We’ve all fished in a game at some point but this is my first foray into a dedicated fishing simulator. Fishing Planet has been a fairly accomplished free-to-play effort that’s found a home on the Playstation Store for the past couple of years. Now the powers that be have decided […]

The Fisherman – Fishing Planet – PS4 Review

From Mobius Digital by way of Annapurna Interactive comes Outer Wilds. Released on Xbox & PC as a timed exclusive back in May, Outer Wilds (as opposed to the very similarly named Outer Worlds also on current release) is set upon a wonderfully rustic alien planetoid named Timber Hearth. Said […]

Outer Wilds – PS4 Review

With the Vita barely surviving on Ratalaika scraps the Trails series of games has had to jump to the PlayStation 4. I reviewed The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and it’s sequel on the handheld and found them to be fantastic JRPGs, reminding me of a time when […]

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III – ...

We’ve been fans of the Jackbox series ever since it first arrived on PS4 and as a group the writers and our mates have had many a good session on these games before.  Of course, these all lead to pretty much the most offensive humour ever because we’re idiots but this […]

The Jackbox Party Pack 6 – PS4 Review

No Pest Productions came to our attention with A Bastard’s Tale. Their tricky debut placed an emphasis on skill and deliberateness but a steep challenge and a short experience left Gareth feeling down on it. Driven Out is hoping to offer something meatier with an appealing art style and a […]

Driven Out – PS4 Review

Stellatum is the latest addition to the PS4’s large roster of shoot ’em ups and comes to us by way of Satur Games. As ever, the plot is paper thin in these sort of games but involves you facing off with different races of aliens, all of whom coming in […]

Stellatum – PS4 Review

Monkey King: Hero is Back is the latest in a line of games based on the classic Journey to the West saga. Following on from the PS1 Monkey Hero and PS3 era Enslaved, those two being a couple we can remember. Only this time there’s no gurning Andy Serkis motion […]

Monkey King: Hero is Back – PS4 Review

One of the criticisms you can make about Doom is that it sometimes feels like it was designed by a 13 year old boy living at home with his parents in between listening to Megadeth albums. Well, Big Drunk Satanic Massacre, which deliberately has the acronym BDSM, is a tongue […]

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre – PS4 Review

I have to admit to not knowing about Ninja Saviors. There was an arcade game called The Ninja Warriors back in the day and a SNES sequel, which this is a conversion of, with a name change that is probably due to naming rights. The Ninja Saviors: Return of the […]

The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors – PS4 Review

We reviewed another lightUP game a couple of months ago in Super Wiloo Demake.  Also published by Ratalaika we have Super Box Land Demake. In this instance what we have here is a Sokoban-like with a retro look and a rewind mechanic. To stop you pushing a block prematurely you […]

Super Box Land Demake – PS4 Review

Codemasters are back at it again with another racing title. This time, they’ve delved into their recent past and decided to give GRID something of a reboot. More philosophically arcade, can this jack of all trades become a master? GRID‘s career mode offers the main course with dozens of events […]

GRID – PS4 Review

As movie licenses go, few have the sense of endearing legacy that Ghostbusters has. Despite having arguably only one excellent movie to work from (two if you are like me and loved the sequel), Ghostbusters has spawned a tidal wave of content. Ranging from comics, cartoons, extensive merch lines, video […]

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – PS4 Review