Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse to use its full title, is a port of the 2005 original XBox / PC game from the now-defunct Wideload Games and Aspyr Media, the latter handling the port to modern consoles. We played it sparingly at the time, though we’re not […]

Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse – PS4 ...

Tennis World Tour 2 is the sequel to Big Ben Interactive’s poorly received tennis game Tennis World Tour.  We actually reviewed the PS4 version of this sequel last September, giving it 4 out of 10, a score that was in range of its Metacritic rating but Nacon have given the game […]

Tennis World Tour 2 – PS5 Review

Chess Knights: Viking Lands is the latest chess-adjacent puzzle game from Minimol Games.  We reviewed their previous game, Knight’s Retreat, earlier in the year and while we liked the idea, we weren’t a big fan of the execution or the general puzzle design.  So hopefully Chess Knights can do a better […]

Chess Knights: Viking Lands – PS4 Review

There always seems to be a vocal audience clamouring for retro platformers. Whether it’s a ‘make Sonic great again’ sentiment or people desperate for another Donkey Kong Country, the voices have always been there. Indie studios are all too keenly aware and the latest to try and bring some 90’s […]

Kaze and the Wild Masks – PS4 Review

Ape Tribe Games released Disjunction a few weeks back via publisher Sold Out. It’s set in a dystopian nightmare version of New York in the near future. Graphically we’re reminded of Beneath A Steel Sky, which is no bad thing. It’s cyberpunk we guess, but we’re wary of pigeonholing it, […]

Disjunction – PS4 Review

Although it’s not a deck builder, my experience with Slay the Spire and the recently reviewed Neoverse has helped me no end with Star Renegades which is new to the PS4. The combat has a lot in common with that style of game and it’s another Rogue-lite. It brings plenty […]

Star Renegades – PS4 Review

Explosionade DX is an enhanced version of Mommy’s Best Games’ 2015 run and gunner and is best described as a mix of the platforming and shooting action of games like Contra and Metal Slug but with the old-school coin-op format and problem solving of such single screen classics as Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros. and Rodland.  […]

Explosionade DX – PS4 Review

The run and gun genre has been about for so long that when a game comes along that tries to bring some originality to it I take notice. The best of the genre have really tight controls and make you feel like a badass despite actually being really fragile. Bite […]

Bite the Bullet – PS4 Review

Pinkman++ is the latest offering from Finnish Platinum purveyors, Ratalaika Games and is a 2D platformer which comes from one-man dev team, Green Dinosaur Games.  The obvious inspiration, both in terms of gameplay and visuals, is Super Meat Boy and N+ but with the twist that the titular Pinkman has a jetpack which adds […]

Pinkman++ – PS5/PS4 Review

We reviewed Hunting Simulator 2 on PS4 a little while back and came away generally unimpressed. As a result, it was with no small level of trepidation that this reviewer revisited it on PS5. Does it warrant a re-release on the console of choice of the discerning scalper? Well, yes […]

Hunting Simulator 2 – PS5 Review

I really, really liked Slay the Spire. I’m not one for card games and I’ve only semi-recently come around to Rogue-likes but the challenge offered combined with the learning curve and depth really struck a chord. Neoverse is very similar in concept but has some nifty ideas of its own […]

Neoverse – PS4 Review

Collapsed is a post-apocalyptic 2D rogue-lite from Glaive Games.  It has you playing as a nameless protagonist (from a choice of four classes) and sees you running and gunning your way through randomly generated levels, facing off against various enemies and bosses and generally dying a lot. The thing with rogue-lites/likes […]

Collapsed – PS4 Review