About Ian

Ian bought an Xbox One for some reason but finally answered the PS4 call in late 2016 and is now our reason to request NFL games for review. The Xbox now gathers dust.

Foxyland is the latest and greatest from Ratalaika Games. OK, that’s maybe pushing it a little bit  but it’s a return to what certain sections of their audience expect. The developer is Bug-Studio, who have previous form in recent run and gunner Deep Space Rush. Foxyland is a fun enough […]

Foxyland – PS4 Review

From Romanian indie developer Breadcrumbs  by way of publisher Versus Evil, comes action RPG Yaga. Having the publisher of the Banner Saga games onboard has definitely helped in terms of the additional polish with a fully voiced complement of varied NPCs as well as a sumptuous art style. Yaga is […]

Yaga – PS4 Review