics. The birth of home 3D graphics ushered in some truly timeless classics and gave us survival horror. It is specifically this genre […]

Back in 1995 – PS4 Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A critically acclaimed indie horror title is now out of early access and has ventured on to current consoles. Darkwood comes from the magnificently named Acid Wizard. Hailing from Poland, they’re hoping the momentum can continue with this grim, unsettling nightmare. Darkwood‘s tale […]

Darkwood – PS4 Review

From Nottingham-based Fallen Tree Games by way of Curve Digital comes the forced 3D perspective open world game American Fugitive. The devs have some AAA chops including the likes of TimeSplitters & Crysis on their CVs, and it shows in the production values of this accomplished debut, combining on-foot exploration […]

American Fugitive – PS4 Review

From developer No Code comes Observation, a science fiction thriller. It has an interesting concept in that you play as an AI watching the plot unfold through cameras rather than being the focus yourself. The artificial intelligence you embody is called Sam, short for SAMOS. You are the AI on […]

Observation – PS4 Review

If you regularly read our site, you’ll probably be aware of Ratalaika Games as we tend to review everything that the Finnish publisher puts out on PSN.  They’ve become infamous for their sub-60 minute maxes where minimal effort gets you a platinum way before you actually finish the game.  Well […]

Devious Dungeon 2 – PS4/Vita Review

The Kart racing genre isn’t exactly known for being the most exciting in terms of freshness and innovation, but for what it’s worth, Sumo Digital’s Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed was the closest we have been to this in the decades of iterative Mario Kart titles and the many […]

Team Sonic Racing – PS4 Review

We take a look at AngerForce: Reloaded. A vertically-scrolling, bullet hell, roguelite shoot ’em up.  Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe if you’re feeling awesome.  

AngerForce: Reloaded – Video Review

My Big Sister is the latest Ratalaika joint, so beloved of trophy whores everywhere for their generally easy to rinse platinums. This from solo Australian developer Stranga can still be rushed through, but to do so would be to do it a disservice. My Big Sister is an RPG of […]

My Big Sister – PS4 Review