#killallzombies – PS4 Review

killallzombies 2If you’ve ever played Crimsonland from 10ton Games, #killallzombies by Beatshapers is basically that to the point where we assumed it was a sequel.

That means this game sees you running around a large-ish arena, fending off hordes of zombies that spill in from all sides. It’s standard twin-stick fare with no meaningful other controls beyond a melee attack and a pointless reload button. Every once in a while you earn a choice of four random ‘perks’ many of which are helpful, some of which aren’t so it is up to you to figure out which ones are best. That is pretty much identical to how Crimsonland works.

However, #killallzombies offers more modern presentation that both looks nice and also has a practical element to it too.   The ground is made up of hexagons that either provide background patterns or will drop and raise occasionally, altering the paths zombies have to take to get to you while often obstructing your escape. It’s a nice bit of additional depth to proceedings and is a real improvement.

Also, vehicles will randomly drop in from the sky. These can only be destroyed but are good for crowd control and they drop health and EXP pick ups too. Although they can land on your head and kill you outright if you’re not careful (or if you’re just me a lot). Again, it adds some much-needed tactical elements to the gameplay.

killallzombies 3Beyond that, there’s not a whole lot else to #killallzombies. This is just a ‘weight of numbers’ shooter where ultimately death is going to eventually get you when the zombies attacking you outnumber the amount of bullets you can fling at them.

One of the gimmicks of the game is that it’s meant to be a Running Man-esque TV show and if you broadcast your gameplay, viewers can choose your perks. This is interesting (although I only attracted an audience of two people as it was my first time on Twitch) but here’s one of the major flaws with the game. There are perks that kill you.

So if you’re having a great run and doing well, it is positively galling to suddenly die outright because some random has decided a perk that kills you is a good idea. They need to fix that a lot. In fact, let’s just lose all the bad perks right now. Why are they in there?

killallzombies 4Another issue is that when you start the game you see a choice of three modes but two of them (co-op and Defend the Flag) are locked out until the devs add them later on which makes the game feel unfinished. In fact, feel is the wrong word. It is unfinished. Blatantly.

However, the game is addictive and fun to play and it gets by on pure gameplay alone for me. When they add the co-op mode in particular, this game could get a lot more interesting.

killallzombies 1Trophy fans won’t be liking #killallzombies a whole lot as the requirements are insanely difficult. For example, I can barely get to seven minutes playing normally, so the trophy for surviving for six without firing your gun seems literally impossible to me.

There are faults. Major ones. But I can’t help but enjoy #killallzombies a lot. It’s a slightly above average arcade shooter that it oddly compelling to play and I enjoy the stark, modern presentation. With the additional gameplay promised in the future, this could well be a minor cult hit.

7 Overall
+ Frantic, chaotic shooting action + Highly addictive + Clever Twitch integration + Very stylish presentation
- Boss battles are chore - Gets all a bit difficult - One hour trophies do not mix well with arcade pick up and play shooters
It may have a stupid name but #killallzombies is a ton of fun. Until it smacks you down for no reason.


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